Ran Into Problems

So… I ran into some problems.

I don’t know if I’m putting too much thought into making crochets tops to sell but it’s been a headache trying to find a pattern for the bikini tops of the actual tops. I did manage to finally get one of them done and finish a top but my sister said it needed a bit of editing because the ‘arches’ dont line up in the center of your boobs. It also  doesn’t lay fon the boobs properly and  it just squishes you once it gets tied and everything goes flat. Also with the piece added under the bikini style top, how around a persons back do you even take it?


I have been following some crochet shops on Instagram and ive even been trying to figure out how they get normal single crochet or double crochet tops made. Ive been playing around with them but they never seem right enough.

I even decided to just convert the patterns I have into halter tops until I figure out the bikini style and that has given me a headache. I have been thinking that the tops should be:

Bust / 2 + 2 inches

eg. 32 / 2 = 16″

     16 + 2 = 18″

Is that even right? Or should i have them measure 9″ down from the base of their neck and take that measurement there?I know women might be thin with big boobs or bigger with small boobs and the more I think about it, the more frustrated I become.

I already have tons of patterns, names and ideas its just to make it happen that I’m having problems.

January will be here in 2 months! that’s when I wanted to start selling the tops and that means making some in December to have on hold.

For now maybe just halter tops (once I figure it out and dont stress too much), mini hair bows and essential bags might be made in advance for January.

IMG_2369[1]   IMG_2370[1]

If anyone has tips on how I can achieve what Im going for and how to make different sizes for the sister bra sizes either using double or single crochet, please comment below. I’m using worsted 4 Red Heart Yarn with a 5mm hook.


9 thoughts on “Ran Into Problems

      1. Another idea …slightly strange but ….make a mould of said boobs, then you could crochet an exact measurement …I’m going to stop typing now before the good decency police are alerted LOL


      2. Hahah. I was following a chart saying how wide the top should be to cover the nipple area Atleast. They didn’t have the width I the base. It was going according to sister sizes.
        What about my idea of how to make the halter tops depending on bust size?


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