Top 10 Moments of 2015

10. School Reunion

It was now to go back and watch the old scholars all drunk and merry. They were very entertaining. I saw A couple people form my year group as well.

9. Making Up With My Sister

Just a little over a year communicating has returned and. I like that were back to what we were before. It just took a few months and Bam!

8. Meeting Lil M

Lil M is 3 and I never saw her before June. I spent the whole month at my aunt’s house pretty much and had a blast watching Lil M and singing and dancing to frozen almost everyday.

7.Partying More

I finally feel good knowing I have people I can go out with and party. I’ve been to clubs maybe 4 times in 4 months and that’s a lot compared to before. I just love that I can get out and  let loose sometimes.

6.Meeting My Friend’s Friends

There were about 30 people that I would’ve met. Sure I didn’t say much…or anything at all but still.

5. Getting A New Baby Cousin

My Woozer is so cute and chubby. He’s now crawling. My mother jokes and says I think he’s my child. She also did that with my Munchkin.

4. Crocheting Again

I learned to crochet when I was very young and I would never stick with it. I’d always switch from one craft to another. Crocheting again made me feel good and to have something to do or to think about and I’m thankful for that.

3. Jumping For Foreday

I survived Foreday Morning. I loved, loved, loved it. I cant wait to do it in 2016.Hopefully with a friend or with more family members this time around.

2. Getting Miley

I love animals and as much as my mother said she doesn’t want a cat at the house I just had to make her give in. The same day I asked my aunt for Miley, was the same day I brought her home. She’s so big now and loves giving kitty massages unlike when we first brought her home and she would bite and scratch you if you pick her up.

1. Priory And Nexcyx Concert

Hands down the highlight. It was an amazing night to let loose and dance and sing with my friends. I met the band and got pics and chatted abot. It was nice to have a night like this.

Those are my highlights of 2015 and I can’t be more thankful  for what has happened.


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