Don’t Let Anyone Push You Around

Growing up, I was always being teased at home. My mother never fails to tell me,” Since you were 2, you were always own way .”My sister and cousin would always call me big head and asssstronaut. Yea I know that not damaging to a 4 year old but it annoyed the hell out of me.

At Primary School, my mother was a teacher so everyone’s knew me there. All teachers and all students.Teasing didn’t start until Class 3 (9-10 years old). I got glasses when I was 7 years old but only wore them at home. On the first day of school, I wrote the wrong date and someone told me. After school, I told the teacher and he asked where my glasses were. No this wasn’t a joking tone. He knew about them because he saw me out shopping with my mother a few days before school started. I had no choice but to wear them now. Children would call me coke bottle glasses. Teasing in primary school didn’t hurt, trust me.

Moving onto secondary school, someone had the nerve to ask me if I was anorexic. That person was skinnier than me. I got teased when I took my glasses off to clean them and be told I’m ugly. I would be teased about how skinny I am. I would go home crying everyday because moving from a school in the country with just  over 100 children to a school in town with 1000, let me tell ya.

When I was 12 or 13 years old, that piece of 💩 that’s supposed to be my father, called me a mistake. Then denied it when we got inside he house. His verbal abuse didn’t stop there. Oh no, it continued. He threatened to beat me 3 days in a row and for doing what?! I remember he first threat. I had just mopped the house and was waiting for the tiles to dry, so I was on the carpet. He came home and  walked right through the house, walked back to the door, put on his shoes and walked right back through the house again. I told him I just finished mopping and he dirtied up the floor. He decided to b*t*h about that.

He told me countless times that I’m going to end up in jail. He once told me I’m not his daughter. He once shoved me back into a chair, making me fall back and hurt my back on a computer table, all because I didn’t move a jowl. Apparently I was the wringer person for yelling I HATE YOU.

I stopped speaking to him for months.

In 2013 here was this whole thing about him cheating on my mother.  If that were me, he wouldn’t be allowed back in the house.

A lot of shit just keeps going down and when I tell him like it is, I’m told that I’m rude and disrespectful.

He doesn’t have any respect for me so why should I have respect for him. He called the police on me. Threatened to kick me out many ones and yet in still here. He’s not someone I will ever take care if in the future. While he continuing to screw up by not paying he bill and mortgage and insurance, he continues to *uck around with us.

Do not under any circumstances let people treat you like trash. You will continue to be treated that way and maybe even start feeling like trash. The way I’ve been treated, made me do some things I regret and do not wish to bring up.

Stand up for yourself. Don’t take shit from any one. If you’re in bad situations find a way out.

I know my life isn’t as bad as others have it but it’s not the way I’m used to being treated and I definitely won’t stand for it.


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