|| August 16th – 22nd ||

August 16th – Watching The TCA’s

I woke up after 6 am and played with Miley. After some time, she started scooting her bum on the tiles and got thrown out side quickly. For some ungodly reason, she ran back in and pooed a little. A*^&%)$# moved the poo but I had to mop it up. He’s the one that let her back inside yet I had to clean up her skid marks. It was soooo groosssssss. I returned to my room to laze around and later on went to the kitchen and chopped and steamed veggies. I also had to cut up the beets (my mother wouldn’t let me put them in vinegar and sugar) and grater cucumber. I ate lunch, watched YouTube videos and watched a movie. Of course I ate popcorn. I then watched the Teen Choice Awards. When that was over, I watched YouTube videos, cleaned up my room and went to sleep.

August 17th – A Visit To An Optician

My mother woke me up around 6:30 am but then I slept for another 30mins and she had to wake me up again. I got up and got ready and then we left. We drove to an optician and waited for a bit. I crocheted in the waiting room. I was then called and the assistant tended to me first. She dilated my eyes and said I’ll have blurred vision for 3-4 hours. O.O I then had an otc test done and it was hard to have to stare at a blue dot without moving your eye. When that was over, I went back to the sitting room and then was called into see the optician. He put some weird orange thing on my bottom eyelids that stung a little. Everything seems fine. I could only read without my glasses and holding my phone close to my face. We left and went to another optician office to see if my glasses could be soldered back again but I told my mother don’t worry about it. We then headed to town. My eyes felt super dry and my mother kept walking too fast. I had to hold onto her bag a lot. We tried to find breast padding and finally found some for $6 a pair. I visited my godmother when she was at work and then my mother and I walked around town. We left town and bought lunch from Asian Palm and then drove to boardwalk. We ate and I saw 2 dead baby turtles. L We left there and made 2 stops before getting home. I finished eating my lunch and watched Ellen. I washed my hair and quickly dried it. I had my mother braid it while I played hay day. I watched a bit of tv and then went to sleep.

August 18th – Squad Road Trip

I woke up at 5 am and stayed in bed until after 6 am. I finally got up and made cookies. I pressed my clothes again and got ready.I packed a bag and my breakfast and left home. I waited on a minibus and got one to six roads. I bought juice from the supermarket and an oil from a guy at the edge of the parking lot. I went over to Chefette and sat at a table to eat my breakfast. I bought ice and as soon as I was about to go back to Chefette to sit, R n her brother came and picked me up. We drove over to picked up our friend and had to wait at least 10mins because she wasn’t completely ready. When she joined us, we drove over to R’s brother’s girlfriend but she wasn’t ready as yet so we went to Sharks Hole for a bit. We went back for his girlfriend and then drove to Sam Lord’s Castle. It was burned down a couple years ago and bush was just taking over making it look a bit creepy. We stayed for about half hour walking around and went on the beach. We saw a guy catch a fish to use as bait. Before leaving, we drank and ate a little then drove to the lighthouse. We took pics and then settled down for lunch. On the menu was fried chicken, pizza and baked potatoes with cheese and bacon. YUM!! We ate and stayed there for maybe an hour. We left there and drove to find Culpepper Island. We walked down a huge hill and thought it was a tiny rock. R’s brother turns on his maps app and it turns out we had to walk further along the coast. We found it and just…you know…looked at it. We left there and drove to Consett Bay just to look around and then to Gun Hill, passing it twice and finally finding the road. R’s brother drove to find an ice cream place and while he bought his icecream, we ate cupcakes and cookies. We then went to Silversands and walked around, then to a cliff close to my aunt’s house. We packed things for ourselves and ate some. We left and stopped by my aunt so me and R could pee. I was dropped off first and they all came to see the dogs and kitten. They left and I laid on the couch for a while…then went into my bedroom. I got up, showered drank water and slept.

August 19th – What A Day!

Up before 6 am or so laze around play with miley put away and take out things to press drink tea shower get ready we left and went to a bank then to town and got me registered for classes buy food and eatwalked through town bought a few things then went to a mechanic to something the to a cousins house living in the middleof nowhere play with the children ate more lunch went to look at the horses went on a walk and a Rottweiler chased us so we ran to someone’s house and they had a dog in there too but he was nice. I find british people to be hilarious. I know the lady’s husband was. She gave me pieces of carrots to feed the horses with. We left and walked back to my cousin’s house. I stopped at the fences to see the horses actually. My mother told me we have to go and I didn’t get to feed the horses. I quickly used the bathroom, grabbed my stuff and we left. My aunt called and they were talking and that’s how I found out an elderly cousin had died. It was weird like I know we’re all going to die but it’s unexpected. We drove through some places I never saw or heard of before and eventually found somewhere we know. We drove to the elderly cousins house and went inside to view his body. It’s weird doing that. While my mother talked to our cousin (the elderly cousin’s daughter), I warmed up my food and ate it. We didn’t leave until his body was carried away. When we got home, I had already missed ANTM so I went to my room and eventually slept.

August 20th – A Day In

I woke up before 5 am and stayed in bed on my phone for a while. I got out of bed and played with Miley. I crocheted and waited around to hear from a friend. I covered an old binder with jeans material…that was a fail. -.- I ate lunch and my friend and I had to end up rescheduling meeting up. I watched Millionaire, Justice With Judge Mablean and showered. I watched ANTM, ate dinner, watched Under The Dome, played with Miley and went to sleep.

August 21st – R Came Over!

I woke up after 6 am and started cleaning up my room. I got pissed off with my mother because she kept taking her time and won’t get ready. I changed and finally we left home. We made a stop and then cleaned up by my grandmother’s house. We stayed for like 2hrs and R was in my house alone. We went home and R and I talked, watched Drag Me Down…again and then I showered. We ate snacks, watched YouTube videos and finally moved for lunch. I made an Uncle Bens box rice for us both and we watched Family Feud. We watched more videos and got tricked by an ice cream truck thinking he would come on my street. He didn’t. -.- We ate popcorn, watched a movie and I taught R how to crochet chains. I played with Miley and R and I talked about random stuff. She got picked up after 9 pm and I laid in bed for a bit and then showered. I ate biscuits, watched YouTube videos and played Hay day.

August 22nd – Babies Visited

I went to sleep and woke up at 7 am. I crocheted, played with Miley and played Hay day. I drank my tea and stayed in my room to watch YouTube videos and stuff because my mother was having lessons with the boy. I read a bit of The Vincent Brothers and then ate lunch. I got ready and we left home. We got to club early and I was timer…again… for the competition. When it was over, we stayed around for a while. I had spinach and lentil cakes. YUMMY! We left club and drove around collecting US for the sibling. When we got home, I watched The Unauthorized Full House Story and Beyond The Headlines of Full House. I was dozing off when my uncle came with his girlfriend, Munchkin and Woozer. I managed to play with them both and they left. I fell asleep and woke up when my mother got home. I went to sleep again.

It’s nice to just go on road trips with your friends.

Even though I didn’t get any sunset pictures because we didn’t go on the west coast I still enjoyed it.

When R came over, we were to talk about hair, beauty and working out but those topics weren’t even touched.

How was your week?

Some of you might have started school and if you did, I’m sorry to hear that.


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