Tumblr Questions Part 6

Aaaaaaaaaaask aawwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaay 😀
1- How are you? I’m alright 🙂
2- Post a picture of yourself. Nahh
3- Do you ever wish you were someone else? A more confident version of me without any past regrets
 4- What is your entire name? Nahh
5- How old are you? 19
6- Age you get mistaken for: 15
7- Your zodiac/horoscope and if you think it fits your personality: Libra and yes it does
8- What did you do on your last birthday? I went to the beach with a friend to do some water activites til they told me I needed to deposit $50 for a life jacket So we just stayed close to the shore and got knocked over by waves and had lunch.
9- What is one thing you would like to accomplish before your next birthday? I want to be happy and not let my happiness depend on someone else
10- What is your hair color? Black
11- Have you ever dyed your hair? Yep,I’m trying different shades of reds
12- What is your eye color? Dark Brown
13- If you could change your eye color, would you? Heck Yes, I’d change em to blue
14- Do you wear contacts/glasses? I wear glasses
15- Your opinion about your body and how comfortable you are with it: My opinion always changes but I just wish I had bigger calves, a flatter stomach and wider hips.Like my hips haven’t widened as yet.
16- Have you ever considered plastic surgery? What would you alter about your body? If I could afford it, calf implants and maybe get my boobs evened out
17- Say 8 facts about your body: It’s skinny, has many different skin tones, bit on the oily side….uhhhh
18- Do you have any tattoos? Not as yet!
19- Do you have any piercings? Yep.Cartilage and the normal first ear piercing
20- Left or right handed? Rightie
21- What’s your sexual orientation? Straight
22- Do you drink? Rarely
23- Do you smoke? Nope
24- Do you have any pets? Yep
25- Where do you work? I don’t work. I’m trying to get a summer job
26- Something you are working on right now: Being a better me, anxiety and rewriting a story I started in 2013
27- Do you have any “rules” about food? My eggs must be well done,very well done.
28- Where are you from? Barbados baby!!
29- What would you say is your best quality? Idk actually
30- What do you think you’re really good at? Craft
31- What do you think you’re really bad at? I know i’m bad at singing
32- What talent do you wish you’d been born with? The ability to properly sing
33- Are you a bad person? Welllllllllll….I wouldn’t say so
34- Are you nice to everyone? No
35- Say 3 facts about your personality: I’m care free, immature and funny.
36- Has someone ever spread a nasty rumor about you? No
37- What is your ideal bed? Why? I really want like a bed with the 4 posts and netting with fairy lights. Also a huge comforter that uber squishy.
38- Did you wake up cranky? Nope. I woke up lost
39- Do you sleep with a stuffed toy? Sometimes
40- What do you think about the most? If i’d be forever alone
41- Share 2 habits: I bite the inside of my bottom lip and my nails
42- What you want to be when you “get older”? I have no idea yet. A fashion designer, primary school teacher or tour guide.
43- What are your career goals? Idk
44- What is your ideal career? Something that I can be home with my future family…on evenings and spend time with them
45- Is your life anything like it was two years ago? Nope
46- Do you replay things that have happened in your head? Everyday
47- Have you ever had an imaginary friend? Yes.Her name was Hannah
48- Say 10 facts about your room: Everything is brown and white, it’s messy, it has a built in wardrobe, a book shelf, no tv,no landline (thank god), it hasn’t been decorated as yet…
49- Do you have any phobias? I’m actually scared of the dark and horror movies
50- Have you ever been to a psychiatrist/therapist? No but I do think I need one. I have been to a probation officer before though and that was my parents trying to scare me.
51- Are you allergic to anything? If so, what? Citrus fruit,Pineapple and shrimp
52- Ever broken any bones? Nope
53- Ever come close to death? No
54- Things you like and dislike about yourself: I like my high (or is it fast) metabolism and I don’t like that my calves are so tiny and my hips haven’t widened.
55- A random fact about yourself: I hate centipedes.
