Christmas Cushion || Blogmas Day 10

There’s only 15 days until Christmas!

Have you been liking blogmas??

I know I have. It’s exciting to see what people do and are up to.

Anyways continuing with MY blogmas, today is going to be crochet and sewing.


  • Yarn
  • Crochet hook
  • Sewing machine / Needle and thread
  • Common pins
  • Cushion stuffing
  • Scissors
  • Cotton material


  1. Crochet the granny square as big as you wish and use the 3 most dominant colours of christmas.You can refer back to my post on Granny Squares and come back to this page for the rest of the instructions.
  2. Once the granny square is completed to your liking, lay it down on the pressed cotton fabric. I say it needs to be pressed so can have clean lines.
  3. Fold the fabric in half. Measure half inch around the square and cut the fabric.
  4. Now comes the sewing. I know they say that sewing a crocheted item to fabric with a sewing machine is bad but my mother once did it for me and everything worked out perfect. Take both of the  pieces of fabric, fold in the half inch seam and iron it down. Cut little slits at the corners of the fabric to help it lay flatter.
  5. Pin the back side of the crocheted square to the right side of the fabric and the wrong side of the fabric to the front of the crochet piece and pin those together.
  6. Sew all the way around leaving atleast a 6inch gap on 1 end.
  7. Turn the sewn square inside out and fix the edges.
  8. Stuff the cushion and hand sew the edge or sew it with the machine.

Voila! it’s done!

If you try this and wish to show me, tweet me @EnchantedxCharm with #EnchantedDIY.

Funny Christmas song of the day is

Christmas song of the day is

Children’s song of the day is
Christmas movie of the day is Christmas  With The Kranks
I hope you enjoy 😀

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