|| May 24th – 30th ||

May 24th – Such A Regular Day

I woke up and was scrolled through Pinterest, listened to music and then went to sleep. I woke up properly after 8 am and drank my tea. I put on Rick Dees, played Kim K’s game and peeled and chopped potatoes. I swept my bedroom floor, watched YouTube videos and had to go chop veggies. I returned and continued watching YouTube videos, made the salad and ate lunch. I read Looking For Alaska, watched YouTube videos, bought a snow cone and showered. I creamed my feet and put socks on. I spent some time on duolingo.com and ended up making plans with a friend. I watched Locked Up Abroad and my head started to hurt really badly so I went to bed. I had to listen to music until I fell asleep.

May 25th – R Came Over!

I woke up after 6 am and went on duolingo.com and folded and put away clothes. I burned peppermint oil and it was uber relaxing just watching it evaporate. I ate breakfast, read Looking For Alaska and showered. R called and I had to give her brother directions. They got arrived and R’s brother dropped her off. We chatted and watched old YouTube videos ate snacks and watched Keeping Up With The Kardashians. We watched The Real Husbands of Hollywood. R ate lunch and I had cereal because someone decided to eat my potato pie. I unraveled the yarn and started a new crochet top. I, for some ungodly reason, went back to 2010 on my Facebook account and started to cringe. We chatted and went outside so I could pick spinach, then returned to my room and talked some more. Around 8 pm, her brother picked her up and I joined a website called www.7cupsoftea.com. I showered and chatted with Dimples until I fell asleep.

May 26th – A Simple Day

I up at 7 am, watched YouTube videos and ate breakfast. I watched Snapped: Couple Killers, Wife Swap, 1 Born Every Minute and Austin Powers In Goldmember. I cooked, ate, watched YouTube videos and read Looking For Alaska while eating. I watched I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry and  Ellen. I swept, washed the wares and crocheted. I watched Wife Swap, showered and watched Yogi Bear. I ate soup, watched Finding Carter, a bit of House and packed my bag for the next day.

May 27th – Discovering Love, Tanya and Beach Day

I brushed my teeth, washed wares and watched YouTube videos until I fell asleep after 2 am. I woke up after 6 am and repacked my bag. I got ready and left home with my mother. We got to the doctor’s office 35 mins early and went in for 50mins. We left and went to the primary school, went to church because that morning was the morning for church. After church, we printed letters after a little bit of difficulty. I left there and caught a bus and went to town. I dropped off the letters, bought stuff from a supermarket and saw the woman I worked with (since January) and she was going to pay me but didn’t have it on her. I told her to give it to my cousin over the weekend. I dropped off another letter and saw Tanya Burr’s book : Love,Tanya and felt so happy. I bought nail polish, seeds and paid 2 bills for my mother. I went to buy hemp cord but I  didn’t have the money so I bought the jumbo craft sticks I wanted before. I waited in Independence Square for R and painted 1 nail. When walked to a mall and she bought things she had to get, and we headed to get a ZR (Zed-R). We waited for a bit then it finally left. We got out at our stop, bought Chinese food, went to the gas station for snacks and walked to the beach. We changed, ate  and moved to the area with more people and went in the water. I couldn’t get down in the water the first time because of how cold it was. We got out of the water ,ate chocolate and took pics then went back in. My feet started cramping up so I ran outside for a snack and that didn’t help. After it stopped I stayed in the water and finally got my entire body in,yet I was still cold. We got out the water and decided to go wash off the seawater and get changed back into the clothes we wore to the beach. I didn’t wash off though. I stood in the sun getting warm. I changed and went to a beach and repacked my bag then went back to give my friend a rubber band so she could finish fixing her hair. We left, got a ZR and headed back to town. I got out early because I saw that a mini bus for my route was leaving the van stand. I got in and went home. When I got home, I watched YouTube videos, played Kim K’s game and finished eating the tiny amount of lunch I couldn’t eat and tried watching TV. I ended up just flipping through the channels and gave up. I unpacked my bag, showered and went to sleep after some time.

May 28th – Putting Plans In Place

I woke up after 6 am to my father telling me he bought my folic acid. I played Kim K’s game and watched YouTube videos. I put on the radio, read Looking For Alaska, drank tea and watched Maury. It was an episode with teens and someone scaring them with how their future will look. My favourite kind of Maury episode. I brought in 2 tins and wrapped the taller one in twine, and then punctured 6 holes in the bottom of the 2nd can. I watched Jerry Springer, ate cereal, watched Extreme Cheapskates, then watched 5hrs of Hoarders. I ate dinner, cleaned my nails, watched Hoarders, showered, watched Smile then slept.

May 29th – Boring Day and A Finished Top

I woke up before 6 am and watched YouTube videos whilst crocheting and sometimes reading Looking For Alaska. I watched Ed Sheeran on Good Morning America and cleaned up wares. I watched Snapped: Couple Killers, ate breakfast and watched Wife Swap and Jerry Springer. I ate eggs and watched movie. Unfortunately, I had a breakdown while talking to Dimples about it and drank some brandy. (Not Recommended!!!).I listened to music, cleaned up wares and later on, finished the crochet top. I did some hand washing, picked spinach and showered. While the internet was messing around, I decided to cook ramen. I eat, read Looking For Alaska and watched a Whitney Houston movie named Whitney on Lifetime. I fell asleep and woke up a little while later then washed the wares.

May 30th –Watching My Cousin Act

I stayed up until 4:30 am chatting away with Dimples about college and my family and then his feelings that hit hard about an ex. I woke up after 10 am and went straight on Tumblr, then after an hour decided I needed to eat. I ate cereal with milk and finished reading looking for Alaska. I watched YouTube videos and moisturized my hair. I watched Hannah Montana and tried finding something to crochet. Later I cooked spaghetti, did my hair, showered, got ready and we left home. We stopped at a mini supermarket and bought some stuff to use for lunch the next day, then continued on our way to St. Lawrence Gap. We waited for about 30 mins for the play to begin. It was the last show and my cousin was one of the main cast. A 3-person play, which was a bit funny and rather interesting. After watching the play, we chatted a bit with my cousin and I had a Shandy…, which according to the packaging is lemonade with a hint of Banks Beer. We ate samosas with a dip and fried flying fish. Yum! (We were going to leave earlier but my cousin said we could stay and the person in charge of the production made the food and drinks happen.) When we decided to leave, my cousin started talking to us again about family drama. (Oh the joy -.-) We left when everyone else did and on the way out of St. Lawrence Gap I saw some really hot sailors (heart eye emoji). When we got home, I laid in bed watching YouTube videos.

Apparently the headaches Iv’e been having are tension headaches and it’s caused by food or anxiety and I do believe it was anxiety.

Does anyone have any tips on that?

How was your week?


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