|| May 31st – June 6th ||

May 31st – A Tv Kind Of Day

I went to sleep and woke up after 8 am. I scrolled through Tumblr and talked about how weird some languages are with sykesboi. I chopped veggies and went back to scroll through Tumblr. I ate, watched Devious Maids, then tried yoga and only got through 6-7 mins. I wrapped twine around another can for planting seeds. I watched a YouTube video and my munchkin came over. He helped with filling the 2 cans with dirt and sprinkled a few seeds in one. I tried teaching him how to use a straw and cup and we watched Julius jr and Doki before he got picked up. I actually continued watching Doki and Peppa Pig (just because I can). I watched  90 Day Fiancé: couples tell all and a bit of Lindsay. The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe and the news showed but I never really paid attention to them. Only when Monopoly Millionaires Club showed I watched every minute of it. I somehow managed to watch 20 mins of The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe part 2,then I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant. I started watching Clean House but dozed off for a few mins and decided that was enough. I showered, watched YouTube videos, wrote out some questions and slept.

June 1st – First Day Of Yoga and The Unexpected Visit

I woke up twice before 6 am then when the alarm went off it was a struggle to stay awake. I changed into what I chose to wear to do yoga and then planted more seeds in another can and wet the dirt. The internet wanted to act up but thank goodness it was fine from the time I wanted to start yoga. It was a killer but it was my first time. I got through all 20 mins and then did the new workout for the month. I took my vitamins had breakfast and showered. I started watching a movie before I had breakfast, so I continued watching it. When it finally ended, I watched Keeping Up With The Kardashians and ate cereal with milk and sugar. I watched Jerry Springer and started crocheting a ‘Beauty’ bag. I did some hand washing and put my hair in pigtails. I watched a YouTube video, started playing Kim K’s game, watched 2 movies ate lunch and watched Ellen. I made Kool-Aid because I had a packet and never made it before. I cleaned up the wares and retreated to my room when my mother came home. I was listening to some One Direction Albums when she came home and continued to do so for a few hours. I tried crocheting many different things but gave up. I heard someone banging on the door. When I got out of my room, it was my uncle, his girlfriend and the 2 children who dropped by unexpectedly. I held them both because I hadn’t seen the baby in about 6 weeks and his older brother, my munchkin, was getting jealous. They stayed and chatted. My munchkin managed to tilt the cup with water just when I turned to sit down next to him to watch TV. I made him a jelly sandwich before they left. When they left, I watched some of Devious Maids and UnReal whilst crocheting something…or trying to. I can never get the pattern right. Anyways, I took a shower, got into bed and listened to One Direction until I slept…which turned out to only be 2 songs.

June 2nd – My Aunt Arrived!!

My phone had died so I didn’t have an alarm to make me get out of bed and turn it off, but I did wake up a few times between 6 am and 6:30 am. I woke up just after 6:30 and got ready for yoga, this time playing my own music and muting the video. It went fairly smooth…smoother than the day before. I did my work out afterwards and went for breakfast. I played Kim K’s game, watched Maury and took a shower. I watched Jerry Springer and tried to re write a book I started when I was 15 but I realized I’ll have a very hard time trying to do so, so I chose another one to develop. I ate lunch, printed the story I had started and packed my bag. I finished getting ready, swept, cleaned up the water and left. I got a minibus to the closest post office and posted a letter for my mother. I went into the supermarket, paid 2 bills and then bought popcorn, a snack and raisins and nuts. I went to the bus stop and waited on my mother. She finally came about 20 mins later after the first call. We raced to the airport and my aunt as already seated and waiting for us to pick her up. A person helped us put her bags in the car, and then we drove back to the supermarket so she could shop for groceries. After some time she started questioning if she put the liquor she bought in the car or left it at the airport, so I had to run and check. Then when I got back inside to say I think they’re there, my aunt and mother were walking out to check. Luckily, they were in the car so we went back inside again and finished shopping. We left the supermarket and went to a vegetable store, then went to buy eggs from another store but there was none. We drove to the farm and bought 60 eggs, stopped at my granny’s house and picked papayas and breadfruits, stopped at a shop and bought 3 drinks and finally arrived at my aunt’s house. We unpacked the car and I ended up taking most of the bags inside and walked around the house. Soon after we got there my cousins came over and chatted, then the unpacking began. They went to cook rice but realized no gas was at the house as yet. We waited until my uncle brought the gas and continued unpacking. My uncle, his girlfriend and the 2 children came later on. After the gas was connected to the stove, we realized there wasn’t any matches. -.-  My mother left to go get matches and other little things my aunt would need and we couldn’t wait any longer so we had corned beef sandwiches. I got to hold my munchkins brother a lot. My cousin and her son left and soon after my mother returned. We unpacked a barrel and sorted them out into sections for different rooms. My mother popped bubble wrap by my ear and scared the baby who was asleep. He’s sooo quiet you forget he’s there. He did wake up and start to cry though. My uncle, his girlfriend and children left. I unpacked a barrel alone and sorted everything from that barrel. At some point I took off my pants because I was uber hot and it wasn’t helping. Like Barbados is just too hot most times. We waited until my sibling arrived and then we left half hr later. Thanks to them, I missed a new episode of Finding Carter. When I got home, I tried on bras and a new swimsuit. I showered and watched YouTube videos.

