The Worst 4 Days

I was in an online relationship for at least 3 weeks and I had a sick uncle in the hospital.

Nov. 6th 2014

I was in Ethics and Citizenship class and my mother called to find out if my class was over. It wasn’t. She said that my sister and herself were on their way to the hospital to see my uncle. I told her to pick me up, so I left class an hour early. We got to the hospital and made our way up to ICU and waited with everyone. Apparently they didn’t know if to go in or not but when we saw people coming out of the room, we decided to go in before  visiting hours were over. My uncle was hooked up to so many machines and I didn’t want to get close. He told me to come and he held my hand for the 15 mins we got to visit. He told me to always give my best and try to get A’s at school. When I left, I wanted to talk to Joey but I couldn’t get through to him on WhatsApp. When I got home I waited around some more and around 10pm, I snuck out of my room and went on the desktop seeing as my laptop was being fixed. I messaged Joey on the site we met on but I decided I need something more instant. I did what I didn’t want to do. I found his Facebook. Boy was I in for it. I didn’t look for it when we started dating because I didn’t want to be clingy. Turns out he’s married. His  wife was pregnant again. I messaged him and didn’t curse him out as I wish I could. I told him, ” whatever we had is over. I’m not a home wrecker or a side chick. You have your family.” I bawled my eyes out that night and didn’t sleep until 3am.

Nov. 7th 2014

I woke up feeling like poo and I was in a bad mood all day. However, I got ready and made it to the hospital to visit my uncle during the first visiting hours of the day. Once again he held my hand the entire time. One the way home, the conductor on the minibus sat next to me after a while and I kinda told him everything about my ex because he brought up a whole boyfriend thing.

Nov. 8th 2014

It poured the entire day and I was still in a bad mood from Joey. We didn’t make it to the hospital because of the rain and we had to do some grocery shopping. I was kinda mad at that but I figured we’d make it the next day.

Nov. 9th 2014

We went to church because it was ‘my father’ s ” birthday and my sister’s the next day. When we finally got home they took their time with changing because we were going out for lunch and stop at the hospital there. Halfway to the hospital, my aunt called my mother so I started listening to my mothers replies and then she said, ” What do you mean dont bother coming anymore?” From then on I started silently crying because I knew he’d died. When we got there, I had to clean up my tears. My aunt, cousins and grandmother was there. My grandmother kept saying we have to go in before visiting hours are over. Apparently she had a dream and felt quite uneasy that day and made my aunt take her straight to the hospital after she left church early. She didn’t know he had died so we couldn’t show much emotion. They got a nurse to meet us at the front of the hospital and take my grandmother and aunt up to the ICU via elevator and the rest of us took the stairs. I did go and see him and cried some more. By 1pm a bunch of family had turned up. We had to leave and go eat because we were there for almost 2 hours just looking at a body on a bed. my mother was surprised that we took it so hard. I messaged my ex telling him to make up with his twin brother. I mean they shared the womb. It was quite hypocritical of me seeing as my sister and I weren’t speaking either.

I went to my uncle’s body viewing and sat there for maybe an hour but I had to go back to school. I went to the funeral but the burial was 3 days later seeing as the rain poured and the hole was filled with water. I couldn’t go to that because I had a morning class.

I miss him. When he’d call and I answer. He always joked around with me calling me by his last name but I have my mothers last name. He’d always wish me a Happy Birthday a few days early. The chocolate with the cherries inside and money that I would get every christmas along with a card. I miss all that.

Those days were the worst ever. Having a broken heart and losing my uncle. I finally dealt with it. Sure I still wish I could punch my ex in the face but I know that’s not going to settle anything.

R.I.P Uncle


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