56- What are three things most people don’t know about you? Uhh they know too much
57- An unknown fact about your life: The due date the doctor set for my mother to give birth to me was actually October 1st but I was born on September 26th.
58- Share something about yourself others might think is weird: I like ’emo’ music
59- Five weird things that you like: Screamo music, yarn, menthol inhalers, backpacks and stationery
60- Do you have a facebook? If so, would you add the person who sent you this? Noone sent it so no one is getting it :p
61- Do you have any pictures on your Facebook? Yes, Will I share any? No
62- Describe yourself in one word/sentence: Foodie
63- A quote you try to live by: Live The Adventure
64- Leave me a compliment:
65- What is your favorite thing to do? Listen to music
66- What’s your favorite color? Purple
67- What’s your favorite band/singer? One Direction
68- What’s your favorite movie? Enchanted
69- What are your favorite books? The Sea Breeze Collection. I own 4/9 books
70- What is your favorite quote and why? You do you and I do me. It’s my favourite because you can’t be me and I cant be you so let’s just be ourselves
71- What is your favorite word? Food
72- What is your least favorite word? Broga, it means frog in Cymraeg I believe
73- What is your favorite type of food? Rice and Peas
74- Your favorite ice cream? Cookie Dough or anything Pepperminty
75- What’s your favorite animal? Cat
76- Dogs or cats? Why not both?
77- Describe your favourite texture:
78- What is your favorite flower? Tulip
79- What’s your favourite scent? And on the opposite sex? D: I have no Idea. I like fruity and sweet scents I believe. On the opposite sex? Chocolate AXE
80- What is your favorite season? Summer
81- What are the top five places you wish you could go before you die? London,Los Angeles,Paris, Milan and Dublin
82- What are four things you can’t live without and why? Music because it keeps me occupied,Food because I need to eat, Books because I love to read and Clothes to keep me warm
83- Which mythological creature are you most like? Why?
84- What’s your favorite television show? Once Upon A TIme
85- Favorite place to shop at? Hottopic
86- Say 2 facts about your favorite things: My mp3 is broken and almost filled with songs and my books are well loved
Family, childhood and places
87- Say 4 facts about your parents: They’re 8 yrs apart, They both work, Someone is bald and someone is rude.
88- Are you more like your mom or your dad? Mother
89- Do you have any siblings? 1 sister
90- Say 9 facts about your family: No…no..i just can not. I would end up ranting
91- What’s your relationship like with your family? Those I live with….family life sucks but I like my aunts and cousins in America.
92- Say 7 facts about your childhood: I never went to preschool so I was always between 3 houses or in NY. I am the only 19 year old, in my family, in Barbados.
93- The best and the worst childhood memories: The best is moving and making new friends and the worst was
94- Say 6 facts about your home town: It was more like a street, small, very quiet, our house was hidden, it’s in the country and now I see it as awful
95- Are you going out of town soon? No :/
96- Where would you like to live? London
97- What would your dream house be like? 2 stories with a basement and 5 bedrooms. The basement would be the fun area and all cozy…oh my gosh i’d want a pool
98- Where would you go on your dream vacation? Phuket
99- Where you want to be right now? New York!
100- Top three places to visit: London,Dublin and Milan
101- Would you ever smile at a stranger? Yes
102- Do you prefer to be friends with girls or boys? Boys
103- Who is someone you never tire of? R, My other bestie and my minime
104- Do you have someone you can be your complete self around? Both my besties
 105- Who is your most loyal friend? Damn I can’t answer that. both R and the other bestie are both loyal and no arguments or anything happened and I’ve known them for years.
106- Is there anyone you can tell EVERYTHING to? Yes.
107- If your best friend died, what would you do? I would cry and go through their pics and attend the funeral with flowers for the grave.
