Best Night Evarrrrrrrr!!

IN THE BEGINNING… I’m just joking.


It all started on June 25th when I was scrolling through Facebook and saw that NexCyx were having a free concert and a band called Priory was performing as well. I immediately told my R , who then told her brother and friend, and we all agreed to go even though it was ending at midnight. We arranged for me to sleep over and we all signed up to reserve our invites.

6 days later, we still didn’t hear anything and it was just 4 days before the concert. I emailed them saying I didn’t see my invite. The next day I got my invite and then an email from them saying I will see it soon. I had trouble downloading my invite and it finally downloaded. R wasn’t even interested in going anymore because she didn’t get her invite( It was in her spam mail). When she finally found it she was all happy!

On that Sunday, R messaged me in the morning saying her brothers car wasn’t working. I thought it was a dream and I had to double check on that. She did say he was trying to find out if he could borrow a friends car. R’s brother wouldn’t give her much of an answer so she got angry and then decided that if anything we’ll just catch the bus. I started sewing on the boobie pads to my crochet top after lunch. My mother had to take my sibling to a meeting , so she agreed to drop me off by R.

When I got there, I finished sewing on the 2nd padding and got ready. R put make up on me, we double checked we had everything and then left. We walked for about 5- 10 mins to get a ZR and waited on it for a bit. We got into town and walked to The Boatyard.

We arrived at least 20mins early because the transportation services aren’t extremely reliable on Sundays. We had to wait outside until 7pm, then get in a line and get our wristbands to get in. DJ Jus Jay, who got there the same time as us, started playing music. People kept flooding in after maybe 7:30pm and we were just there talking. R and I noticed some guys going into the tents that were set up for the 2 bands and just couldn’t wait for the concert to start.


Around 8:30 or 8:45 pm the DJ told us to start going in front of the stage because NexCyx was about to perform in a few mins. He faded the music and NexCyx performed some of their songs like Queen, In Da Club and their new song Let It Go : Le Te Te. They also performed Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud, Beyoncé’s Drunk In Love and Maroon 5’s Moves Like Jagger. I will admit during the set R’s brother appeared with beers and I took one. Once when I was trying to find R’s brother, I spotted one of the guys from Priory just standing in the crowd watching the performance. During the changeover of the bands, the Dj played music and we got a picture with Mahalia, the singer from Nexcyx.


Priory performed excellently. They performed Call To Arms, Put ‘Em Up, Weekend, Big Love, Friend’s And Demons and more. I had to run to the bathroom and as soon as I heard Weekend started I quickly made it back to the front of the stage with my friends. The singer Brandon crowd surfed twice. The first time was during their set and he wanted to crowd surf all the way to the bar, take a shot and be put back on stage. So said so done. The 2nd time was at the end of the set.Their set finished at 10:30pm unfortunately. I also had a beer during their set…oops?

During Priory’s set another Bajan band called Cover Drive came and watched as well. I love those guys too. ❤

It was a blast at the concert. The DJ played his music and my friends and I got to take pictures and talk to Brandon: the singer, Rian: the keyboardist and Miles: the bassist. Brandon made cheesy faces (so he said) in the pictures. R asked Rian about what he does and I got to talk to Miles about his hair and tattoos. He said he hopes to get tattoo sleeves done one day and told me getting a tattoo on my ribs is going to just really hurt. They were all so nice by stopping what they were doing, just to take pictures and chat for bit.

The DJ played until midnight and everyone were just dancing, drinking chatting and being merry honestly. A few circles of people just doing weird dances and changing stuff up depending on the music. At midnight, the music faded and I said bye to Miles and thanked them for performing. We took a taxi back to R’s home and talked about the concert for a while before sleeping around 1:30am.

This was definitely THE best night ever for 2015 and I don’t think anything can trump that…for the remainder of the year that is.


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