Cropover And Me

Growing up, I never liked this time of year. I preferred to be in New York from late July so I would miss the entire Cropover season. I never liked soca music. I would always be lugged around by my family to events and I would just be bored. Let’s see what I can remember.

Something called Pork Lime existed. There were also Calvacades and other fetes all over the island.

Soca On The Hill, which is held in Farley Hill, is a huge party with performers. They would sing their hits and new songs for the season. My cousins and I would run in the park and only find our family for food or drink. This year I would’ve liked to go because my friends went but eh,didn’t have a ticket.

Soca Royale is held in Bushy Park. The last time I went was 2 or 3 years ago before this year. This year wasn’t the best experience. Some musty, drunk guys were a bit too close for my liking, thanks to s**thead bringing his friend who brought them. Like they clearly didn’t shower, use deodorant or brush their teeth before they left home. I loved the fireworks. Fireworks are everything. Poor Mikey got booed and quite honestly he didn’t need that container. It didn’t serve any purpose. It sucks that him and Blood didn’t perform together. When they perform together they win. Anyways, It has the Sweet Soca and Party Monarch competitions. Sweet Soca are those slower songs and Party Monarch are usually like hype.

Kiddies Kadooment. The children’s carnival. I went to this once. I remember having on a white leotard with some wing things. Someone had made the skirts but had to leave them with people and  they pretty much either stole them or gave them to the wrong people.

Foreday Morning Jam. The midnight start carnival. It’s usually the Saturday before Grand Kadooment. People usually join bands and the girls wear baby tees and shorts or some kind of swimsuit thing and the guys wear t-shirts and shorts. There’s paint, ‘mud’ and ‘chocolate’ being flung around in the bands. I usually went and watched with my parents but in 2013,my cousin and her boyfriend came for Crop over and my sister and I stayed with them. They were all in bands except for me so I walked alongside the band that my cousins and my cousin’s boyfriend was in. After a while I snuck in and got paint all over me and drinks from my cousins. We danced together,with different people and it took hours. No one would imagine it took us at least 6 hours on that short route. Anyways,seeing as I wasn’t part of the band and really needed to pee the guy wouldn’t let me use the bathrooms. I went back an hour later and he did. When it was over, my sister and cousins had breakfast and suddenly we couldn’t find our cousin and her boyfriend anymore. We walked all around looking for them,then walked alllll the way back to the car and drove back up looking but couldnt find them so we went back to their apartment and they were there. They took a taxi because they couldn’t find us either. We showered and slept for about 6 hours. This year however, my sister bought me a costume. I only got  a shirt but luckily she collected the shorts over the years. I customized my shirt and got ready after 9 pm. We left home and went on our way and of course we were late. We were meant to meet for 10 pm but didn’t get there till 11 pm. Even though on their instruction sheet they said no drinks will be severed before leaving the venue, they were serving drinks, so my sister and I got rum and coke and a shot I patron from a girl walking around with a bottle. We then went to the bathrooms and waited until they were ready to start. We isn’t get on t road until 12 ami was always at the bar. To be honest I went about 5 times for the entire night. On the way,I danced and got a light up wand from a guy sharing them out. Some random guy wanted mine but I won’t give it to him and he called me selfish. 😜 My sister gave him hers instead. I had paint all over me and every time a bucket passed I dipped my hand it and slathered it all on me. If my sister and I were moving through the crowd I would use my wand and turn it on so she could see. The band was stopped many times because a bunch of us wouldn’t stay with in the ropes. Even though it would be cool outside, being confined in the  ropes with a bunch of sweaty people actually made it hard to breathe. We saw my cousin and her grandmother…who is also my cousin. When we finally hit spring garden just before 4 am my sister and I walked out of the band and all the way to where breakfast was being served. We had Bol Jol, corn soup, Burger King – chicken fries, croissanwich, and something else, a pumpkin fritter, some weird flat thing and some sliced hotdogs. Yummy. When we were done we walked back down the road and found my sisters friend and we walked with them where they had to get breakfast and stayed there for a while. When they got their breakfast we walked back to Chefette and had to wait on *&^%head.

Cohobblopot (I think that’s how it’s spelt) was a huge fete with performers and dancing. I got in free one year with my cousin because she had to dance and when my sister and her friends came I went outside in front of the stage to watch. We danced along to those songs with dances. Sang the songs and had a blast. I did go once or twice after that.Sadly there was non this year.

Finally there was Grand Kadooment. The end of the festival.  The big bang. It’s always on the first Monday of August. Tourists would flock to the island for this and some would take part. This is where they have a fairly long route. Way longer than Foreday morning. When I was younger, we would cook food and pack up the cars and head to a place to sit and watch the revellers. I hated that. It was boring. However in 2010, my mother left and went to New York which means I had to stay in Barbados. My cousin used to do the big costumes and got my sister and I free left over costumes the night before. I was only 14 at the time and I didn’t like It too much because it was long and I couldn’t  wukkup good. I actually still can’t. This year, I just met up with my friend and his friends and we went to the beach after watching some people pass when we were waiting on people to come.  I unfortunately didn’t get to see Rihanna.

As you can see, soca music is slowly growing on me. I would love to jump for Foreday more often and jump for Grand Kadooment with a band of my choice…when I can afford to pay for a costume.

That’s my experiences with the Cropover season. If you ever had experience with it as a tourist or you’d like to experience it, leave a comment and tell me what you enjoy or if you’d wish you can visit during that time of the year. I hope you can visit!


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