What’s On My IPhone

So I recently got my cousins iPhone 4/4S and I have been loving it.
I have had about 2.5 Nokias before. The .5 because I had to use my mothers old one for about a year.

Anyways here’s what’s on it.

First up is the lock screen. It’s a picture I took of some shells I collected from the road trip a few days ago. I did have another one before. I really like this one because of this:

I like the purples that show when I have to put in the pass code.
On the home screen are the usual iPhone icons.

On the second page are things I downloaded and use a lot.

Whatsapp : to keep up with family and friends

Instagram: to post pics and look at some amazing ones

Snapchat: to spam R with snaps of Miley

Twitter: to tweet on the go

WordPress: to get notifications of any likes and to make short posts

Duolingo: to practice languages. I’m currently doing Italian, German and French.

Photogrid: to make picture collages

Fotor: to edit some pics rarely

Timetable: for school and knowing the classes I have. I will always have a hard copy though.

Daily Water: to keep track of my progress. I actually don’t really like water but it’s good for everyone and I need to learn to like it (I learned the free version only tracks 20 days -.- )

Pinterest: just to view pins quicker than dragging out my laptop

Vine: because R wanted me to and also to watch my favorite viners.

Finally the last thing is this folder.

The only things I added to it are:
Emoji Xpress : just so I could use an emoji keyboard

P.D : tracker for mother nature so I wouldn’t get caught off guard.

Wunderlist: to keep track of my blogposts in the order I want them

Water Log : to track my water drinking because Daily water stopped after 20 days

The other things came on the iPhone.

That’s it. That’s what’s on my phone.


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