June Goals !!

All those exercises(which i still have not completed) has come to this. I struggle with having a schedule and getting everything done.The Beach Body Workout Challenge.



seated russian twists                                 squats

Superman tricep-dips-women

superman                                                   tricep dips

alt_step_forward_lunge_600x400 bicycle-crunches-june-10

alternating lunges                                           bicycle crunchesBurpees_Kate climbers

burpees                                                                        mountain climbersCrunches donkeykick

crunches                                                           donkey kicks

These are just how to’s for some exercises.

Time to get a summer body workout done. Also a summer body is like body goals for most people. Time to work it work it work it work it work it work it out (according AprilAthena7)


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