|| August 23rd – 29th ||

August 23rd – Bleh

I woke up after 3 am and went to bed. I properly woke up around 7 am and stayed in bed for a while watching YouTube videos. I drank my tea, chopped and steamed veggies. I got mad at ^$^&head for turning off the radio to watch some bs on TV after I waited an hour for him to stop watching TV so I could listen to Rick Dees. I missed a whole hour of Rick Dees waiting on him to turn off the TV. So damn rude he is. I ate lunch, watched YouTube videos, crocheted and showered. I played Hayday and went to sleep.

August 24th – Old Albums!

I woke up at 6 am, drank tea, got ready and left with my mother. We cleaned up by my granny’s house for like 3hrs…yet again. When we got home, I showered, watched YouTube videos and ate lunch. I sat on the floor trying to figure out what’s the best was to print some papers to cover my exercise books. I played with Miley, put  up clean curtains and played with Miley some more. I looked through old albums laughing at old pics and fell asleep at some point.

August 25th – $6 Tuesday At Olympus Theatres

I woke up around 6 am, did some hand washing and played with Miley. I drank tea, watched YouTube videos and hung out curtains to dry. I ate breakfast, watched The Fosters and I Am Cait. I cooked lunch and ate it. Miley pooped in the house so now she’s banned and has to be always tied so she will learn to use her litter again. My mother and I got ready to leave home and ended up being trapped in the house for almost an hour because of the rain and all the umbrellas were in the car. When it finally turned into drizzles, we left. We had to stop at a bank and a gas station first before taking bottles to be recycled. We got the money and drove over to the mall. We bought the tickets for the movie  and then walked through the mall a little. We met up with a lady from toastmasters that pretty much asked my mother to come, so yay 3rd wheeler. I feel like they’re the best of toastmaster friends. I bought gift wrap paper  and like why is it so expensive?! My mother bought pone and I bought a drink. We waited until about 6 pm to head to the theatres and the movie lines were terrible. We didn’t get searched so I got my to sneak my drink. Their prices are so high and now they’ve stopped you from taking any food into the theatres. The line for food was long as hell and I didn’t get in the movie till 15 mins late. To believe I was only waiting on a large bag of popcorn. Who ever switched around how we get our food needs to be fired. I preferred it when we could order and someone would quickly serve us as soon as the order was placed. We watched The Gift, which was good and like whoa. When it over, we left and walked through the food court to walk the lady close to her car and then we went to ours.We left and went home. When we got home, I made tea, forgot about it and went to sleep.

August 26th – Meeting Up With Friends

I woke up around 6 am and raked away some rocks from around miley because she kept getting stuck. I drank my tea,lazed around and got ready. I wrapped my books while waiting for my mother to get ready.We left home and went to the gas company to pay for new bottles of gas and then a supermarket. I don’t know why I agree to leave home with her knowing she purposely makes me late whether she wants to accept it or not. She dropped me off in town to catch a ZR to the mall. It felt like it took forever because I had to wait for it to leave and then there was traffic. I met up with 2 friends from secondary school that I didn’t see in a while. Apparently, I’m ‘the worst’ and ‘so dangerous’. We walked around and later left and I got a drop back to town where I met up with my mother. We walked around and finally left. We made a few stops and then went home. I watched ANTM and cut down some card stock for the books. I watched A Wicked Offer, then Catfish and went to sleep.

August 27th – Old Pics and Orientation Day

I woke up around 6 am and stayed in bed for a bit. When I got out of bed, I played with Miley and then went back into my room because the little boy came over for lessons again. I watched YouTube videos and cut up some ground provisions for soup. Eddoes are pretty slippery when peeling them and all of those hard skinned veggies hurt my hands. I gave up and let my mother finish. I went through some old pictures from up by my granny’s house and had soup a while later. I quickly got ready and left home to go to orientation at a bank. Twas boring af. When it was over and I asked some questions, I left and got a minibus home. When I got home, I listened to the music channel and watched vines and Under The Dome. I looked through more pics and went to sleep.

August 28th – Final Beach Day With The Besties

I woke up after 6 am and played Hayday, then played with Miley. I packed a bag for the beach, watched YouTube videos and ate breakfast. The internet was acting up so I got ready, cleaned my room a bit and left home. I actually had to run to the minibus and even though he saw me coming, he kept driving and refused to wait. -.- Twat. I had to wait a bit longer for another one to come. I caught that minibus to town and walked to Burger King. I got myself a large fries and continued walking to the next bus terminal. I had to wait at least 30 ins for my friend to show up. When he finally did, we walked to Chefette to meet up with who I assume is his girlfriend, her cousin and friend. (One would never believe I just wanted a beach day for me and the bestie.) When their friend bought her food, we drove over to the beach and found a spot to sit. R finally called and pretty much said the bus was being a biotch so she had to keep waitng. I went and chilled in the water and then on the sand for a bit. I don’t know why but I do love the idea of having a tan. The sand was pretty dang hot too so I laid down on my towel. While walking back to the seats, I saw a bus stop and R was the person who got off. I ran to the road and met her and then we walked back to the others. I introduced her to them and we chatted for a bit and then I went with her so she could buy food. She did share with me. (Thank ye, thank ye) We stood close to the shore and talked for a bit and then it was time for her to wait on a bus to head back home. We waited and waited and the bus wouldn’t come at all. I went back into the water for a bit (14 year old looking guys started hitting on me so I got out of the water) and then returned to find her still waiting so we talked. I had to go put on my dress because it was getting a bit windy and people that drove by kept staring. O.o The girl that drove us to the beach offered to drop R home and after many calls to my mother, I got to go by R. We all squished in the car and made drop offs. We went past town first, and R was actually the closest place to go first, then the bestie got out to get the bus and finally R and I. I didn’t stay too long because my mother was close by and got me within 5 mins. We went home and ass soon as I got inside, I washed my hair and took a shower. I watched tv, made and ate ramen and fell asleep. My mother woke me up saying she was heading to the airport to pick up my sister so I got up and changed. We stopped at a minimart and then picked her up at the airport. No need to park and waste money because she was already waiting outside the arrivals lounge. We went back home and she unpacked. I got my phone case (which was $20US… too expensive for my liking), a pair of shorts and a water bottle. I finished moisturizing my hair after that.

P.s – Best friends shouldn’t have to guess if their best friend is taken yea?

Too bad I had to guess that because my best friend is.

He didn’t even pay me any attention that day except for when we walked to Cheffete.

I invited R so I wouldn’t be a 5th wheel or whatever and thank god I did because I had fun.

August 29th – Lentil Cakes Fail!

I went to sleep and woke up after 7 am. I drank tea, got changed and headed to my granny’s house with my mother. We cleaned up a bit and then left. Back home, I crocheted flowers, cleaned up my room a bit, watched YouTube videos and ate popcorn. I tried to make lentil cakes and completely failed at that. I showered, sang along to Disney and many other songs. I pressed and folded shirts and watched TV. I gave up on that and watched more YouTube videos and played with Miley. I had cereal with milk and sugar and fell asleep.

I shouldn’t be allowed in a kitchen.

How many of you at 19 can cook amazing food?

If so please teach me your ways.

How was your week?


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