|| August 9th – 15th ||

August 9th – Beach Day With My Bestie’s Squad

I woke up plenty time during the night because I couldn’t breathe properly and my tummy was hurting a bit. I stayed up from around 2 am or 3 am till about 5 am watching YouTube videos. I went back to sleep and woke up after 8 am. I played with Miley and made a disappointing breakfast. I wanted scrambled eggs and avocado but we didn’t have any avocado. I watched YouTube videos, did some handwashing and finished reading The Vincent Boys. I had to wake up my mother because she left the gravy cooking and went to sleep. I chopped up and steamed the vegetables. Now was when I started rushing. I finished hand washing, hung out those things to dry and picked up some already dry clothes. I packed lunch and my bag. I showered, got ready and grabbed an umbrella and applesauce before leaving home. I went to the bus stop and waited. I saw a minibus coming and unfortunately, it was that asshole driving and no Bridgetown bus to be seen so I had to get in. He didn’t drive too wreckless like he did while coming to the bus stop. I got into town and waited in independence square for my friend. I saw another guy who we were meeting at the beach walking alone. My friend came and we walked to the beach and while walking across the sand we met up with the others. They took forever to decide where to leave the bags and after they did we went into the water for a while. We all went out the water, they ate and then we played some weird form of rugby. After dying in the heat from the game we all ran back in the water. I kicked water in someone’s face because he tried to dunk me in the water earlier and that was a huge mistake. My friend let me go and then another guy picked me up and both of them threw me in. I was pretty much pulled up by someone and held onto the persons head and was told I’m not throwing you in you can let go. After a while in the water, my friend and I went and ate. About 8 of us played UNO and then some played dominoes. I forgot it wasn’t a weekday and the bus service was definitely going to be dodgy and only about 2 minibuses on the route were on the road. I quickly got ready and left…then ended up walking back for my umbrella. I got to the bus terminal with at least 10-15 mins to spare and a but didn’t come until 6:25 pm. 25 mins late…nice. -.- I got on and the driver waited for about 5 mins before leaving. I got home, showered and washed my hair then had bread and cheese. I started getting a tummy ache and I was also really sleepy. It was only hours later I found it it was in the same spot when I found out I had acid reflux. I drank some Dica and then had a tablet. I dragged some stuff over to the couch and watched YouTube videos.

August 10th – Seeing Mah Babes

I fell asleep after midnight and then woke up to as&^%le tripping on the fan’s power cord, plugging it in and walking away. As^$#&* did not turn the fan back on and I was dying from the heat. I fell back to sleep, only to be woken up before 4 am to assholes phone ringing loudly. He then spent at least 10mins turning on lights and calling back who called. But no not on his cellphone…but on the house phone which meant annoying beeps and him talking loud af. When he finally went back to where ever he was I got up and turned on the fan and went back to sleep. Once again as&^%&e woke me up with the cat by throwing a ball on the couch and making her try to jump on it. I got up watched The Fresh Prince of Belair and drank my tea. I watched YouTube videos and I Am Cait. I Am Cait made me tear up in in a happy way. Kylie is just so sweet. I watched YouTube videos and ate lunch. My mother asked if I was going with her to collect a cheque for my sibling so I got ready and waited until she was. On the way, she stopped and called someone then I had to make the decision for her to get the check first then go around. She kept bugging me about some shit asshole did and I went on this long ass rant for about 15mins if even. She collected the cheque and then drove to my granny’s house and then checked for mail. I listened to music all the way to the person’s house she had to stop at and they talked a bit too long for my liking. We left there and then went to my uncle’s house because his girlfriend and children had returned. We stayed there for almost 2 hrs just playing with the children and talking. Woozer is sooo heavy and fell asleep in my arms and I didn’t notice because I was just bouncing him. Munchkin is so cute. We were leaving and he was sitting on my lap. My mother said bye and he enthusiastically said bye. I told him bye and he said, “ Oh” and pouted. When we got home, I ate salt fish gravy with biscuits, watched YouTube videos and then changed the channel to watch Ghostrider. I didn’t exactly watch it anyways because I fell asleep. I don’t remember even going to my room.

