Christmas Cards || Blogmas Day 15

😮 only 10 more days.

So, I saw this DIY on pinterest and it lead me to this site :

How about instead of a store bought card, you DIY one….or 10 yourself?

You can personalize it to suit the person you’re giving it to. Based on something they like or a funny quote.

It’s also to let a person know that you’re thinking about them, especially if you can’t afford to go gift shopping. Now let’s get to it.


  • Cardstock(different colours)
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Sharpie
  • Star shaped hole punch


  1. Fold a page of cardstock in half (hamburger style)
  2. Cut strips of cardstock in different sizes and lengths
  3. Arrange the pieces on the front of the card,over lapping some and making any adjustments to shape it like a christmas tree.
  4. Glue the strips of paper to the front of the card.
  5. Allow it to dry before moving onto the inside to add a note, quote or songs


  • Instead of using cardstock to make a shape on the front of the card, use ribbon to make it fancier.
  • You can make a star shape or even a snowflake if you’re up for the challenge :p
  • If a child is doing it, use  construction paper and let the tear the strips of paper.

Its a really simple, personal card for someone you appreciate.

If you try this and wish to show me, tweet me @EnchantedxCharm with #EnchantedDIY or leave a comment below.





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