|| July 12th-18th ||

July 12th – Pan Pun De Sand

I woke up before 8 am and stayed in bed for an hour rolling around and crocheting. I played with Miley, watched The Fosters, crocheted and watched YouTube videos. I chopped veggies and put them to steam and went back watching YouTube videos. I ate lunch, read Girl Online and kept watching YouTube videos. I got ready and left home with my mother and sibling. Yes, I was still pissed off with my mother. We went by my uncle and played with Woozer because Munchkin was asleep. We got the chairs and left. We parked close enough to Brandon’s beach where Pan Pun De Sand was being held. We got there before 5 pm, found a spot and sat. I ate the snacks I carried and listened to my mp3. I finally paid attention to the steel pan players and looked at people’s cringy fashion. I saw some people, who I avoided and said hi to like 4 people. I had a hotdog. I didn’t mind mother nature but she couldn’t make up her mind. One minute it drizzled, then stopped, drizzled, then stopped and then drizzled and turned into a downpour. I got soaked because of the weird umbrella over lapping thing. Well my butt got soaked. I bought popcorn and had to stand until we were ready to leave. I honestly couldn’t wait to leave. All most bands played the same songs so it was too repetitive for my liking. We left before 9 pm and when we got home, I watched YouTube videos, showered and went to sleep.

July 13th – Watching Awkward

I woke up before 8 am and played with Miley. I watched The Fresh Prince of Belair, ate breakfast and watched Awkward. I couldn’t decide how to do my own crochet design but I crocheted anyways. I watched Priory’s live show and ate lunch. I was such a fan girl. ❤ I finished watching Awkward, crocheted and watched YouTube videos. I caught up so it was a success! I showered, watched UnReal, Girl Code, ate a peanut butter sandwich and went to sleep.

July 14th –  Booorrrinngggg

I woke up, washed wares and went to bed. I tried to sleep right away and eventually slept. I woke up at 7 am, tried to understand a crochet pattern and watched YouTube videos. I played with Miley and completed the top. I ate breakfast, watched Awkward, ate lunch and read Girl Online. I watched a bit of Bring It On : All Or Nothing and then YouTube videos. I showered, picked spinach watched YouTube videos and crocheted. I cooked ramen, watched America’s Got Talent, Scream and 2012. The channel box stopped working just before the movie ended. -.-

July 15th – TV Kinda Day

I went to sleep after reading a story on Quotev and woke up at 7 am. I cleaned up cat poo because I never tied her back close to the litter. I watched YouTube videos, played Kim K’s game and ate breakfast. I watched Awkward, ate lunch, crocheted, watched a bit of Ridiculousness, Dr. Phil and Ellen, I fed the dogs, showered and watched a bit of Fantasia: The Movie. I watched The Fresh Prince of Belair. I listened to music, fed and tied Miley and then watched YouTube videos. I watched some of the Espy Awards, drank tea, watched catfish, read some stories on Quotev and went to sleep.

July 16th – Earthquakes and Bad Feels

I woke up at 6:30 am for a bathroom break and then my mother came telling me I have to go help her clean up by my granny’s house. Just the night before, she said one day this vacation. -.- I fell asleep and woke up at 7 am. Apparently my cousin felt an earthquake but we didn’t I played with Miley, had breakfast, showered and got ready. We stopped at someone to drop off something and went to my granny’s house. I did help clean up but I was having a tummy ache so I went and sat in the car and crocheted. I felt the car moving a little bit and I was confused because the wind was blowing that hard and I had the door open. I stood up and felt nothing and then sat down again and the car was still moving. I looked at the sheep and they were just standing there. When it stopped I went and asked my mother but as soon as I was about to ask her, R messaged me asking if I felt it. It was an earthquake. My mother didn’t feel anything because she was busy moving and cleaning up. It shook the island, we hurried fixed up some stuff and left. It was a 6.4 earthquake and I actually listened to the news and boring stations my mother listens to. We made 4 stops before going home. The only stop I didn’t mind was by my uncle because I played with Woozer. They didn’t feel the earthquake. When we got home, I watched Awkward, crocheted, watched The Chronicles of Narnia and ate lunch. I watched YouTube videos, crocheted and tied Miley. I washed the wares and had an argument with a**h*** about the TV and I had to freaking miss Under The Dome. Thanks a lot you piece of 💩.He actually called the Popo on me for telling him like it is. I had to talk to my friends about it.

July 17th – Baking Cookies

I fell asleep around 1 am watching YouTube videos and woke up around 7 or 8 am. I drank tea and changed my clothes to go clean up more by my granny’s house with my mother. We then stopped at someone for an hr after cleaning up and I crocheted and listened to music. When we got home, I watched Awkward, ate lunch, washed my hair and showered. My cousins came over talked and I played with Miley for a bit and washed the hair replenish conditioner thing out. When they left, I made cookies all alone. I’m never good in the kitchen. D: I ate some and watched a lifetime movie. I fell asleep and when I woke up, I washed wares and went to bed. I fell  asleep reading a 1D fanfic.

July 18th – Accident and A Motorcade

I woke up after 6 am and had a bathroom break. I stayed in bed for 2hrs reading a 1D fanfic and then got out of bed and let Miley run around. I made protein pancake and had those, an egg, cookies and tea for breakfast. I watched YouTube videos, washed the bed sheets and also hand washed something. I hung out sheets to dry, tied Miley, showered and got ready. I washed wares, fed Miley and left home. I got to the bus stop saw a small minibus, being followed by a big one. I let the small one pass me and got into the big one. The small one stopped for a passenger and the big one over took it and then stopped for the conductor, then a passenger. The small minibus overtook us stopped a few mins later at a bus stop. The driver told the people to get in the big minibus which they did. The small minibus reversed all the way on an empty plot and the driver for the bigger minibus started driving, then the small van accelerated and hit right into us. No glass broke on the minibus I was in but everyone ducked and then the driver had brake immediately. Everyone had to get out and the side of the big minibus had 2 long deep scratches on the side and somethings inside by the door shattered. I called my mother a zillion times before she called back and I had to explain it and thank god, I wasn’t hurt. I cried because, well I’ve never exactly been in an accident and my anxiety got the best of me. We were close to a shop, so went to the shop for candy, water and an inhaler. I had to wait until almost 1 pm for a bus to town. That bus had passed us when we were at the bus stop just before the accident. When I got into town, I looked for my friend and didn’t find him so went into Payless and Pages in Cave Shepherd. I found 1 Girl Online in there :o. I then went to Independence Square sat there for about 30mins. When I was leaving to walk around again, my friend found me and we walked around in a circle in town. We went to bug a friend but he wasn’t at work, so we went back to Broad Street and watched the motorcade. We were going to go into Independence Square but met with my mother in a carpark not too far away. I got a beef patties she bought for me and we went and bought a pair of shoes. My friend and I walked to Independence Square for the concert after the motorcade. We talked with a girl from my year and her mother. Her mother asked my friend why there’s no ring on my finger yet. XD bruh. We are besties and he has a girlfriend. My mother and sibling came and we left when it was over. We went to Pricemart and I dropped off cookies and thin mints for R. On the way home, we stopped at a gas station and upon leaving, we saw white boys drinking and hooting at their friend who was dressed in a kilt and beret, with a blow up unicorn in his hands and his friend was dragging him across the road with a leash. When we got home, I cleaned up my room, put on bed sheets and went to sleep.

I had such a messed up week I don’t even know how to describe it.

How was your week?


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