|| June 7th – 13th ||

June 7th – Lunch At My Aunts

I put on most of bed sheet and fell asleep around 1 am. I woke up after 6am, played Kim K’s game and watched YouTube videos. When I checked the seeds, I another sprout. I drank my tea, listened to Rick Dees and took my vitamins. I fixed up my room, ate breakfast, chopped veggies and read more of Love Tanya. We got ready, left home and went to my aunt’s house where we ate lunch. I played on the iPad, played with Woozer and watched YouTube videos. My cousin, his girlfriend and daughter came and tried to make her play with Munchkin but that wasn’t happening. My uncle, his girlfriend and children left and as soon as they pulled away my cousin’s daughter finally played and started talking. We left and went home. I played Kim K’s game, showered and went to sleep at some point in time.

June 8th – Going To The Mall

I woke up just before 7 am and when I watered the seeds, I discovered other sprouts. I chose an outfit, took vitamins and walked around the house all bored. I played Kim K’s game, did some hand washing and had breakfast. I forgot about my tea and had already gotten ready, washed the wares and brushed my teeth. That meant I had to warm it up and chug it down before leaving home. I had to wait a while on a minibus and finally got one and went to my aunt’s. When I got there, I thought no one was home but my aunt answered a few mins later and we waited for my uncle’s girlfriend to arrive. I continued reading Papertowns, she had finally came and we left to head to the mall. We went into Do It Best and I found canvas and Mason Jars. I didn’t know they had them in Barbados and so cheap. I can’t wait to buy some. Woozer did a number 2, when we thought he was going to spit up. Oops? (My mother said he’s a baby he can do anything, anywhere) We sat and ate lunch, then left the mall. We stopped at one of my cousin’s mother’s store, where my aunt bought some drink mix, then stopped at the vegetable store. While they went in, I played with Woozer. When we left there and got back to my aunt’s house, I started rewriting a story I started in 2013 and talked to my uncle’s girlfriend a lot. I played with my little Woozer until they left, then went on my aunt’s iPad and read a lot of Anna SacconeJoly’s posts from when she first started it. At some point in time, my mother had arrived and later on, we left and went home. I watched YouTube videos and showered. I fell asleep eating biscuits and watching YouTube videos.

June 9th – A TV Kind Of Day

I woke up just before 6 am to wish Dimples a very happy birthday. I played Kim k’s game, did yoga and some hand washing. I ate breakfast and tried watching Maury but gave up on that idea and just watched The Fosters instead. After a while, I watched YouTube videos and ate popcorn, then listened to music and did some hand washing. I watched Ellen and Wife Swap, showered, watched The Fresh Prince of Belair and then put on the music channel, I cooked and ate ramen while watching YouTube videos so I turned off the music channel. Later on, I watched America’s Got Talent, which was hilarious. I watched Finding Carter and Catfish, then sent in a resume and an rsvp before washing wares.

June 10th – Busying Myself

I went to my room, fell asleep before 1 am, and was up at 6 am. I checked the plants, scrolled through Pinterest, did yoga, listened to music and polished most of my bookshelf. I watched Maury and ate breakfast, which was poptarts and tea. I put away things, watched YouTube videos, showered and ate popcorn. Even though I was watching YouTube videos, I got bored slept for almost 2hrs. I woke up and watched Ellen when my mother called and said she’s taking my aunt to the beach. I quickly ate ‘lunch’ and baked bacon in the toaster oven. We got ready and left around 5pm. We went over to my aunt’s house and I played on her iPad until it was time to leave, which apparently was almost 6pm. Finally, we made to the beach and just stood in it for about 15-30mins if so long. When we left there, we dropped off something for my cousin, then stopped at the supermarket. We stopped at my aunt’s and stayed there for a little while before going home. I ate poptarts, watched Catfish and Girl Code then slept.

