Hairbows || Blogmas Day 11

It’s day elevennnnnnnn!

I have been making hairbows too large for me. My hair is short so I needed a smaller one.

Here we go.


  • Size 4 yarn
  • 5.00mm hook
  • Scissors


  1. Chain 10 + 1 for turning IMG_2824.JPG
  2. Sc in the 3rd chain from hook and go all the way to the end. IMG_2825.JPG
  3. Chain 1 and sc in the 3rd stitch. IMG_2826.JPG
  4. Continue for 14 rows of sc or until it has 7 panels like this at the front or 6 in the back.
  5. At the end, chain 1 and pull it tight to secure the stitches and cut the yarn.
  6. Srunch the center of the rectangle together and push your hook through it. IMG_2829.JPG
  7. Pull through yarn and start to wrap the longer end around the center panel making sure to cover everything.
  8. Wrap the shorter strand in the opposite direction to the back and knot both the strings together. Cut the yarn end from the yarn ball.
  9. Now to hide the knot, slide your hook under  the yarn and pull the knot under it. IMG_2832.JPG
  10. For the 2 strands at the start and end of the bow, just weave those in and out and make sure to trim it behind the bow. IMG_2834.JPG

Cute little bow.

Add beads or pearls to give it a little extra something, something.

If you try this and wish to show me, tweet me @EnchantedxCharm with #EnchantedDIY or leave a comment below.

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Christmas movie of the day is Arthur Christmas






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