|| June 28th – July 4th ||

June 28th– Walking To My Aunt’s

I woke up before 9 am and played with Jojo. She loves biting my ankles though. I watched YouTube videos and started dream catcher to send for my mini me. I chopped veggies, painted tins and watched YouTube videos. When I looked outside, I saw dogs in the yard and played with the puppy. I put it and it’s mother out the gate and played with Jojo. I went back inside, ate lunch and read The Dinner. I watched YouTube videos and had cereal and milk. I showered, got ready, packed my bag and my mother and I left. Now, my mother didn’t want to wait for a bus too long so we ended up walking to my aunt’s house. It was about 30mins walk. When the house was insight, I saw my uncle’s girlfriend’s car and started doing an awkward run. I played with Woozer but they left soon after. We stayed and talked for a while and then my cousin dropped us home. I made tea and tried watch BET music awards but gave up, went to bed and slept.

June 29th – Going To Town And On A Drive

I woke up after 6 am and played with Jojo. I did yoga…well more like started. I ending up having a break because I wanted to take my vitamins, especially the fizzy vitamin c one. I surprisingly finished it. I didn’t know what to eat for breakfast so I watched vines and finally settled for Poptarts. I showered, got ready and left home. I ate my Poptarts while walking to the bus stop. I was soon there but I missed a minibus whilst walking. I had to wait almost 30 mins for a minibus and I was to be at my aunt for 9:30 am. I got there a few mins after but that was alright because my ‘uncle’ wasn’t there yet. I dropped off my laptop and tried putting music on my mp3 but the laptop took it’s time so I had to abandon ship. When he arrived, we shut all the windows and left. We went to town and my aunt made me wait in the bank with her and Lil M. After a while, these 2 guys turned up and one asked if I were Lil M’s mom… then asked if I’m 12. When I told him I’m actually 19 he asked why she couldn’t be mine. -.- We left the bank and went to 2 stores for a few things for my aunt, then I went to pay bills and the line was long. I had no choice but to wait and when I paid, I met my aunt on the middle floor where it had seating area in a shoe section. I told her and Lil M to go to the back of the mall where there’s an exit and I ran to put letters in the post box which was a little further than expected. I met them at the doors, then we went to a hair store. I think I bought the wrong relaxer. -.- We hurried back and met my ‘uncle’ , then returned to a store to get something that my aunt didn’t find in one. We went to the car and left town. We drove to St. Andrew but drove a scenic and unknown route. We stopped at a place called Sand Dunes in Belleplaine for lunch. I had rice and peas and macaroni pie. After we ate and was just chilling, my uncle stopped by after school. We left the Sand Dunes and drove along the east coast. We picked up my mother from work and then went by my aunt. I tried to unbraid Lil M’s hair but she kept running away, We ended up dancing around to songs and singing. I moved a bunch of pics and videos from my phone to my laptop. I finished unbraiding Lil M’s hair. She started getting cranky and hungry so I had to finish quickly. When I went upstairs to grab my bag I saw something weird on the wall. Only when I was leaving the room, I discovered it was a centipede. She came upstairs the same time and killed it, thank god! My mother and I didn’t leave until after 9 pm and Lil M came with us. Whe I got home, I cooked ramen, watched a bit of American Ninja Warrior and then Unreal. I showered and slept.

June 30th – Average Kinda Day

I up after 6 am and played with Jojo. Afterwards I filled the other can with potted mix to plant more seeds. I took my vitamins, listened to music and ate breakfast. I watched YouTube videos, showered and put baking soda and hydrogen peroxide on my keloid to test it out. I finished getting ready and left home. I got a minibus to town and went to pay 2 bills for my mother. I had to wait in a long line for at least over 30 mins and finally paid. I called my friend because she was in town as well but she didn’t answer, so I assumed she was still busy. I bought roasted nuts and a drink, then got in a minibus. I wished I didn’t because he drives like an asshole and I don’t know who gave him his license. When I got home, chased dogs out of the gate but some wouldn’t leave so I untied my dog for the others would follow her out. I kinda ended up playing with a puppy and let a male dog in to mate with the dog. They were stuck together for at least 20 mins. I gave up waiting for them to unstick and to let the male dog outside but meh. I went inside, watched YouTube videos and ate lunch. I watched The Fosters, ate popcorn, washed up the wares and left. The driver didn’t take the $5 from me the day before, so I paid fare for today and the day before without letting the driver realize. He dropped me off right outside my aunt’s house and when I went inside I watched YouTube videos. I ate again and my aunt’s friend came over so they were talking. Lil M finally woke up and ate. Afterwards, we danced and sang Disney and Sound of The Music. We left and went home. I showered, watched Scream and fell asleep towards the end of the episode.