August 11th – I Got An IPhone and My Hay Day Addiction Returns

I woke up at 4 am after a weird dream, I drank water and grabbed my fan because it seems to never make it back to my room. I just watched YouTube videos all morning and it rained. Anyways, I got out of bed around 7 am and had breakfast while catching up on The Fosters. I played with Miley who kept jumping into my lap or tugging on the yarn which wasn’t allowing me to crochet. I cleaned up my room a little, ate lunch and watched, printed something for my mother and got ready. We left and stopped at a bank. Well she went to the bank and I went to the supermarket to buy popcorn. When I got into the bank, the woman was telling her the cheque would have to be written over and signed again and luckily the co-signer was next door at Chefette. They got that sorted out and then we went to another bank to get something else sorted, then to the pharmacy. I went and checked out an electronic store to ask about BLU phones. I went back to the pharmacy and started a word search. We left there and went to the airport. My mother had to buy a ticket for my sister but we had to return in 45mins because the workers were on the tarmac. We headed over to the Arrivals area and found my cousin. We stood together while waiting for my younger cousin to come through the doors. When he reached us he gave us our stuff. I was expecting a BLU phone but instead he pulled out his mother’s iPhone 4. 😮 I had to run back to the car to get stuff for my cousin that we met at the airport. When I got back to him and my mother, they were sorting out what belongs to who. He left and we went back to buy ticket but had to wait for a bit. The ticket was bought and we finally left the airport. We stopped by my aunt for almost an hour…bruh. I played with the cats and watched Disney. Oh how I miss Disney! We left there and stopped twice for veggies and other stuff and then made another 2 stops before going home. I couldn’t set up or just go online with the iPhone because it’s stubborn and I must insert my sim card. I did, however, set up my mother’s tablet and played hay day. I watched 2 movies, ate popcorn, watched random shows and Sister Wives. I ate cereal and dozed off.

August 12th – Babysitting Munchkin

I woke up and went to bed to properly sleep. I woke up at 7 am, played hay day, played with Miley and drank my tea. I watched a bit of Maury and jerry and just sat at my laptop morning. I watched The Price Is Right and Family Feud. I had lunch, watched some YouTube videos, cleaned up my room a little and moved things, then showered and got dressed. I waited for Munchkin to come. When he finally did come and took his shoes off, he played hide and seek with Miley. His counting made me laugh, “1…2…kitteennn.” We watched a bunch of children shows and even some in Spanish. He sat in my lap eating cookies and refused to move. I asked him if he wanted popcorn and he started screaming and running around the table. I made some anyways and ate them. I was about to change his diaper when his parents came, so his mother changed him and then I showed her my baby pictures. Woozer is my doppelgänger. She said it’s soooo freakkyyy that he looks exactly like I did. When they left, I let Miley inside and played with her while watching children shows. I later on put her outside and cleaned the stove. I watched America’s Next Top Model, some random shows and finally Catfish. I tweeted them and they replied. 😀 When the show was over, I scrubbed the shower and then had a shower.

August 13th – Up All Night

I played hay day, watched and listen to CNN and didn’t move for hours. I tried to crochet something but that wasn’t working out, and spoke to my Spanish friend. Around 6 am, my mother sent me to room because she started sweeping and I slept for 3 hrs. When I woke up, my mother was teaching a boy for lessons, so I went back into my room. I drank tea, made a bracelet and called a school. I was pretty much too late to register. Oh Well. I watched Family Feud and Family Matters. I played with Miley, listened to music and watched CNN. I fell asleep, then woke up and went to bed.

August 14th – Setting Up My IPhone

I woke up after 7 am and went back to sleep. I then woke up after 9 am, played with Miley and had breakfast. I watched YouTube videos, got ready and left home with my mother. We went to the school to ask a question, because my mother persisted, and then went over to the next building. I signed up for an evening course and then we left. We went to the Licensing Authority so my mother could renew her license and then left. We went to Sky Mall and ate lunch. We saw 2 family members and left when We were finished eating. We left and went to town. We bought some fabric paint at a craft store and then registered at another school. I saw a friend and her boyfriend in a mall and then I got a new sim card. We went about 5 other stores and then left town. We made 3 stops was told I’m manipulative because even though my mother said she’s only buying bread,I said but im hungry and she bought a beef pattie. On the way to see a cousin, I ate my beef pattie. We stayed at the cousin for a few hours. We left and went home. I immediately played around with setting up my iPhone because I couldn’t wait!

August 15th – Open Day

I went to sleep around 2 am and woke up after 7 am. I lazed around but then got ready and left home. I had to run to the minibus and off to town I went. I made it to town at 10 am on the dot. I walked to the institute and waited for about 30 mins. They then took us into a room to do a welcome /intro. Then we went to learn about massage therapy, beauty therapy, child care and development, nursing auxillary and then a makeup run through. I went their store and talked to 1 girl about what she’s going to be doing at the institute. We went to the bead shop and then I walked to the van stand. I caught a minibus and clearly zoned out for most of the ride home. When I got home, I watched YouTube videos, ate lunch and crocheted. I showered, made tea and for some reason my eye hurt. 😦 I went to bed and later on fell asleep.

Summer is winding down and I dont want it to :(.

How is yours going?


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