Yarn Cakes

Looking at the name you would probably think, ‘ What the hell is that?’

This is what and easier form of yarn balls are called.

When I use yarn, I like to pull it from the center and most times a bunch of it comes out and is a bit tangled then I’d have to stop and untangle it. I don’t like that.

The first way I learned to make my scraps into balls was years ago. I was told to wrap the yarn around 2 fingers, slide it off after a few wraps and then wrap yarn around that like if it were a bow. Just keep wrapping and wrapping, turning it  every few wraps. I didn’t quite like that.


  1. Yarn
  2. Paper towel roll / toilet paper roll
  3. Scissors

I watched a few videos and I liked this one the most.

The only thing she didn’t do was to cut 2 slits at 1 end of the roll opposite each other.

I will be doing this as I untangle yarn and every time I buy new yarn.


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