Christmas Countdown DIY

Christmas is quickly approaching and this DIY Is perfect!

It’s a Christmas countdown Santa.

I 14d5455da217e8b3cd00897e8437d1dbclicked the link on Pinterest and it led to this:

It’s only the picture.


  1. Bristol Board (Red and White)
  2. Ruler
  3. Black Sharpie
  4. Scissors
  5. Pencil
  6. Crayons
  7. Glue
  8. Holepunch
  9. Twine / Yarn
Now even though I wont be doing this countdown this year, I bet it would be amazing for everyone who has children or are just a child a heart. Just free hand it!
  • Cut out 2 circles ( 1 red,1 white)
  • Cut out a red triangle
  • Cut out a long, thin white oval for the brim of Santa’s hat
  • Roughly sketch Santas face and super long beard and once you’re happy with it, go over it with a black sharpie
  • Draw a line where you want the beard to start,making sure you leave enough space to colour in Santa’s face.
  • Measure all the beard for the space and divide it by 24 for equal spacing.
  • Mark out the equal measurements for the spaces and draw the lines and numbers
  • Draw in Santa’s face and glue on the red circle for his nose
  • Glue on the red triangle to Santa’s head and the glue the white circle to the top of the triangle and the long, thin ,white oval to the brim of the hat
  • Let it dry
  • When it’s completely dried, punch 2 holes on either side of the brim of the hat, thread the twine/yarn through it and hang it up

🙂 That’s it.

Let the Christmas Countdown begin!


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