|| June 21st – 27th ||

June 21st – My Cousin Left

I played Kim K’s game and left my aunt’s house around 2 am. When I got home, I folded clothes and went to sleep. (Apparently after we left, Lil M went outside with her dad and his friend and didn’t sleep until 3am) I woke up before 10 am, took vitamins and watched YouTube videos. I drank tea and then my mother made me mop a little because my aunt and cousins were coming over for lunch. We ate and then my aunt, cousin and Lil M came over to eat. They were running late of course. My cousin only managed to stay 3 days instead of a week because he had to take care of getting Lil M into school. I showered and while dressing they asked if I was coming with them but I couldn’t so they left to return the rental car at the airport. Once all of us were ready, we left and went to the airport. We stayed there for a while and waited around by the glass that allows you to see in the departure lounge. Once my cousin left to board his flight, we waited until the rain stopped falling, paid and left the airport. When we got home, we watched Tangled and I unbraided (?) Lil M’s hair so it can be braided again. I made popcorn and watched YouTube videos when the movie was over. I put on a bed sheet and folded clothes in my room. I drank tea, watched YouTube videos and went to sleep.

June 22nd – Singing And Dancing With Lil’ M

I woke up after 4 am after rolling around with a tummy ache and then stayed up until 5:30 am before going back to sleep. I woke up after 8 am, watched apocalypse Pompeii and Airplane vs. Volcano…which were both low budget movies, and ate breakfast. I got ready, washed wares and cleaned up. I left home and waited on a mini for almost 30 mins. When I got by my aunt, I ate a mango and watched videos with Lil M. We sang and danced along to the songs. My mother came and ate some food my aunt cooked. I tried to watch 2 movies but the first one stuck. I ate food, another mango and had to clean up all the wares. -.- My uncle, his girlfriend and children arrived. I played with Woozer and they left after a while. We left soon after and went home. I watched YouTube videos, ate peanut butter sandwiches and went to sleep.

June 23rd – I Passed My Classes!!!

I woke up just before 7 am, watched YouTube videos and ate breakfast. I showered, got ready, washed the wares and left home. I went to the bus stop and waited on a minibus and got one soon after. On the way, I kept forgetting that I was going to check my grades and every time, I remembered my heart would skip a beat. I got out close to the main gate, showed my ID and climbed that hill. I had to search through at least 6-10 papers for 3 grades because my ID is the older version to the others in my class and was on separate papers. I passed all 3 Spanish classes! I collected my project from the office and left with a grin from ear to ear. I left and got a minibus to town. I bought seeds, made my father buy me a drink, bought blue soap and treated myself to a nail polish. I went to the ‘van stand’ and sat in a van that was waiting to leave once it was full. When I got home, I played Kim K’s game, watched YouTube videos and then ended up dancing and singing along to Just Dance. I washed my hair and showered. My mother, aunt and Lil M showed up when I was done. They chatted for a bit and then we all left and went to my aunt’s. I played with Lil M the entire time and we left after 9 pm. When I got home I moisturized my hair, watched YouTube videos, played Kim K’s game and fell asleep talking to Dimples.

June 24th – Roadtrip!!

I woke up after 3 am and watched Hannah Montana until I went back to sleep. I up after 7 or 8 am, watched Hannah Montana, hand washed a bit, drank tea and took vitamins. I showered, got ready and made sure I had everything before leaving home. I got a minibus to my aunt’s house. While combing Lil M’s hair we saw a centipede. I shit you nto we were all scared of the centipede but my aunt killed it. We ate lunch and my ‘uncle’ came over. He ate and left, then my uncle came while my aunt was getting ready. He also ate. I ended up getting trapped with cleaning up all the wares in the sink once again. We left and drove around most of the coasts. Lil M fell asleep after about 30 mins into the drive. In St. James, there are some developments gated communities with gigantic houses and they’re so beautiful but expensive to buy. We stopped at a cousin’s house somewhere for a few mins and then stopped somewhere to look at doors. On the way back to my aunt’s we drove through another gated community so my aunt could see. We stopped at the lighthouse, then went to my aunt’s house. When we got there, I changed my clothes, ate and washed up the wares again. -.- My mother came from school and I was on random sites all bored. Lil M and I talked all night. We left before 11 pm and went home. I watched YouTube videos and showered.

