|| July 5th – 11th ||

July 5th – NexCyx And Priory Concert

My mother woke me up after 6 am to go clean up the stuff I left in the sink. When I was done, I saw more dahlias appearing and carnations started growing as well. I played with the puppies and then called my uncle about Woozer’s christening. My mother and I had to rush and get ready, then drive to town. I was restless a lot during the sermon and so was Woozer and Munchkin. When it was over, we took pictures and left. My mother and I stopped at a bakery for some beef patties. Those things are hella good. On the way home, we saw 2 accidents not too far from each other. Yikes! When we got home, I chopped up the veggies, folded clothes and tried to clean up my bedroom. I made salad and while eating lunch, we watched Troy. After lunch, I started sewing on a breast pad to the crochet top but had to rush and shower and pack a bag because my mother was going to drop me off. We dropped off my sibling at a meeting. My mother dropped me off at R’s house. I finished adding on the 2nd padding, got ready and R, her brother and I walked to the bus stop. We waited a bit, got a ZR and went to town. We walked to the boatyard and got there early. We stood outside waiting and then they finally started to call us in. We got our wristbands, went inside, sat, and talked. DJ Jus Jay played music for a bit. Both bands slayed! We got pics and danced the night away…until midnight when they shut off the music and was basically like get out.

July 6th – Post Concert Blues

We got a taxi back to R’s place and changed. We changed and finally went to sleep around 1:30 am. I didn’t sleep well and was cold. I woke up many times and stayed awake once I woke up after 7 am. I used R’s laptop to go on twitter, tweet, and follow the band. I played around with her 3 year old brother, who eventually warmed up to me. I made tea and went into the mini mart a few times just talking to R. We ate breakfast and then back in the mini mart to sit and talk. I started getting ready by 10:40 and was finished by 11. I waited on a bus town, got one and then took a minibus home. I checked the dogs and went inside. I watered the plants, listened to priory ( 😥 ) and played with Jojo. I ate lunch, watched Extreme Cheapskates, I’d Kill For You and YouTube videos. I ate popcorn and scrolled through random websites. I watched American Ninja Warrior, played Kim K’s game and slept. I woke up some time later, cleaned up my room and made a priory playlist. I showered and found a song R asked me about by priory, That was hard work trying to find just that one snipet in like 15 songs but I found it. It was Call To Arms. I played Priory music. J

July 7th – Playing With Jojo And More Post Concert Blues

I went to sleep and my father me up to ask about tea and just nonsense. I just wanted to sleep. Then, my alarm went off at 6 am. -.- I turned it off and went back to sleep for almost 3 hours more. I woke up to my mother turning off the fan. I got up, cleaned up the bedroom floor and listened to Priory. I picked up my clothes that were dry and played with Jojo. I watched YouTube videos, ate breakfast and played Kim K’s game. I ate lunch, did some hand washing and tried to play with Jojo but she wanted to be naughty and go under the fence. I put her back in the dog house and later on my aunt came over brought me some moisturizer. I decided to play with Jojo again and when I went back inside, I ate dinner and watched YouTube videos. I took my things to my room, showered, watched Dance Moms, Scream and Nellyville. I went back to my room and listened to Priory.

July 8th – Wishing To Forget

I went to sleep just after midnight and jumped up to about 1:30 am to yelling…more like screaming, which sounded like a robbery. However, it was just family drama and shit that made me just want every day to go back to being the best night ever. I stayed up until 5 am listening to Priory and watching YouTube videos trying to calm the fuck down. When I woke up a few hours later, I watched The Fresh Prince of Belair, Maury and ate breakfast. I then watched Jerry Springer, The Arid Namib, ate lunch and also watched How Do I Look. I watched YouTube videos, picked spinach, played with Jojo, moisturized hair and cooked ramen. I watched America’s Got Talent, The Gabby Douglas story, well like an hour of it…the last hour of it, and then watched Catfish. I fell asleep and later on woke up.

July 9th – Bringing Home Miley

I showered and then watched YouTube videos until I fell asleep. I woke up after 6 am and played with Jojo. I played Kim K’s game, ate breakfast, read The Dinner and listened to Priory. I pressed shirts, put away things and ate lunch. I got ready and sat to wait on my mother. -.- I ended up eating peanut butter on biscuits and watching Wife Swap before we left. We stopped at the vegetable store, pharmacy and a bank, where I got some coins changed. My mother bought a few things from the hair store and then we went over to the vitamin store. We went over by my aunt for a while and I played with the puppy and took away a kitten when we left. When I got home fixed up the box and let Jojo meet Miley. Miley wasn’t having it! I ate dinner, watched YouTube videos, listened to the music channel and put my hair in some crazy plaits. I showered and when I finished, I heard tweet deck make a noise. A member from Priory replied. 😀 I watched Under The Dome and some American news and went to sleep.

July 10th –We Went To Town For What Reason?

I woke up around 7 am and played with little Miley and Jojo. Miley just does not have it when Jojo is all over her. I pressed shirts, ate breakfast and watched Maury. My mother and I got ready and left home. We went to town and didn’t know why. We waited to get our eyebrows waxed and apparently mine are perfectly shaped and silky. 😀 We went to a drugstore and bought drinks and snacks, then walked over to my cousins camp and stayed there for a bit. We left and went to a craft store, where I bought yarn and then went into a book store. We went to a vegetable store and when we were leaving, it was drizzling but within a few seconds, we got soaked. We had to shelter for a while and when it was only drizzling again, my mother bought chicken. We then went to a supermarket, then I bought headphones and we headed to the car. After leaving town, we stopped at the bakery. The beef pattie is hella good people. We picked up my sibling and made 3 stops before going home. When we got home, I played with Miley, played Kim K’s game and listened to music. I cleaned up my room, watched Nanny McPhee and drank tea. Then I watched Babysitter’s Black Book and Sorority Surrogate.

July 11th – Jaskhole

I went to sleep and woke up around 8 am ish. I played with Miley, crocheted, ate breakfast and read Girl Online. I hung out clothes, listened to music and tried to figure out the new crochet project. I ate lunch, scrubbed the shower and then showered. I pressed a dress, got ready and then we left home. We stopped at a minimart and got to club early ish. The meeting started and there were guests. South African guests and I loved the accents. I played with one of the toastmaster’s baby during the break. The guests had to leave and no one could get their last name right because it involved clicking. Then the mother made her daughters speaking a sentence each in Zulu. Blimming cool. I was ah-counter at the meeting and couldn’t wait until it ended. We ate some snacks and then went home. I waited patiently until 8 pm to watch Lethal Seduction because Crash from Finding Carter is in it. I had it auto tuned days earlier and when it switched I came out of my room. Do you think I got to watch the movie?! NO! Why you ask? Jackass sperm donor stormed off because he was watching cricket and it switched. Next minute my mother came out asking me what I did. Like biotch, I did nothing but emerge from my room to enjoy my night. Then asshole came back and changed the channel in front of my face and I’m the one who gets yelled at. I stayed in my room listening to Priory and tried to calm myself down before sleeping.

The concert was absolutely fantabulous and I enjoyed a night out with friends.

Family drama is always shit yea?

Tell me about your week and any concert experiences.


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