|| June 14th – 20th ||

June 14th – Going To Church

I woke up before 7 am and had my vitamins. I walked aimlessly around the house, drank tea, did my hair and made breakfast. I got ready, ate and cleaned up what I could before leaving home with my mother. We went to church at the church opposite my old primary school for their 40th anniversary. I met one of my mother’s past students and when I went to shake her hand she pulled me in for a hug. Apparently, everyone I meet now only remember seeing me as a few months to maybe 5 years old. When church was over, it felt like we stayed for at least hour after because everyone was just talking. Finally, we left and went home, changed, got the food and other things together and went by my aunt. I ate, played on her iPad and crocheted. When my Woozer and Munchkin came with their parents, I played with Woozer. Sorry Munchkin! My mother and sibling returned from a meeting and we left there around 8 pm. When we got home, I watched Long Island Medium and went to sleep.

June 15th – Check Up Time

I woke up around 6 am and just walked around the house. I then folded clothes, did yoga and realized I’m behind on exercises. That didn’t mean I tried to catch up. I watched YouTube videos and breakfast around 10 am. I should’ve savoured it more because the bacon and eggs were good :3. I got ready around 11 am and left home. I got a minibus around 11:45am -.- and went to the hospital. I sat and read Love Tanya during the almost 3hr wait, just to hear the same thing the surgeon told me the day I was to have the surgery. My mother had met me there during the wait. We left and on the way home, stopped at a vegetable store. I ate a banana between there and a supermarket a few seconds away. While my mother went into the pharmacy, I checked out the phone I wanted in an electronic store and it’s double the price. >.> why!!?? We left there and went to the supermarket to buy somethings. I got 3 mini croissants and drank a mini soda on the way home. We stopped at someone in the development, then went home. I picked spinach, watched YouTube videos and cooked ramen. I ate and continued watching YouTube videos, however I tried to stay awake to watch The Whisperers and failed so I went to bed.

June 16th – Getting Out of The House

I up around 6 am, watched YouTube videos and did yoga before 7 am. I took my vitamins, watched random TV channels and YouTube videos. I ate breakfast and a snack while watching…and singing along to random music videos. I finished reading Love Tanya D: …boo. I watched more Hannah Montana and made a thick oatmeal and banana shake thing. It wasn’t a shake because I ate it out of a bowl. I watched Ellen, washed wares and showered. I left home with my mother, just to get out of the house. I had to wait around on my mother to get ready. We picked up my aunt and while they chatted away to family members, I waited in the car and crocheted. When they we’re done, we went back to my aunt’s house and left after 8 pm. When we got home, I watched Hannah Montana until I fell asleep.

June 17th – Such A Boring Day

I woke up around 7 am and watched Hannah Montana. I crocheted, watched The Fosters, Finding Carter and ate breakfast. I watched 2 movies and just had to have popcorn, which would’ve only lasted 30mins. I watched YouTube videos, then Hannah Montana. I washed up the wares, crocheted and watched even more YouTube videos. I took a shower, watched Unreal and ate peanut butter sandwiches.

June 18th – My Cousin And His Daughter Arrived!!

I went to sleep around 1 am and woke up after 6 am. I watched Hannah Montana and discovered a bird pecked the very first sprout of Asters. I took vitamins, watched music videos and made breakfast. I freaking burnt the bacon. I ate what was ok-ish with eggs and then made more that was wayyyy better. I watched The Fresh Prince of Belair and did hand washing while listening to Peppa Pig. I showered, got ready and swept while watching My Little Pony. I really need to stop watching children shows! I washed the wares and left home. Unfortunately, I had to wait a little while for a minibus and I was running late. I went to my aunt’s house and we waited a few mins for my uncle’s girlfriend to arrive. When she came, we left and stopped for Chefette, then went to the airport. Only my aunt had food from that Chefette branch but at the airport, my uncle’s girlfriend and I had ours. I got a kid’s meal which was a drumstick/chicken, chips, a bun and a toy. When we finished eating, I went to buy us some drinks but the store was shut down. I played with Woozer until my cousin and his daughter came from arrivals. They got a hired car and I went with my uncle’s girlfriend. Some idiot saw us and still left the door open and it was touching her brand new car. Seriously people, use commonsense. If no one can leave a car door touching yours because you don’t want paint or a scratch on it, DO NOT DO IT TO OTHERS. We left the airport and returned to my aunt’s house. I got the Wi-Fi password and talked a lot. I had never met my cousin’s daughter, I will call Lil’ M. I watched tiny bits of a movie and ate Chinese food my aunt forgot to bring. -.- I don’t like shrimp so I had to take them out of the food before warming it. When Woozer woke up, I played with him a bit. He got fussy and I took him upstairs with his mother following. We chatted a lot while his mother tried to put him to sleep. My cousin told me I’m his gps and had to go with him. Americans drive on the right hand side of the road and we drive on the left. He also hasn’t been back to Barbados for years and could only be there for 3 days because things kept pushing back his time. Anyways, he wanted to go visit some family and off we went. He kept turning on the wipers instead of the indicators because everything is backwards! :’). We stopped at our cousin but she nor our other cousin was there,so we went to our aunt’s house. We stayed there for a bit then returned to my aunt’s. I played with Woozer and when they left, we left a couple mins later. At home, I watched some of The Corpse’s Bride, which I had never watched before. I ate peanut butter on biscuit and fell asleep, then had to get up and go to bed.

