Egg And Avocado Sandwich

I saw this all over tumblr and my intial reaction was ehhhhhhh. But I tried it and I loved it.

First scramble your eggs to your liking. For me, that is a yolk that’s not even close to being runny and with little salt.

Toast your slices of bread while your eggs are scrambling.

Cut 3 slices of a ripe avocado. Trust me…the too young ones are awful and the avocado lied to me. Peel the skin off of the 3 slices.

Put your scrambled eggs on one slice of bread and add your avocado slices on your eggs…then the other toasted slice of bread.

Boom. A nice,yummy breakfast sandwich.

If you try this and liked it, leave a comment below telling me how it is or tweet me @EnchantedxCharm with #EnchantedFood.


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