Everyday Essentials

Some things you need everyday for 1 purpose or another. This is for all you Mother gooses out there. I compiled a list of some things.

  1. Wipes- to either clean your hands or a desk
  2. Tissues- for those days you may have a cold or even for someone else to use
  3. Hand Sanitizer – if your hands need to be cleaned and you aren’t close to water and soap
  4. A Washcloth – to wipe our hands after watching them or wiping sweat off your face
  5. Lipstick / Chapstick – to keep your lips moisturized
  6. Mints/ Gum – to keep you breath fresh
  7. Cream – incase there’s any dry spots
  8. Spritz/ Mini perfume – to smell fresh
  9. Mini Deodorant – incase you start to smell funky
  10. Lady Products – incase Aunt Flow has visited you or a friend
  11. Wallet/Purse – with money and your ID
  12. Cellphone – incase of any emergencies you’re just a call away
  13. Headphones/Earbuds – for listening to music when you’re bored and out and about
  14. Portable Charger – if your phone likes to die quickly
  15. House/Car Keys – so you won’t get locked out
  16. Pen and Notebook – for jotting down lists or important dates
 This is all I could think of. If there are more things that you believe are important leave a comment below! 🙂

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