Striped Solid Granny Square Blanket

I started to crochet a batman bag back in the summer of 2012. That was unsuccessful and earlier this year when the breeze got colder, I decided to crochet a blanket. I wanted it to fit my twin bed. So, I started to crochet it using treble crochet. I didn’t get too far.

These past few days I’ve been sick. I also got really interested in crocheting stuff for christmas. So far it’s just snowflakes and stars. The stars are granny stars. They are so freaking cute. I made so much of them and by so much I mean 8. Like, I spent a whole day crocheting. I made a small garland with 3 red granny stars for my 2 year old cousin because he wanted to take mine. To be honest, the only reason I got these motifs that start with circles done, is because of Christmas spirit. I looked at those all year and said NAH but I can make them now.

For the blanket, I will continue with the stripes and use about 4 or 5 colours. I can only make as many solid granny squares as I can because I can’t afford any yarn right now.

I’ve estimated I will need about 180 granny squares. A twin bed is 4′ x 6′. Turn that into inches is 48″ x 72″. My granny squares with 4 rounds, using worsted 4 yarn with a 5.0mm hook, is about 4.5″. That would be 10 x 18 squares. Sorry to explain my maths.

Anyways, yea. That’s all I can say about getting ready to get this done. I will post an update once I finish making the granny squares from the yarn I have in colours I wish to use. It quite honestly wouldn’t seem like much. I can’t  let it get in the way of my other crochet project I’m working on. No clue what I’m making. However, I’d like to get all the yarn I have for the blanket, used up before the end of the year.


6 thoughts on “Striped Solid Granny Square Blanket

      1. When I discovered that I can make solid granny squares with ease, I didn’t want a plain treble crochet blanket. I feel like the solid granny squares give me a pattern!


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