108- A reason you’ve lied to a friend:
109- Have you ever felt replaced? More like I have been replaced numerous times
110- Say 5 facts about your bestfriend(s): 1 needs a haircut, R is a great baker, They both live too far from me,uhhhh…. theyre both koo-koo and I like them…theyre fun
111- The last person you hugged? R
112- Who was your first kiss with? Not gonna say
113- Do you like kissing in public? No
114- Have you ever kissed someone older than you? Yea
115- You have a preference for boys or girls? boys
116- Is the male or female body closest to perfection? egad idk
117- Do you believe in love at first sight?Yep
118- Do you believe in soul mates?Yep
119- What is your idea of the perfect date? Cushions,blankets, comforters, junk food, food, chatting, laughing, sleeping
120- Based on past relationships or crushes, describe your perfect boyfriend/girlfriend: Taller than me,dimples,pretty eyes,crazy long hair,musically talented,slim,a bit crazy
121- What is the first thing you noticed in someone? Hair
122- Are looks important in a relationship? Not really.They’re a bonus
123- What’s the most superficial characteristic you look for? Ehh
124- What’s your opinion on age differences in relationships? NOt ridiculous like 30 years apart.
125- Would you ever date someone off of the Internet? Never again. I’ve learned my lesson
 126- Five guys/girls whom you find attractive: Zayn Malik, Rihanna, Jamie Dornan, Bello Sanchez and Zac Efron
127- Do you have a crush on anyone? Nope
128- A description of the girl/boy you like:
129- Say 1 fact about the person your like:
130- If the person you like says they like someone else, what would you say? Oh…that’s good for you…
131- When was the last time you told someone you loved them? Maybe a few weeks ago. but we said luff and not love
132- Do you think someone has feelings for you? No
133- Do you think someone is thinking about you right now? Nope
134- Have you ever cried over a guy/girl? Nope
135- Have you ever wanted someone you couldn’t have? Yea
136- Anyone you’re giving up on? Yep
137- Have you ever liked someone you didn’t expect to? Yea
138- Have you ever liked someone who your friends hated? No
139- Have you ever liked one of your best friends?  Yes
140- Has anyone told you they don’t want to ever lose you? Nope
141- Is there a boy/girl who you would do absolutely everything for?  I think so
142- Is there someone you will never forget? Yes
143- Say five ways to win your heart: Feed me, hold me, listen to me, make me laugh and love me
144- What turns you on? Tattoos and lip piercings
145- What turns you off? idk smoking?
146- What is the sexiest thing someone could ever do for/to you? Buy me matching victoria secret underwear and bra
147- What’s the sweetest thing anyone’s ever done for you? Bought me a laptop and plane ticket in the same year
148- What’s something sweet you’d like someone to do for you? Surprise me for my birthday…like a huge surprise
149- Have you ever written a song or poem for someone? Have you had one written for you? No and NO
150- What’s the sweetest thing you’ve ever done for someone? Got R Girl Online and I kept it a secret for months
151- Are you in love? Nope
152- Are you in a relationship? NO
153- If you have a boyfriend/girlfriend, what is your favorite thing about him/her? I’m single actually
154- Are relationships ever worth it? Yes
155- Is there someone mad because you’re dating/talking to the person you are? No cuz I ain’t dating
156- Can you commit to one person? Yes
157- Do you think you can last in a relationship for 6 months and not cheat? Yes sir!
158- Do you ever want to get married? Hell yesss
159- Do you think you’ll be married in 5 years? No. I’m not even in a relationship.
160- Future names of your children: Zelan Alexander/Maximillian James/ Danny Bryan/Jesse Alexander and Wynter Alex/Jesse Alexandria
161- Do you get jealous easily? Yes
162- The last time you felt jealous, and why? My sibling is always travelling and I’m stuck home
163- What is your definition of cheating? Kissing or being intimate with someone outside of the relationship
164- Have you ever been cheated on? NO
165- Do you forgive betrayal?NO
166- Have you ever cheated on someone? NO
167- Why did your last relationship fail? I found out the guy was is married
168- Things you want to say to an ex: Screw off will ya!
169- A description of the person you dislike the most: I currently don’t dislike anyone sooo…
170- If your first true love knocked on your door with apology and presents, would you accept? What is he apologizing for?
