Breaking Tradition and Starting Blogmas

So I started listening to Christmas music in September… before my birthday and only because of the weather and how cozy it made me want to feel. Sadly I had to leave home during some rainy days and the thunder scares me a bit.

Anyways, I’ve broken a Bajan tradition…or what seems like a tradition to me.

You see Barbados ‘broke away’ from England back in 1966 and we celebrate Independence Day on November 30th.Christmas music doesn’t start playing on the radio until December 1st at 00:00. We have to celebrate Independence first.Town then starts becoming Christmassy and people get in the Christmas spirit and start rushing around like crazy. We pretty much only get 25 days of Christmas music pretty much. :/

I’ve broken that tradition and listened to music in September and started planning things. My church outfit, my Christmas day outfit, gifts and starting Blogmas.

That’s right I’ll be starting Blogmas and having a new post up at 6pm for those 24 days. After watching Vlogmas for 2 years by Zoella, Jim Chapman, Tanya Burr and the trying ThatcherJoe, I realized how much I enjoy it. I have literally rewatched Vlogmas 2013 and 2014 by Zoella in September and Vlogmas 2014 by Jim Chapman. I decided that since I have my blog now, I’ll do blogmas. I have challenged LifeBabbles to doing Blogmas as well.

Seeing as I already blog about everyday of my life…which is pretty boring, I will post about Christmas Crafts and Foods leading up to the big day.

I hope you enjoy this and I hope I make it through all 24 days! ( I will also play Neopets because of the advent calendar)


One thought on “Breaking Tradition and Starting Blogmas

  1. Yeah, I kind of broke a family tradition of only playing Christmas songs and singing them after the 1st of December! Oops.. but as soon as you get into the Christmas spirit, you can’t really get out ! I hope you enjoy Christmas and the few weeks running up to it!


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