|| August 2nd – 8th ||

August 2nd – Beach Day With A Bestie And His Friends

I woke up after 7 am and played with Miley. I sewed on boobie pads to a crochet top, ate breakfast and chopped and steamed veggies. I ate lunch and got ready. I left and waited at the bus stop but then my mother came before a bus did and I got in car. We had to go pick up my sister’s costume for Grand Kadooment and spent nearly an hour waiting. We left there and went to the beach. I called my friend and changed into my swimsuit, then met his friends. One of them wanted a hotdog and we walked to a gas station. I was the only girl amongst like 7 guys for a while. We went to another beach and went into the water shortly after. It rained a bit and we watched people play cricket. My friend and I left after 6 pm to walk to Bridgetown Market on Spring Garden but my mother said she’ll pick me up seeing as she left. We saw a girl get knocked down. It was her fault. Who crosses…in a dark corner…and you can see a car coming?! Her friends started beating up the guy that hit her. They just lucky he didn’t hit one of the girls back. My friend and I waited in Independence Square and my mother picked me up 5 mins later. When I got home, I showered, washed my hair and fell asleep watching a movie. I then had to get up and go into my room to sleep.

August 3rd – Grand Kadooment Day

I woke up after 7 am and started cleaning up my room. I watched YouTube videos, played with Miley and ate breakfast while watching the bands on TV. When that was over, my mother and I got ready and left home. She parked at Bico and we walked to the top of Deacons. We stayed there for a while and I was a boss at avoiding having people see me. We watched Zulu International band pass, which is the band Rihanna was in but I didn’t see her. My sister found us because she was in the next band. I had a hotdog and we walked alongside the band. My mother pissed me off by having me wait with her when all I did was want to go with my friend. I left her standing on the highway watching and met up my friends. We waited for ages on others. I saw a past neighbor and got a hug which is strange. The only contact we ever made was falling while playing football. We finally went on to the beach and the rain fell. I did a magic change which confused someone. Ha! When I went in the water, it was coldish and We played chicken or cockfight. I won the first round and called truce the second round. Heck yea I’m stronger than I look. I had a straight shot of rum and then rum and coke. We just stood around in the on and off drizzles and got half dressed. I washed off my feet and put my sneakers back on and then waited on a roasted corn. I walked with a friend and then left him and sped walk to catch up with my mother and sister. We walked to the car and on the way home, stopped at Burger King so my sister could buy food. When we got home, I showered and washed my hair again. -.- I struggled to stay awake but I made it. I watched American Ninja Warrior and then Unreal. I ate cereal and went to sleep.

August 4th – O.O

I up before 8 am and untied Miley so she can run around. I watched One Direction perform on Good Morning America and then The Fresh Prince of Belair. I went into my bedroom and swept and watched YouTube videos. Later on, I watched Family Feud, The Wayans Brothers, Fresh Prince…again and Wife Swap. I showered, cooked rice for the dogs and fed them. I watched the news and then they had this ‘special’ and I saw a video from foreday and nearly fainted because I thought I would see myself seeing as they showed the band. D: I watched America’s Got Talent, ate cereal, watched Hollywood Game Night and went to sleep.

August 5th – Helping Out Another Toastmaster’s Club

I woke up at 5 am and had a bathroom break, then I watched YouTube videos. I got ready and left with my mother and sister and we headed to the airport. My sister bought my mother and I egg bagels from Chefette for breakfast and then she went straight into the departure lounge. We left and went home. I watch a bit of random channels, then Fresh Prince and Bringing Home Baby. I watched YouTube videos, crocheted and ate lunch. I then had a nap and when I woke up, I got ready and left home with my mother. We went into 2 stores in town and then went to the toastmasters club. I had to help with timing their competition. They started 15 mins late. I was cold and didn’t really enjoy it at all. When it was over and went downstairs to the refreshments, I ate some lentil and veg cakes. Yum! We left and went home. When we got home, we watched 1hr of Madea Goes To Jail and then I watched Catfish. I ate cereal and fell asleep.

August 6th – Being A Firefighter

I woke up around 9 am went to find Miley but she was being mischevious and was in a tree I tried cutting away some vines but that wasn’t helping her or me. I went back inside and finished crocheting a top and watched YouTube videos. I put away some clothes and kept checking on Miley. My friend and I had a bit of an argument because I didn’t like his tone with me one day and what he said the night before. Anyways we got that sorted, I did some handwashing, watched random TV shows and had lunch which was Breadfruit Cou-Cou. I played around with Jojo and had to end up getting a ladder and go fetch Miley from the tree….*sigh. Even when taking her down she kept meowing and grabbing onto the tree branch. Like no kitten, I came to rescue you and you will release your vice grip. I got her inside and fed her. I watched YouTube videos, cooked and ate ramen and had to go outside to put Jojo back in the dog house and lock her in. Asshole did come home and start to annoy me but he left thank god. I watched under The Dome and when it was over I showered. I made sure things were fine between me and my friend and started my speech for toastmasters. More like re-started it because I lost the first one I started.

August 7th – Getting A New Cable

I went to sleep around 12:15 am while watching YouTube videos and woke up after 8 am. I walked around, ate breakfast and hung out clothes. I watched YouTube videos and occasionally glanced at the TV. For some reason the cable stopped working and my mother unplugged the box and tried to plug it back in but the tiny little spikes were all bent. While she went for tweezers I tried to straighten one but it broke. Sssh don’t tell her. She tried straightening some and one broke as well so she called the company. We had to get ready to leave home. I showered and got dressed then fed the puppy dpg and kitten before we left. We stopped for some bananas not too far from home and then went to the company. The just simply replaced the cable that was damaged. We were going to head into town but it was way too hot so went just went to the bakery and I got a beef pattie!!! We left there and went to a gas station then a supermarket kind of place. Maybe a wholesale supermarket? We made 3 more stops before going to my uncle’s house. Unfortunately, both babies were sleeping so we didn’t stay too long. We got home and hooked up the cable to the tv and watched the news. I watched YouTube Videos and did some handwashing. I rewatched America’s Got Talent and then Dateline NBC. I ate my weird oatmeal, banana and milk thing but I added crushed cornflakes. I fell asleep watching Dateline and struggled to move everything to my bedroom. Once I got in there, I continued writing the speech and watching YouTube videos.

August 8th – Feeling Sour

I fell asleep around 2 and when I woke up continued writing the speech. I left it for my mother to read and went and played with Miley, then ate breakfast. I ate lunch,then had to start typing the speech and halfway through it I had a breakdown because it just made me realize I’m just stuck. I avoided it for about an hour. My mother made me finish it and email it to my mentor. I was supposed to speak at the workshop but I just couldn’t. I printed the speech and something for my mother. I got ready and we left. When I got there people realized I was in a very foul mood. One them came and asked me what was wrong and I started crying. My mother told me to calm myself. I don’t think she gets it. She’s one of the reasons I’m in this position. Not knowing what to do because she a Negative Nancy. Anyways the lady told me about her struggles. I was still pretty sour during the meeting. When it was over, I ate a good set of yummies they had laid out and waited around. We finally took down everything, packed up the cars and went home. I only remember staying in my room all night.

How was your week?

Grand Kadooment was the wind down for the season and it was a bit fun for me.


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