Red Scalloped Crochet Halter Top

After watching Krystal Everdeen’s crochet videos on YouTube, she inspired me to make my own crochet tops and not ask my cousin to make them for me. I had only known 2 basic stitches so this was a bit of a challenge to learn more and to get tem right. Mind you I ended up doing something wrong.

I used size 3 yarn by Aunt Lydia’s and a 3.25mm hook.

Anyways here are the videos I watched to create my top.

When I finished making the halter part, it was time for the straps. I didn’t want to cut the yarn so,I crocheted 70 chains (+1) and went back down those chains doing single crochet. I crocheted all along the end to where I started to decrease the rows and made a strap there with 90 chains (+1) and single crocheted back down. I did another strap with the 90 chains. If you’re using size 4 yarn crochet 50 chains (+1) and single crochet down for the neck straps and for the other 2 straps, crochet 70 chains (+1) and crochet back down it.

At the bottom I made some scallops following this video by Krystal as well.

I did the same thing as before with the straps crocheting the 90 chains and single crochet for the rectangular end and the 70 chains and single crochet for the neck straps.

I sewed in some breast padding because the top was quite see through.

 I wore this to the Concert I went to which you can read about here :

If you try it out, tweet me a picture of it @EnchantedxCharm with #EnchantedDIY or leave a comment below. Also show Krystal some love by tweeting her @krystalevrdeen and subscribe to her on YouTube.

Also please remember your size might not be the same as everyone and you need to either add more rows depending on your size in the boob department.


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