|| July 26th – August 1st ||

July 26th – Going To Soca Royale

He cooked rice and peas, gram burger and made salad. I didn’t eat any salad though. More and more people came and the students that lived where he was staying came as well. I ate and changed into something more comfy. The drums had finally arrived and they started up. The dance teacher started showing us some moves and we joined in. I was mostly laughing and not doing much. Some of the students wanted to learn to play the drums and some danced. They started to leave after 2 and the rest of us just sat around and talked. We left and got home around 3 am and went to sleep. I woke up after 9 am and played with Miley. I watched YouTube videos, stitched the boobie pads to my top and ate breakfast. I later on ate lunch, showered and got ready. We unfortunately had to wait around for A****le* and then we left. We picked up my mother’s friend and then drove through some cart roads to get a park close enough to the venue. We got to Bushy Park after 4 pm and was right on time for the performances. Soca Royale started with some performances, dj’s playing music, me judging peoples outfit choices and colours and finally the sweet soca competition started. After Edwin performed with all those fireworks, I was done and wanted to go home. It was the highlight of the night for me. Sweet soca started at 6:30 pm and finished at 8:30pm and then the dj played some music while the judging started it started back at 9:15 pm with the …… and a performer got booed like damn. That didn’t finish until 11 pm. Thine sibling collected her stuff from back stage and I saw and talked to 1 of the 2 French guys I saw ,that went to school with me. We climbed up the hill and waited for the results which didn’t start until minutes to midnight. That was taking too long and we didn’t want to be in traffic and couldn’t find *&+$^&*  so we called him.

July 27th – Meeting My Possible Future Brother-In-Law and Going On A Drive

We went to the car and waited for him. He appeared from someone’s house and there was an argument about how he couldn’t find us. Hours and he couldn’t find us yet we were in the same spot and I saw him lurking around. Stupid liar. Anyways we dropped off my mother’s friend and heard the results on the way home. They were actually a bit disappointing…to me anyways. When I got inside, I showered and fell asleep. I woke up after 6 am, played with Miley and cleaned up my room a little. I tried to crochet and bikini bottom and watched YouTube videos. I wasn’t getting anywhere with it. I showered and started reading The Vincent Boys while being all nervous to meet my possible future brother-in-law for the first time. He arrived and…you know… I thought it went well. We ate lunch and went on a drive around the east coast. We stopped … well didn’t stop much… in Codrington College, Bathsheba and cherry tree hill.  My mother drove by where her brother-in-law’s family live and had to stop and talk to one person. We continued our drive and got lost in St. Lucy. It seems rather foreign to me. We finally found The Animal Flower Cave and got out to stretch our legs. We walked around and looked over the cliff and then we were on our way again. We stopped at a supermarket to buy some things and then passed Port Ferdinand and Port St. Charles. We drove down to the boardwalk and got out at Lanterns Mall to use the bathroom, then crossed over to the Boardwalk. When we left there, we stopped for gas and then my laptop. 😀 When we got home, I changed and went to sleep.

July 28th – Beach Day With A Bestie

I woke up before 7 am and packed my bag. I ate breakfast, walked around aimlessly and got ready. I left and caught a mini bus to town. I got there by at least 10:40 am and I had to sit in independence square for an hour waiting on my friend. His mother kept him back. -.- Anyways we walked to the beach and sat under a tree for a while talking, then went to the shore and went in. It was COLD!! Brr! After a while, we got out and I ordered food, then went for it. When I got close to where we were, I saw one of the French guys again and said hi…again. We ate, and went back in the water for a bit, before getting out of the water, drying off and leaving. I said hi to the other French guy but I doubt he remembered me. After my friend and I parted and I was walking to the van stand, at least 5 men told me to smile. If I wanted to smile I would but I was busy practicing my resting bitch face. I made it and sat in a minibus and waited until it was full and ready to go and went home. When I got home, I fed Miley, showered, cooked ramen and ate it while watching a movie and then fell asleep watching another movie. I woke up and was pissed at my mother for some reason and went to bed to sleep.

July 29th – Just Chillin’

I woke up around 7 am… or 8 am and played with Miley. I left my laptop to upgrade to Windows 10, so I washed my crochet tops, ate breakfast and fixed  the tv because it messed up again. I watched Maury, Jerry Springer, ate lunch and watched This Is It and Man In The Mirror: The Michael Jackson Story. I listened to the radio, watched YouTube videos and had a shower. I continued watching videos, then crocheted and watched America’s Got Talent and Catfish. I had cereal and milk and watched Despicable Me.

July 30th – An Average Day

I went to sleep after 1 am and woke up after 7 am because asshole came into my room and woke me up with Miley meowing in my ear and of course I wasn’t too pleased. I unraveled my top I was making and started again hoping to get it right. I drank my tea, played with Miley and watched YouTube videos. I ate lunch, watched 1 movie and swept the house…then ate popcorn. When it was over, I watched YouTube videos and started to cut up my shirt for Foreday. I listened to music, then watched Under The Dome and went to bed.

July 31st – Prepping For Foreday

I woke up after 7 or 8am, had breakfast and read some of The Vincent Boys. I got ready and left home with my mother. We went to 2 banks and the supermarket, then made 2 stops before heading home. I ate lunch, finished customizing the shirt for Foreday and watched Who wants To Be A Millionaire, Justice With Judge Mablean and Divorce Court. I put the sheets to wash and watched US news, some other news and Barbados news then America’s Got Talent. I got ready, left and we met with band. We had rum and coke even though they said they weren’t serving alcohol before leaving and then a shot of patrone from a girl who asked everyone.

August 1st – Foreday Morning Blues

It was Foreday morning and as much as I would like to talk about it here on this day. I’ll save it for a post which would focus on Cropover. Anyways we finished in the wee hours of the morning and went home. I slept on the way and when I got home I took pics to show how dirty I was and then took a shower and washed my hair. I read some of the Vincent boys and filled my mother in on the night seeing as she didn’t go watch. Yes I left out the fact that I drank. We went through her clothes because she was giving some away and throwing away some. I washed the towels and black clothes, then made ramen. I ate and napped for maybe 3hrs. When I woke up, I hung out the towels and black clothes to dry. I watched YouTube videos, moisturized my hair and watched Keeping Up Appearances. I watched a Lifetime Movie called His Secret Family, finally ate my croissanwich from Burger King, put a bed sheet on my bed, drank tea and went to sleep.

How was your week?

Foreday was a blast and one day I hope whoever might read this, can come down and join in with our fun.


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