Touring A Police Station

Lil M and I tagged along with my mother on a tour to a police station. Of course, they left a tad bit late but we made it there after 10 am. There was some confusion over were to park because some huge meeting was going on and people apparently can’t carpool so a shit ton of hired cars were there all over the place.

Anyways an officer came and welcomed us then went and checked with other officers about the tour. We were just outside watching 2 new officers being trained to ride the horses. When the officer returned, the tour started.

First went to see the band. While most of the children got in the elevator, the rest of us climbed the stairs. We ‘snuck’ into the band room and watched them practice for an upcoming performance. They were practicing American songs and when they were done, they played a song all of us knew. It was Feelin’ Ah Feelin’… I believe. After that we all left and got separated into 2 groups.

The group I was in went into the stables to see the horses. Let me tell, you those things are massive. The groomer talked us through and gave us information. Black horses are diamante, brown are chestnut and white are either white or grey. I forgot. Anyways, he told us they still have horses from the 90’s that they brought in from England but the older they get the further down in the stable they move them. There was one horse called Lady but as he said, “ Lady is not a lady so don’t let the name fool you.” Lil M was scared the entire time. We got to touch one of the horses as well.

Next up was the kennels. We switched with the next group. The officer in charge of the kennels was hilarious. Then again, he would have to be, so he could entertain 5-7 year olds. They use 4 breeds of dogs and I can only remember that there are 2 breeds of spaniels and the Labradors. The Labradors were out on duty so unfortunately we couldn’t see them. They have about 15 dogs (with the Labradors there). I wanted to take home a spaniel named Alfie. He was so dang cute!

We joined up with the other group afterwards and went to see the motorcycles. 1 boy got to show everyone the brakes, lights and other things, following the officers instructions of course. Everyone got a chance to go on and of course, I did as well. :p

We would’ve walked through the station as well but they had perps inside. Darn it!

That was it. That was the tour. It was fun and informative and I would have never guessed it would’ve been another great tour location.


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