June 11th – College Presentation

Thanks to thine father, I woke up at 4:20 am and couldn’t go back to sleep. He bugged me about music once again. I folded clothes, water the plants and scrolled through Pinterest for a bit. I watched TV and then chopped veggies to be steamed before my mother left home. I did yoga, crocheted and watched Maury while eating breakfast. I watched Jerry Springer and some YouTube videos until I was bored enough to listen to music. I made a call for my friend but they High Commission doesn’t give out visas here. Since I was going to a college presentation and didn’t know exactly where the hotel was, I had to get ready kind of early-ish. Hair was done, a bag was packed and wares were washed before leaving. While standing at the bus stop I saw 3 mini buses pass within 5 mins. One of them turned around not too far from me so I got in and went to town. I met up with R in Burger King and then we took a ZR to the hotel. We sat in the room and listened to the rather impressive presentation and when it was over we grabbed coffee. I don’t know why I did because I hate it. I guess I was hoping that it kept me awake seeing as I was up from4 am. We got a ZR back to town and while walking to the terminal, the bus I was to get left. R walked to the other bus terminal to get her bus home and I got a minibus. When I got home, I added even more sugar and warmed my coffee to try to finish it. That didn’t happen. I watched Smile and Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me before sleeping.

June 12th – Scared By A Centipede

My father woke me up around 7 am to annoy me about music again. I crocheted, read Papertowns and had to update my laptop before doing yoga. I continued with crocheting and watching YouTube videos, Maury, Cold Blood, Peppa Pig and Jerry Springer. I cooked lentils with vegetables and hung out clothes to dry. I watched Deadly Affairs, I’d Kill For You, Celebrity Wife Swap, Ellen, American news and Barbados news. I started new crochet project… well I tried. I watched even more Celebrity Wife Swap and took a shower. I was sitting on the floor watching YouTube videos and crocheting when a centipede crawled into my room at top speed. I scrambled up onto my bed and kept watching to see if it would crawl out. My mother passed by later and saw me on the bed and I told her why. She came back and sprayed the area and next thing, it came out of hiding and she chopped it. Once I calmed down, I went to sleep.

June 13th – Speech Competition Finals

I woke up around 6:30 am, played music and swept my bedroom. I found an outfit for the day, took my vitamins and got ready. I quickly ate breakfast and my mother and I left to go to the cinema for the speech competition finals. It started a bit late. How Bajan of them. I wanted to jump up and keep cheering for the school I was there to support. Imagine both girls made it to the finals on their first try, amazing. They went 1st and 4th of 8 students. When the speeches were done, I went to the bathroom because you couldn’t go while they presented their speeches and I didn’t want to miss anything. I went back into the room and watched the entertainment, which was a reading from books, singing and dancing. It was finally time for  the prizes for the judges, then positions 4th-8th. One of the girls was in that section unfortunately. She was scared and you could hear it in her voice when she was presenting. Then for the most stupid announcement ever…they announced 1st place then went back to 2nd and 3rd .  Like who does that!??!?! I felt really bad for 2nd and 3rd place just having to go up on stage after all the confetti and screams. The other girl came 2nd from the school I was supporting. Prizes for the loudest and biggest support, was a tie between 2 schools of the 1st and 2nd places. I believe thanks to my screaming we tied with the other schools and got drawstring bags with a piggy bank, exercise book, pencil, drink and snack each. We left the theatre and went into the food court. We saw my cousin and his daughter and sat with them to eat our lunch. I had ‘Chinese’. We started to walk around but didn’t get too far because teachers were shopping for a retirement gift for a former principal of the school. Finally, I was able to drag my mother away and show her the Mason Jars before leaving. We went straight to the toastmasters meeting and I slept for a few mins, which I was fined for. We stopped at my aunt’s house and I played with Woozer. Honestly, my sibling cannot hold a child for anything. I told her he was going to cry if she didn’t leave his bottle in his mouth no matter how much he played with the nipple but she wouldn’t listen. I had to end up feeding him as he cried. We left, went home and I watched YouTube videos. I showered, ate peanut butter sandwiches and fell asleep watching YouTube videos.

How was your week?

Have you ever entered a national competition at a young age and didn’t freak out?


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