My Earthquake Experiences

Since Barbados has been having earthquakes and they’ve been a few NE of the island that no one felt, I decided to share my experiences.

The first time was back in 2007 and it was dress day at my secondary school. We were having a concert in the hall an I needed to go to he bathroom. On the way back to the hall, I took my time strolling all the walkways and then stood up outside the doors. I was holding onto the rails and started rocking back and forth. The cars were moving as well. Next thing I know, there was scream and people being trampled. I didn’t move I just stood there watching. When the hall was clear, I returned for my bag and joined the others from my year group. My mother picked me up and it took hella long to get home because of the traffic.

Experience #2 ( I believe was back in 2011),I was in Kings Plaza with my mother and my aunt. We were shopping in Old Navy and I had walked away from them to go look at their $1 slippers. I looked up and saw the lights shaking but I wasn’t moving. So I went and looked for them and saw someone shoving a trolley full of stuff they were about to buy, out of the way and flying through the door🏃. It died down for a few seconds and started up again so we speed walked out of there and saw people closing stores and leaving. People were still coming into the mall seeing they wouldn’t have felt the earthquake because they were driving.

#3 was very small. It was February 18th 2014 I believe. It was about 5 am and I was sleeping on the edge of the bed against the wall. I felt like I was falling so I woke up really fast and my mother was already awake and said oh it was an earthquake. I went on twitter to see who else I knew felt it.

Finally, July 16th 2015. I woke up round 7 am and got messages coming through from a cousin saying there was an earthquake. We laughed because we didn’t feel anything. Later on while we were up at my granny cleaning up,I felt the car moving a little bit and I was confused because the wind wasn’t blowing that strongly and I had the door open. I stood up and felt nothing and then sat down again and the car was still moving. I looked at the sheep and they were just standing there. When it stopped I went and asked my mother but as soon as I was about to ask her, R messaged me asking if I felt it. It was an earthquake. 6.4 magnitude

Being under orange alert was a new thing for me. I never had to experience anything with a volcano except for smelling the sulphur at the volcano in St. Lucia. The thought of there being a possible tsunami scared the shit out of me. Any time I go to the beach, I always thing of where to go or were to run if a tsunami had to happen. It’s always good to have an escape plan.

Those are my experiences. What are yours?


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