June 3rd – Unpacking A Barrel

I feel asleep after midnight, eating a granola bar and watching YouTube videos. I woke up after 5 am, went to the bathroom then went back to sleep for a few mins until my mother woke me up to tell me she was leaving. I decided to rewatch a video and when it was done, I fell asleep again and woke up at 6:30 am. I got up, changed did yoga and boiled water for tea. I checked on the seeds and there’s a sprout already. I watered them and changed their position. I watched some of Good Morning America and made breakfast. I ate breakfast whilst watching Finding Carter and picked up some clothes that were dry. I played Kim k’s game, brushed my teeth and started watching YouTube videos. I decided I wanted popcorn and I forgot about it so some got burnt. Oops?! I ate it and finished watching the YouTube videos however, I realized I was running late. I quickly showered, packed a bag, got ready and cleaned up the wares. I left home and waited a few mins for a mini bus and went to my aunt’s house. I ate some sliced peaches and my cousins’ dad came over and chatted with my aunt for a bit. I played games on my aunt’s iPad. My cousins’ dad left and soon after my uncle arrived. My mother came later on and we unpacked barrel on the truck because it was too heavy. We sorted things and I took a break to eat. We finished sorting things, packed our stuff in the car and talked family friend that came over at some point in time. We left, went home and unpacked car. I showered, got sleepy, missed Girl Code and slept.

June 4th – Such An Average Day

I woke up plenty times and then my mother woke me up after 8 am. I played Kim K’s game and ate breakfast. I watched Catfish, cleaned wares, showered and got ready. I left home then had to run back in for an umbrella. I got to the bus stop and waited on bus. You know how you put your hand out to stop buses? Yea I did that and the driver ignored and kept going. I had to wait for a minibus. I got out at my aunt’s house and talked to my cousin for a while. When she left, I played games on my aunt’s iPad, ate and watched a movie. I swept and soon after my mother came, then my uncle and munchkin who didn’t stay too long. I finished watching the movie and ate again. I watched another movie and we finally left and went home. I watched YouTube videos, Hoarders and ate cereal with milk and sugar. I continued watching YouTube videos and had a shower.

June 5th– Chilling At The Beach

I fell asleep watching YouTube videos and woke up before 6 am. I watched YouTube videos and played Kim K’s game. I did yoga…sort of and then sorted out some canned food and ate breakfast. I fixed my hair, and did some hand washing. While waiting on my aunt and my uncle’s girlfriend I watched Jerry Springer, read Papertowns and ate popcorn. I was dressed and waiting 2 hours and they finally came. We left  and went to KFC in Oistins and my aunt bought a bucket of chicken. We drove over to the beach and I held my Woozer with one arm and an umbrella with the next hand. I swore I was going to drop him because of how much he wriggled. We ate the chicken and chatted for a for hours. I even had a chance to wet my feet when Woozer was looking around in his bouncy chair. Once my aunt decided it was time to leave, we stopped at the fish market and I sat in the backseat with Woozer. He started fussing and as soon as I took him out of his car seat, they returned. Next, we went to the supermarket. My aunt went in and I stayed in the car talking to my uncle’s girlfriend. When my aunt returned, we left, got gas, then drove to my aunt’s house. I ate another piece of chicken and played with Woozer. We left after a while and went home. I showered, watched Jurassic Park and searched amazon.com for a cellphone, then slept.

June 6th – Speech Competition Semi-finals and Buying Love Tanya

I woke up at 6 am and chose outfits to choose from because I was going to watch the speech competition semifinals. My parents pissed me off and when I tried to do yoga, I couldn’t because I was too mad. I ate breakfast, read Papertowns and got ready. I hand washed a shirt, cleaned up the wares and we left home. We got there a little early and during the speech competition, I read Papertowns and slept during some speeches. Both girls from the primary school I was supporting got through again. The first time ever competing in the speech competition and they both made it to the finals. I wouldn’t have been able to do that at 9 or 10 years old. When it was over, my mother and I left and had lunch at Asian Palms. We went into town afterwards and I kinda sweet-talked my mother into letting me by Love Tanya. I had to go to the ATM first so I could get money to buy the book. We went to a pharmacy for vitamins, a supermarket for a few things, then to Cave Shepherd for LOVE TANYA. We left town and I started reading Love Tanya in the car. We stopped at another supermarket for more things and left. We stopped for gas then went to another supermarket and I bought another Tesco vitamin c fizzy tablets. We then stopped at my aunts, unpacked and sorted 2 barrels and I ate. More like I tried eating Chef Boyardee spaghetti and meatballs in tomato sauce. The meatballs are good but they started to taste bad after a while. We left and went home. I read more Love Tanya, washed my hair and watched The Whispers. I ate dry milk powder, watched scary movie 3 and watched Barbados Style on the wealth channel. Did not know about all those gigantic houses and stuff just hidden away. I moisturized my hair and watched YouTube videos.

How was your week?

Is your vacation going well as yet?


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