June 25th – Lil’ M Stayed Over

I made a home remedy for boils because I had one that was really annoying me. Even when it cooled a bit, it burned and my mother had to take it off and try again in a few mins. It didn’t hurt as much then. I ate biscuits and slept watching YouTube videos. My mother woke me up after 6 am to press some costumes but instead I got up, watered my plants and went back to bed. She woke up again after 7 am and I got up took my vitamins, pressed the costumes and watched YouTube videos. In between the videos, I ate breakfast and lunch. I listened to music, did some hand washing and watched a movie. Of course I had popcorn. When I showered, my mother and Lil M came. We went to a small supermarket to get Lil M some juices and snacks because she had ran out. When we returned home, Lil M and I ate ice-cream. I finished cleaning my nails. That took a while because the remover sucked. I went into my bedroom and painted my nails. I watched a movie, drank tea and started dozing off at the end of the movie. A boil kept hurting so put the home remedy on it. I washed up, ate biscuits, watched YouTube videos and slept.

June 26th – Graduation Ceremony And Breaking Down 😦

I woke up before 7 am and was really annoyed with a group chat. I pressed a dress, did my hair and danced around with Lil M for a bit. I made breakfast, showered and got ready. I unfortunately had to change plenty times before finally leaving home. I tried to eat my breakfast, which was just peanut butter and bread but I just couldn’t. We stopped at my aunt to drop off Lil M. I ran in and brushed my teeth. I sat in the car and attempted to put on mascara and eyeliner. That failed. >.> My mother finally decided to leave and we drove to the church where the graduation ceremony was being held. It started 10 mins late. I sat in the back and read some of The Dinner. I held a baby who belonged to a girl I knew from dance classes years ago. The graduation ceremony was aight. We ate refreshments which just wasn’t…good. We left atleast an hour later and stopped at my aunt. We ate, talked and I had to end up washing the wares. I had to press my shirt again, then my aunt and Lil m got ready. As soon as we were about to leave, my uncle came and then we ended up driving to his house. We stayed for a few mins, then left and went to my ‘uncle’s’ house. We looked around, drank malt and plus. We left there and on the way to a supermarket, they tried to look for someone’s house and couldn’t find it. We picked up le sibling drove to the supermarket. They bought a lot of groceries and as we were about to leave some lights came on inside the car which was strange and meant something was wrong. So, we stopped at a gas station and called a mechanic, then drove to a mechanic. He said to head straight home.5 mins away from my aunt’s house the car broke down and my mother said in a panicky voice,” (aunts name) its slowing down its slowing down.” She needs to work on her keeping others calm voice immediately because I was already panicking. I called my uncle and he took almost 30 mins to get us. He tied up the cars and towed it. Lil M cried twice which pissed me off. Once before we even left and she was in the truck alone and again while towing. My uncle dropped off my aunt and her groceries and blocked up a window because we were leaving the car there. We got our groceries and my uncle took us home. I made tea and watched YouTube videos until I slept.

June 27th – Getting A Puppy

I woke up after 8 am and put clothes to wash. I took my vitamins, watched YouTube videos and put away random stuff. When I went downstaris, I found another dog walking around our house inside a gate. I told my mother, and then my father chased it out and gave it a tap on the bum when it squeezed back through the gate. I checked on the dog and found a puppy in the dog house. She’s like a Rottweiler mix? Anyways, I swept my bedroom and caught up on Under The Dome. I mopped, then ate lunch and continued watching Under The Dome. I got ready because today was a day for a toastmaster’s meeting and then started putting things away once my bedroom floor had dried. I packed a bag, hand washed 1 thing and hung it out to dry. We left home and waited on minibus. One finally came and we stayed in it to end of the route. A toastmaster that lived nearby picked up us and before getting to our meeting venue, he stopped to buy soda for the meeting. I had my mother by me a pack of Corncurls. We got there at least 20 mins early, so I continued reading The Dinner. The meeting started and I was timer. It ended just before 6 pm but we had to stay for another meeting, and then got dropped off at my aunt’s house. Seeing as we didn’t have transportation we stayed inside for less than an hour, then had to wait about an hour and a half for a bus. 2 minibuses went to the end of the route but didn’t come back so we took a transport board bus home around 10 pm. I watched YouTube videos, ate biscuits and read The Dinner before sleeping.

Ps. I’ve been reading a book called The Dinner, which I got for free on my flight back to Barbados from NY last year.

How was your week?

Tell me how it went yea?


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