|| July 19th – 25th ||

July 19th – Just Getting Out of the House

I up after 4 am up for a little while and then went back to sleep. I woke up before 7 am to my mother saying that we have to go to church. I stayed in bed until after 8 am. I got up, made breakfast, ate and got ready. We left home and went to church. I spent time laughing at a woman’s upside down Nike swoosh eyebrows and this guy’s huge Mohawk. When it was over, we had refreshments and left home. I played with Miley and watched YouTube videos. Seeing as it was just my mother and I at home, because the other 2 went to Soca On The Hill and a****le decided that buying a whole outfit was more important that buying tickets for everyone, I fried up some leftover rice w/ kale and Chinese cabbage. I ate and read Girl Online while waiting for 2012 to start. It started almost an hour late. -.- I crocheted, had a snowcone, got ready, washed wares and we left. We were going to go by my ‘uncle’ but some unwanted people were there, so we went by a family friend first and stayed for over an hour. When we left there, we checked to see if the people had left by my ‘uncle’ but they were still there so we stopped by my uncle to see if the children were there. They weren’t ( L ) and he talked to my mother for a while. I ate cereal and watched cricket and then we left. When we got home, I made and drank hot chocolate, watched YouTube videos and went to sleep.

July 20th –  A Day Home…Well Most Of It

I woke up just before 8 am and watched YouTube videos. I let Miley run around and ate breakfast while reading Girl Online. I watched Awkward, ate lunch, watched The Fosters, Under The Dome and YouTube videos. I let the dogs run wild and then went back inside and ate cornflakes and milk. I watched more YouTube videos, showered and got ready. We went and picked up my sibling from dance class and it was agreed for me that I would go home. -.-  When we got home, I watched Unreal and Sex Sent Me To The ER before sleeping.

July 21st – Dance Class

I woke up, went into my bedroom and went back to sleep. I woke up at 7 am and cleaned up my plants because they fell. I ate breakfast got ready and we left home. We went to dance class and midway through I felt nauseous and had a tummy ache. When it was over, we changed and headed to town. We parked, had lunch and then went to a supermarket. We left town and I was really sleepy because it was super hot as well. On the way home we stopped at a gas station, picked up someone, stopped for mail and by my granny’s house. We dropped that person home and then stopped at my mother’s goddaughter. I slept a bit in the car. Then we went to check if my ‘uncle’ was home but he wasn’t so we stopped by our cousin. Her granddaughter was annoying when I was trying to sleep in the car. We left there and went home. I watched YouTube videos, ate cereal, then chocolate tea times. I was laying on the couch when ja***ss came home and opened the window even more and snored in my ear. Boy was I pissed. I was cold and extremely annoyed. I moved back to the dining room and finished eating the rest of my lunch. I went into my bedroom, watched YouTube videos, folded stuff on my bed and then showered. I fed Miley and had to chase her down because she ran inside. I watched Scream, then listened to music, scrolled through Etsy and went to sleep.

July 22nd – A Crochet Struggle

I woke up around 7 am and was trying to figure out how to crochet tops for other people. I started crocheting, played with Miley, ate breakfast and read Girl Online. I crocheted, watched Awkward, ate lunch and fed Miley. I crocheted more, played with Miley, chopped up Chinese cabbage to be frozen and then washed wares. I did a bit of hand washing, showered, watched a movie, ate dinner and listened to music. I watched some of White Chicks while waiting to watch Catfish and then when Catfish was over, I went to sleep.

July 23rd – Under Orange Alert!!

I woke up around 7 am and untied Miley and the dogs. I fed them, repacked my bag and made and ate breakfast. I pressed a dress, showered, got ready and we left. We went to drop off my laptop but the guy wasn’t home, so then we headed to dance class which it started 25 mins late. When it was over, we found out Barbados was under orange alert because of all the seismic activity and Kick ‘em Jenny was acting up. Kick ‘Em Jenny is an under water volcano just north of Grenada. We got changed and went to town just to quickly get stuff. We got lunch and I only ate half . Then we went to find a few things and I got a pair of shorts. We left town and made 2 stops before going home. At home, I listened to music, played with Miley, ate the rest of my food and watched YouTube videos. I played with Jojo, listened to music again, watched cricket (-.-) and showered. I watched Under The Dome and went to sleep.

July 24th –  Going To The Mall

I woke up after 6 am and had a bathroom break…then went back to sleep. I then woke up before 8am. I played with Miley and then watched Nicki Minaj on Good Morning America. I ate breakfast, played with Miley some more, got ready and left home with my mother. I had to say bye to my baby as we dropped it off to be cleaned. We went up to my granny’s house to finish cleaning up the area of the garden that we started. When we were done, we went by my ‘uncle’ and as soon as we got out the car, he arrived. We went inside and drank Malt. While they talked, I read the newspaper. Shocker. We left and went home. When I got home, I crocheted, watched Awkward, washed and hung out clothes and ate lunch. We got ready and left home. We went to a bank and then stopped by my aunt. I played with the cats. More like one sat on my lap and I stroked his head. We left there and went to the mall. We walked around, ate pizza and then bought something for the car and left. When we got home, I watched America’s Got Talent, Dateline NBC, drank tea and watched murder shows.

July 25th – Going Out Late At Night

I watched murder shows and finished crocheting a top. I watched a movie and went to bed. I woke up after 8 am, played with Miley, pinned boobie pads to my crochet tops, picked up the dry clothes and listened to music. I started sewing in the boobie pads and talked to my aunt for a while. I folded clothes, ate lunch, broke a long thin needle while sewing on the boobie pads, got ready and left. We went to toastmasters and I was grammarian. When the meeting was over, I ate pizza and cake and went into the play park with a toastmaster’s granddaughter. We left and went to a mini mart and then headed home. I watched white chicks, played with Miley, changed and left. We stopped at a gas station and went to a hotel to pick up my sibling. I went inside and watched the performance and then we left. We went to a gas station that had KFC and sat there for a while talking and eating fries. We left there after a while and drove up to Port Ferdinand to see how it looked at night. Damn that drive was further than expected. We drove up to look for where the dance teacher lived because we were all meeting there tonight. We thought we passed it and turned around too early. Then we drove back up too far. Then we drove back down and turned through the wrong gap but the right one was next to it and the teacher was sitting outside waiting. Someone arrived just as we were getting out of the car. We all went to the road and talked about many different things. We waited until it was almost midnight and then went into the apartment he was staying in.

Being under orange alert was cray cray.

Honestly the strangest week.

How was yours?


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