Summer Ending Reviews

So, summer is over and I decided from the start to write down things that I bought or were bought for me. Here goes.


  1. Creme of Nature Oil Moisturizer w/ Argan Oil ($13.10) – I didn’t really like it that much. The scent is amazing,however, I didn’t know I needed to use it with a thick moisturizer.
  2. Kleancolor Nail Lacquer (Blood Red) ($3.90) – I wanted a red nail polish but with this one I need to put on 2 coats.
  3. Rubberbands 250ct – This is very useful seeing as my hair is relaxed and if it is braided, the ends wouldn’t undo a lot.
  4. Rimmel London Salon Pro 227 New Romantic ($6.85) – I love this pearly pink colour and the wide brush. I have to use at least 3 coats to get it to be thicker though.
  5. Blue Rattail Comb – The comb’s teeth are way too small but it was the only one I saw at the time. This is for parting my hair if I asked for it to be braided.
  6. Green Rattail Comb ($2.35) – It comes in handy for parting my hair especially when it’s time for it to be relaxed again. Unfortunately it snapped when I was combing my hair.
  7. 2 Headbands- Clear Blue & Solid Black($3.95)  – Great for keeping my hair back before the new growth kicks in. The blue one snapped the first time I wore it. Such bs quality.
  8. Olive Oil Vitale No Lye Relaxer ($11) – I couldn’t find the ORS no lye relaxer and this was as good as it would get. It’s poo. The relaxer was like pudding and barely got  my new growth covered. My aunt had to scrape some from different sections to finish my hair.
  9. Africa’s Best  Organics Olive Oil Moisturizing Growth Lotion ($13) – R recommended this product and told me how to use it. It left my hair feeling soft and I really like the smell.
  10. African Pride Olive Miracle Moisturizer Lotion ($13) – This is water based and smells amazing but my hair did start to feel dry after a while.


  1. Red Heart Sea Coral Yarn ($8.65) – I loved this peachy colour yarn. If it were up to me to name the yarns, I would’ve just said Peach. I crocheted this top with the yarn :
  2. Susan Bates Size H8/5mm Crochet Hook ($4.30) – I love how this hook feels and smoothly pulls the yarn to make the stitches. The blue colour is also really cute.
  3. Jumbo Craft Sticks 80ct ($5.45) – I like how these sticks are the perfect size for my shit handwriting. I used them with my bored jar. Here is a link to that post :
  4. Red Heart Jockey Red Yarn ($8.65) – I loved the bright red yarn. Here is the top I crocheted with it :
  5. Pencil Sharpener ($0.60) – Who doesn’t need a sharpener to keep their pencils sharpened and useful?
  6. 4 Periwinkle and 1 Yellow Green Aunt Lydia’s Size 3 Yarn ($3/yarn ball on sale) – Since I tried crocheting with size 3 yarn and loved it, I couldn’t help but to buy these once I saw them on sale. I’ve now seen them selling @ $6.95 per yarn ball.
  7. 1 Exercise Book ($0.75) – I needed it to make a workout agenda.
  8. A Graph Book ($4.75) – To draw crochet patterns and work it out.


  1. Yates Aster Seeds Crego Mix($3.38) – I wanted to try to grow my own flowers and I thought these just looked perfect
  2. Sundown Naturals Hair,Skin and Nails Vitamins – I see people using HSN vitamins and saw how they’ve helped with hair growth and I need my hair ro grow. I want long hair too :/
  3. Love Tanya ($33.95) – Tanya is one of my favourite youtubers and initially I wasn’t going to get it because I would’ve had to order it online but once I saw it in stores and before Girl Online, I just had to have it.
  4. Yates Dhalia Seeds Cinderella – I loved how cute, colourful and simple these flowers looked on the package.
  5. Yates Carnation Seeds Chabaud Gems – I’m a carnation kind of girl. I love how the flowers look.
  6. IPhone 4/4S – It was time for a phone upgrade and my cousin was going to send her daughter’s BLU phone for me seeing as her daughter got a new IPhone 5 (she’s only 10). The BLU wasn’t unlocked so she fixed and sent her IPhone for me.
  7. Foreday Morning Package ($80) – My sister bought this for me and I was surprised she even did seeing as we were barely talking. It came with a Tshirt with the band name, a waterproof bag, a wrist band, a pass, a pen, a condom, a free massage, a bunch of random papers, a note pad and a string bag (that bag you pull the strings to close it.).
  8. The Barbados Highway Code ($10) – I do need to learn to drive and I need to get my permit so I gotta read up!
  9. Contigo Addision 24oz Water Bottle – I asked for a bottle with markings on the side so I could keep track of the amount of water I drink.


  1. She-Hao Converse Look-A-Likes ($25) – I just wanted enclosed shoes and I can’t afford converse.
  2. Black Stretchy Shorts($15) – I did not own a pair of solid coloured shorts and I needed a pair to wear with my crochet tops.
  3. 4 Sephora Undies – My aunt sent these and didn’t know that Sephora was a really good brand. All she said is that they were expensive. ($8 US each)
  4. 2 See-through T-Shirts – Just nice enough to through on.
  5. Colourful Tribal Print Shorts – My sister bought these for me and they feel so good on. I love the thick band and the flowy feeling.
  6. Black and White Striped Knitted Sweater – It’s what my aunt brought for me to wear to a funeral.
  7. A Black Pencil Skirt – The aunt that bought it, bought a medium. I don’t wear medium bottoms.

This is what I think about the items that were bought/given to me.


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