171- How many boyfriends/girlfriends have you had? 4 online boyfriends
172- How long was your longest relationship? 3 weeks
173- You’ll love me if… I share my food with you.
174- Share a relationship story: It lasted about 2 weeks because of the time difference and he was really busy when I was tired.
Music, movies and books
175- How often do you listen to music? Everyday for a few hours
176- What kind of music you like? R’n’ B, Pop, Rock, Screamo, Indie
177- Do you like to dance? In my room yes.Tipsy in the club yes
178- What was the first concert/show you attended? The first proper one was to watch Cover Drive perform as the main act
179- Have you heard a song that reminds you of someone today? Nope
180- Share a song that takes you to a certain memory in the past: Miley Cyrus – Adore You
181- A song that’s been stuck in your head Locked Away
182- Put your music player on shuffle and write the first ten songs that play: Ok here goes
  1. Teddy Geiger – Walking In The Sun
  2. Plain White T’s – 1,2,3,4
  3. Fences (ft. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis) – Arrows
  4. Alesana – Ambrosia
  5. Justin Bieber- Favourite Girl
  6. Miley Cyrus – Girl’s Night Out
  7. Michael Jackson – Thriler
  8. Miley Cyrus – Hoedown Throwdown
  9. The Janoskians – Set The World On Fire
  10. Lady Gaga – Paparazzi
183- A book you want to read/have recently read: I want to read The Divergent Series and I reacently read The Vincent Boys….again
184- Describe your dream library: Closet sized with tons of lights and soft,huge cushions
185- Last movie you just watched: Hercules
186- Do you like watching what type of movies?Romantic Comedy
Situations and crazy things
187- You’re in a tattoo parlor about to get inked. What are you getting done? Princess in Arabic on my right shoulder blade
189- What’s something you can see yourself going to jail for? Shop lifting
190- If you could be any character, from any literary work, who would you choose to be?  Bruh, idk
191- You’re given $10,000…under one condition: you cannot keep the money for yourself. Who would you give it to? My mother and 2 of my aunts
192- If you had to go back in time and change one thing, what would it be? Damn, uhhh not dating that guy online last Oct- Nov
193- If you were an element on the Periodic Table, which would you be and why? Au, is that gold? I think it is.Maybe…maybe not and idk it’s really cool?
194- If you had to delete one year of your life completely, which would it be? When I was 14 going 15,I made some bad decisions then.
195- You’re an Action Movie Hero. What’s your weapon of choice and the line you scream when defeating your arch enemy? A sword and K .O
196- If you could design an amusement park ride, what would it be like? A swing thing that swivels and shit
197- What is the first curse word that comes to mind? Fuck
198- What the last party you went to was…  years ago and when the next will be… God knows when
199- Halloween costume idea? A fox
200- What are you supposed to be doing right now? Nothing
201- Currently wanting to see anyone? Nope
202- Why you follow me?
203- If you met me what would you do?
204- Leave me a ridiculous question:
205- Leave me a cute message:
Opinions and beliefs
206- Is the cup half full or half empty for you right now? Half empty
207- Do you believe in fate/destiny? Yes I do
208- What you wish for on 11:11? It wouldn’t come true if I say. :p
209- Do you consider yourself lucky? What’s your good luck charm? Nope and I dont have one as yet
210- Do you believe in aliens or life on other planets? Yes :s
211- What is your religion, if any? Christian
212- Would you go against your moral code for money? Nope
213- What’s more important to you: strength of the body or strength of the mind? Strength of the mind…it would eventually help with strength of the body
214- How important you think education is? It’s very important. It’s not like we have a choice now seeing as we need an education to get places in the world
215- If you were the president, what would you do? Make sure things are affordable for everyone, make sure my country doesn’t have beef with another country and hope things go a ok.
216- If you could change one thing in the world, what would you change? Bring the soldiers back
217- Is it the thought that counts? Or is that phrase circumstantial? The thought that counts
218- If you only had 24 hours to live, what would you do? Eat , go to the beach,watch movies, go to the club…
219- Which movie character do you most identify with and why? Rapunzel.Not beausse of the hair because trust me, I wish my hair was 1/3 of her hair. It’s more of getting out the house because my mother used to have a say.