June 19th – Out And About Town

I woke up after 6 am, took my vitamins and played Kim K’s game. I swept my bedroom floor, folded clothes, put away a few things and hung out clothes to dry. I watched The Fresh Prince of Belair, made breakfast and hung out a second set of clothes to dry before eating breakfast. I watched Peppa Pig and My Little Pony, then got ready, washed the wares and painted my nails. I watched Jerry Springer until my aunt and cousin’s finally arrived. We left after they had water and walked through the house to see how things looked. I sat in the backseat and helped my 3 yr old cousin with a word search, while giving directions to town and the lanes for round a bouts. As soon as we got into town, we had to buy shoes for my little cousin first, then my aunt got some US changed. Next, my cousin went and visited his aunt where she worked and bought drinks and snacks, then went to Chefette. We ate and then went to a phone company branch to get my cousin a sim card for the little amount of days he would be in the island. When we left town, we stopped by my granny’s house and walked to other houses saying hi to other family members .We met my mother there and got sugar cane and aloe from someone. I left with my mother and went home. I ate and watched Deadly Women. We got ready, left home and went to my aunt’s house. We picked up my aunt and my cousin’s, then went to my uncle’s house and picked up his gf. When we were all in the car ready to leave, my munchkin came out with his shoes screaming for his mother so he can go with us. He was only in a diaper for crying out loud and this was her night out. We left went to Oistins. On Friday nights, Oistins is full of life and music and dancing…and food. No lie. We walked all around, then found a spot to sit and talk. My mother disappeared to the bathroom then returned with chips for me. Then my mother, my uncle’s girlfriend and I went back to the place to buy more food and I needed more ketchup on my chips before I choked. We stood there and talked and watched food get barbequed before getting ours. We got them and went back to the others,then our cousin came and joined us. I bought the drinks and then my cousin gave me a beer, which I never tasted but it tasted like Heineken or Guinness. I don’t Know. We left there before 11 pm and I was soon asleep. I knew when we dropped off everyone because I woke up to say bye. When we got home, I brushed my teeth and went to sleep.

June 20th– To The Boardwalk

I woke up after 8 am, put my sheets to wash and folded clothes. I washed the sheets, ate breakfast and watched YouTube videos. I hung out sheets to dry and picked up the already dry clothes. I waited for lunch and had a ham sandwich. When my mother returned, I got ready and washed the wares before going to my aunt’s. I had lunch there and my cousin and his daughter stopped by. My mother and sibling went back home because we decided to only take 1 car to the boardwalk. We waited around for a while my aunt was getting ready, then we left and picked up my mother and sibling from home and drove to the boardwalk. Lil M had to sit on my lap and within less than 5 mins of leaving my house she was asleep. On the way to the boardwalk, I felt something wet on my tummy. Lil M dribbled on me! We walked around on the boardwalk and to be quite honest it sucks out there because everything is covered with seaweed and nothing is being done about that. We walked back to KFC and my aunt bought chicken for everyone. I had 2 pieces. Lil M had these huge mosquito bites on the back of her knee, so we went to Sky Mall. While they hunted for Histal in the supermarket, I went to Burger King and bought fries, then went to a Chinese food place and bought water. I met up with them at the supermarket doors and we walked to the car. Lil M and I ate my fries and we stopped at Hoodies. I want to say it’s a bar but it isn’t I guess. It serves food and drinks and there’s also a karaoke area. We went to see my mini me’s dad so he could pretty much say hi and by to Lil M’s dad. We stopped at my house to drop off my mother and sibling and for me to pick up my laptop and pajamas. We went to my aunt’s house, I changed into my pj’s and then watched a lot of DIY pillow videos and a movie with Lil M. I was dozing off around 11 pm and only woke up after hearing my ‘uncle’s’ voice. I talked to him for a bit and played games on my cousin’s phone with Lil M.

Seeing as I never met Lil M before and she’s 3yrs old, it took a while for her to warm up to me.

How was your week?

Has your summer started as yet?


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