Week 1 || Days 01-02

First week of the year and it’s been fun!

Day 01 – Happy New Year!

I was with my sister and some people she knew. We were standing on the Beach at Crystal Cove Hotel and watched the fireworks. Somewhere started 2 mins early and another place didn’t finish until 00:10. I loved it!

Later that day we went to the boardwalk for a little toastmasters get together. I collected shells. I don’t know why but I hoard shells 🙈. My sister threw a hermit crab at me and it was in my hair while I was running away 😒. We got a Minty Purple Peach Smoothie from Sips and it was amazing!

Day 02 – Masked

We went to Limegrove and watched DJ Puffy play and did a bit of dancing while waiting for Yazz The Greatest a.k.a Hakeem Lyon ( Bryshere Grey) Dj JUSJAY played as well and I got a huge sparkler that didn’t last very long.
What I got:

  1. A Purple Selfie Stick
  2. A Woven School Bag
  3. My Granny’s Gold Bracelet

How was the first week if the year for you?


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