Feelings and Others 220-
Are you a procrastinator or do you get things done early? Huge Procrastinator
221- Post a photo/draw a picture/write a poem (pick one) of a moment of personal significance: Eehh
222- Say 5 things you love unconditionally: Food,Music,Family,Friends,Internet
223- What motivates you in life?
224- Something that you’re proud of: Standing up for myself
225- Five words/phrases that make you laugh: Laugh, thing-a-ma-bobsie,
226- Share the story of something that makes you smile: It was my 17th birthday and an online friend spoke to me the entire day. He spoke to me during classes from maybe 10 am til 3 am the next morning when I was on a sugar rush.
227- Something you always think “what if…” about: What if I never meet my other half?
228- What was something you used to enjoy, but was ruined for you? What’s the story behind that? Fashion design. I loved sketching and looking forward to going to FIT but my mother and sibling kept saying it’s not a real job and you won’t get work right away and it’s just a part time thing.
229- Describe one of the most awkward experiences of your life: Giving my ex-neighbour something for a hose and I had to wear my glasses. Like I never wore my glasses around him and his brother and I couldn’t take them off because my mother was a few feet away and would’ve commented. Didn’t help I had a crush on him.
230- Something/someone that you miss: I miss more than one online friend right now. They were like besties to me.
231- Are you over your past? Not as yet :/
232- What is your saddest memory? Being on the way to the hospital to see my uncle and getting a call 15 mins before we got there saying that he died
233- One of the hardest moments in your life: Making decisions about my future
234- Is there something that happened in your past that you hate talking about? Yes
235- What’s something you want to do that you’d be embarrassed to tell other people about? —-
236- What was your most embarrassing moment? Having my entire year group in 2nd  year laugh at me because someone told someone who told everyone about my crush on a guy in class.
237- Share one of your fears/insecurities: That I would never be good enough
238- Something you’re currently worrying about: What am I going to do with my life…
239- Have you done something you regret very much? Yes 2 things in particular
240- If you could take something back that you said or did, what would it be? Those 2 things I regret…I would take them back
241- Does anyone hate you? Maybe
242- Do you hate anyone? Yes. Even though hate is a ‘strong’ word. I do hate someone
243- Are you good at hiding your feelings? Unfortunately no
244- What’s something you hide about your personality? I’m really caring but most people wouldn’t think so
245- How do you approach social situations? I don’t
246- Are you a social or an antisocial person? Antisocial
247- Are you an introvert or an extrovert? a bit of both
248- Do you care if people talk badly about you? Yes
249- How do you deal with criticism? I get angry like the wet angry
250- How you hope your future will be like? I wish to atleast have a Bachelors degree in something, have a job based on my degree, married, 3 children (1 adopted) and be very happy
251- What’s something that scares you about the future? Being alone
252- Five intems you lust after: Ipad mini, 6 pairs of shoes,Polaroid camera,new phone and books
253- One thing you’re excited for: SUMMERRRR
254- Describe the most terrifying/strangest/beautiful dream you’ve ever had:  It was me, someone I assume was my boyfriend/husband and 2 kids I assume were mine. and everyone was as tall as the Manhattan skyscrapers and idk what everyone was running from but the further we ran the more normal sized we appeared. We got to the car and drove off…
255- Have you ever had a crush on a fictional character? Yep. Sheriff Graham then Captain Hook from Once Upon A Time
256- Who is your celebrity crush? Jamie Dornan
257- Make a confession: I’ve never been on a date
Oh my goodness. This one was super long and  that’s it. Even though I find these and answer them  it’s all good. You can answer these questions for me in the comments below 🙂 Have fun!
64- Leave me a compliment:
202- Why you follow me?
203- If you met me what would you do?
204- Leave me a ridiculous question:
205- Leave me a cute message:

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