|| August 30th – September 5th ||

August 30th – Babysitting Woozer!

I woke up, went to bed and went back to sleep. I woke up around 7 am, watched YouTube videos, put on my bed sheet and folded clothes. I started putting away somethings but had to go chop and steam veggies for lunch and make salad. My uncle called to see if I could watch Woozer for a bit because he had to go pick up my aunts from the airport. I had to rush and get ready and he came and picked me up. We went to his house and I played with Woozer. Munchkin was invited to a pool party so him and his mother were getting ready to leave. I ate lunch and the rain poured. While watching Woozer, I recorded him a lot because he started his rolling over phase. I also watched Insurgent. My uncle came back with my aunts because his girlfriend called saying something and couldn’t get through. Everyone left and I was there with Woozer. Eventually my uncle and aunts came back and picked up Woozer and myself and we headed over to my aunt’s house. My mother came over and I watched a movie. My uncle, Woozer and an aunt left and then my mother and I left around 9pm. When I got home, I watched the VMA’s and slept.
August 31st – We Have Puppies!! 😁

I woke up, went to bed and fell asleep again. I woke up around 7am to my mother saying that the dog gave birth. I got up and looked at the puppies and kept checking on them every few mins. One crawled away and she went mad. I also touched one because it was in my way when I was moving somethings and she didn’t look at it for a while. I finally had breakfast, put on my bed sheet and folded clothes. I crocheted, made onion soup (It’s a store bought pack. Yucky!) and get ready and left home with my mother. We stopped at my aunt’s, went to a bank and then went to town. Half of my tuition was paid and we walked around town to buy a few things. We drove to a funeral home and stayed for almost an hour because family was chatting. We stopped at a fruit stall and then dropped a cousin home. We stopped at my uncle and I played with Woozer for a bit. We then dropped something off at my aunt’s and went home. I finished eating the onion soup and watched Todrick, Girl Code Live and Awkward. I kind of had a bellyache as well but had to sleep.

September 1st – My Aunt Came and A Funeral

My mother woke me up before 4am saying that she’s going to the airport. I hopped up, got changed and went along with her. We picked her up and when we returned home, she unpacked. I played hayday and watched. I did some tops. I did yoga at 6am and kept getting interrupted to try on clothes that were being sewn in. I did the exercises and ate breakfast. I watched The Fresh Prince and Jerry Springer. I ate popcorn, then had lunch and played with Miley. it was time to get ready for the funeral so a lot of mirror looking was done. We left and got there early. It was sooooooooooo hot. I was pissed off with some people who sat behind me because one woman kept staring at me and another told someone on their full pew to go on our full pew(our full pew = aunts and cousins). I slept for most of the funeral, seeing as I only slept for about 3 hrs that night. I woke up when it was over and walked to the graveyard. After he was buried, I tried to find my grandfathers grave but…no one knows which one it is because they extended the graveyard! We stayed there a bit too long in my opinion but we had snowcone. We left and drove a few seconds to a cousins house and waited for food. After I ate, I walked to my uncle’s house and his girlfriend eventually let me in. While waiting for her to finish dressing, I heard something drop. BAM! Poor Woozer rolled off the bed. He just started his rolling phase and rolled over a body pillow. She was in the bathroom  and we both went running. He didn’t have anything broken which was good. The others eventually came and we stayed until 9:30pm. We left, dropped 2 cousins back at their mom’s house and went home. When we got home, I showered and laid down on the army bed thing which I set up in the living room.👴💩 decided to argue with me about unplugging a charger that wasn’t connected to anything. Such 💩 .I played hayday until I slept.

September 2nd – Visiting My Aunt’s In-Laws

I woke up after 6am, did yoga and exercised. I had breakfast, made popcorn, got ready and left with my aunt. When we got into town, we had to walk to the other bus terminal or van stand. On the way there, we got snowcones. We took a van and then walked a minute or 2 to my aunt’s in-laws house. They were surprised and one even cried. They chatted, fed us lunch which was rice and peas, chicken and coleslaw. After 4pm. 👴💩 had to come and pick us up and my aunt kept stalling to see ine of the girls. We couldn’t wait any longer and left. (Apparently as soon as we turned the corner she came.) We went home and I got my laptop and we left with my mother. We drove over to an aunts house where there were atleast 10 people and more came. We ate, laughed and told stories til about 11pm. It was time to go home. We dropped off a cousin and went home. I showered and slept.

September 3rd – Bay Tavern

I woke up after 6am and legit turned off my alarm and went back to sleep. I woke up after 8am. I ate breakfast, washed clothes and got dressed. I hung the clothes on a rack inside to dry. My aunt and I were going to get a bus to town and then to Martin’s Bay but my cousin and her boyfriend came for us instead. While waiting for them, I ate popcorn and watched ANTM.


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