Going Back To School

I didn’t know what I was going to be doing in September thanks to my struggle of not knowing what to do and hating it. I felt pretty down knowing that I wouldn’t be able to decorate my books.

Now, I’m going to study Child Care and Development. Even though it wouldn’t be going to a huge school, I still want to decorate my books and make sure they make me happy. Just to stand out a bit in supplies knowing I won’t stand out anyway else.

Girls here are starting to wear to school make up and just things I definitely can’t compete with. In secondary school, it was washing your face after school and putting on lip gloss. That turned into lip stick. Then it was your hair either being done in braids or having weave. Then it was the eyebrows on fleek. Now it’s using work bags as school backpacks.

Leaving secondary school and moving onto community college or UWI (University of The West Indies), they go full on make up.

These are things I can’t do or really be bothered with. I cant ever get my hair done to look right. I can’t apply make up properly no matter how much I try. Eyeshadow is always a struggle. I don’t know how to use concealer, or how to contour and highlight. I’m the plain Jane (?) type of girl.

Moving onto the classroom. I’m not one that speaks to people unless I’m comfortable. I’m that person that turns up for class and leaves once there’s no reason to stick around. It’s what I did at BCC. Turn up and leave.

Concentrating in class…that’ a task. If I don’t understand anything I don’t bother listening. Maybe I would try at home but dang. I have a really short attention span.

If you have any tips on confidence or what to expect and handle school, please leave a comment below.


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