July 1st – Primary School Tour

My mother woke me up before 7 am and I went outside to play with Jojo. I went inside wasted time before getting ready leaving home. We went by my aunt and waited for my uncle to come. He came and took my aunt to a hardware store a few mins away, then came back. He took my mother, Lil M and I to the school. We walked around for a while and then got into taxis. We went on a tour to a police station learned a lot. We saw the horses, dogs, police band and motorcycles. All of the police were fun. We left there and drove 5mins to Queens Park. I speed walked to Chefette and bought 2 kid’s meals, one with chicken and one with nuggets. I hurried back to the park ate and had a snow cone. I let Lil M taste it and she ended up finishing it. I was surprised she actually willing went and sat with the other girls seeing as she was stuck to me the entire tour. We left the park at 2:30 pm and about 10mins later, Lil M was knocked out. I tried getting her in a comfy position and ended up sleeping too. I only woke up when she slid off the seat and didn’t wake up. I had to fight to stay awake for the last 2 mins of the journey. Lil M didn’t wake up until we parked at the school. Later on, a teacher dropped us back to my aunt’s around 4 pm. I went on my laptop for a while and we left and went home to change. I planted the dahlia and carnation seeds with Lil M and she was rushing it and possibly spilt seeds. My uncle finally came around 8 pm and picked us up took us back to my aunt’s. I sat at my laptop and my sibling came and braided Lil M’s hair. When she was done, we went home and I showered. I tried watching YouTube videos but slept.

July 2nd – Bye- Bye Lil’ M

I woke up just before 6 am to my mother calling my phone. She had slept over at my aunt to help her clean up and pack her suitcases. I forced myself out of bed and spent almost an hour playing with 3 more puppies and Jojo. I watered the seeds, got ready and took my vitamins. It rained when I left to go by my aunt. When I got there, I ate breakfast and played hide and seek with Lil M. My mother had to go to work so she went in late after helping my aunt. I took pics of my aunt’s house for her, then went back inside and unraveled and re-crocheted something. I fed Lil M her lunch, creamed and dressed her and helped move around more stuff. My ‘uncle’ came and ate, then we packed up the car with the bags. I had to take every that she was sending to my mother with me as well. We drove to the airport and I held Lil M the entire way from the car to the front of the line when they checked in. Unfortunately, they were told to go straight into the departure lounge. We usually sit outside as long as we can and then go to the window to look in the lounge. My aunt made run into Chefette to get them some rotis but the line was too long. I left the line as soon as they were about to go in. I gave my aunt the $100 back and she gave me $20, to which I responded with an ‘OK’. I left crying like a wuss and my ‘uncle’ carried me home. I played with puppies, watched YouTube videos and made ramen. I watched The Fall, listened to music and fell asleep. When I woke up, my friend called me twice by mistake because both his cousin and I have the same name but he has them spelled the same. I was so confused as to why he was calling me…especially at 10 pm. I went to sleep a bit later after the calls.

July 3rd – Playing With Puppies

I woke up at 6 am, crocheted and listened to music. I went outside and played with the puppies and then watched YouTube videos. I also watched The Fresh Prince of Belair, ate breakfast and watched Jerry Springer. I ate spinach, onion, garlic and lentils. I watched more Fresh Prince and finished crocheting. I watched Under The Dome and YouTube videos. My mother brought food for me so I ate that. The brown puppy, which I assumed was Jojo’s brother was back inside our fence, so I played with both him and Jojo. When I went back inside, I watched music videos, started a new crochet project and watched vines. I showered, looked at my room in disgust, then proceeded to clean up most of the mess. I crocheted and listen to music when I stopped cleaning.

July 4th – Getting My Hair Straightened

I went to sleep, then woke up after 6 am to go to the bathroom. I was going to stay awake but looked at the time said nah and went back to sleep. I properly woke up around 9 am, played with the puppies and counted about 14 dahlia sprouts. I realized potted mix works better than plain mud from the garden. I took off my bed sheets, which left my room in a mess again. -.- I listened to Priory trying to learn some of their songs, crocheted and read The Dinner and started the washing machine to let the bed sheets wash. I listened to other music, made lunch watched YouTube videos and chilled out in my room. My aunt came and played with the puppies, then straightened my hair. I did buy the wrong straightening kit because she started to run out of it ¾ of the way and had to ‘steal’ some to use fir the rest. It started to rain so she left to go pick up her children who were at a fair and left me to dry my hair. While mid-drying my hair, I ate more. When I was finished drying my hair, my aunt came back and checked my hair, collected the puppy and left .I honestly forgot what I did for the rest of the night. Maybe I watched YouTube videos and slept? Who knows…

I am so excited for the concert and to meet the others!

How was your week?


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