21 Things About Me

Just as the title says is what it shall be.

I know it’s tough for most of us to think of some things to say about ourselves but maybe we can get it done. Here goes!

  1. I love to travel. I plan to go to Europe one day
  2. Im scared of pregnant people. I know there’s a little human growing inside of you but it kinda freaks me out.
  3. I can be scornful. Just over basic things like sweaty people touching me.
  4. I’m scared of the dark. Yes at 20 years old I’m scared ok? I hate it when the electricity goes off and I’m home alone just curled up close to a window bawling my eyes out.
  5. I hate pictures. I can like a picture I took of myself…until I analyze it for too long and then start to hate it.
  6. I love music. From pop to screamo. One Direction to Black Veil Brides that is.
  7. I can not swim. When I’m with a friend, I will cling onto him. I try to swim but it doesn’t feel like my arms do much.
  8. I hate cleaning. I still do it…occasionally.
  9. Heels + me = enemies



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