|| May 17th – 23rd ||

May 17th – Writing Up A Proposal

I woke up before 7 am and crocheted while watching random YouTube videos. I even crocheted while reading and eating breakfast. I listened to Rick Dees, played Kim K’s game and watched YouTube videos. I chopped veggies, watched YouTube videos and ate lunch while watching Long Island Medium. I watched Charlie St. Cloud, YouTube videos, bought a snow cone and wrote up a proposal for my mother to look at to allow me to go to NY. I ate again, took a shower and listened to my mother telling me funny stories of when I lived in NY for 5 months at 3 years old. I showed my mother the NY proposal and she’s kind of on board. I watched YouTube videos and the Billboard Music Awards, then went to sleep.

The Stories of 3 Year Old Me

When I was 3 and lived in NY for 5 months, I went to a supermarket with 3 of my aunts and I was yelling, “help me, help me, im hungry.” We were in the middle of a supermarket and they had to abandon the cart and leave because I embarrassed them.

We were at a mall I wanted Cinnabon and my aunt said, “there’s none here,” but I told her yes and pointed to it and she said, “what the hell.” Please bear in mind I was 3 yrs old and can’t read but I sure as hell could find a Cinnabon store.

May 18th – Such Random Shows

I woke up some time after 7 am and played Kim K’s game. I did a bit of hand washing, watched vines and Keeping Up With The Kardashians. I ate breakfast, watched vines and Jerry Springer, then tried to find the whining puppy. I couldn’t get to it so I went back inside and watched Harry Potter and The Prisoner Of Azkaban and ate lunch. I watched YouTube videos, something called Heartbreakers. I pressed shirts, watched Ellen, Catfish, RV  and ate dinner, which was pretty what I had for breakfast. I showered, watched Jeopardy, Dancing With The Stars, The Bachelorette and went to sleep.

May 19th – To the Drive In!!

I woke up after 7 am and scrolled through Tumblr. I watched a bit of Good Morning America, then Maury. I ate breakfast, watched Jerry Springer and had a second set of breakfast. I watched The Fresh Prince Of Belair. Keeping Up With The Kardashians, ate lunch and watched YouTube videos. I got ready, left home and caught a mini bus. I got into town and waited alone for a bit until friend came. We waited on another friend and my father passed by to give me more money. Finally, the other friend came and we caught a minibus, went to the mall and bought food. R’s brother picked us up a bit late, so we hurried to the drive-in. We watched Hot Pursuit and Get Hard, which were both hilarious. When we were leaving at 10 pm, I told R’s brother to take me to the bus terminal and when he heard that he said grr and took me to my cousin’s father’s house, where I waited for about 5 mins until my parents and cousin’s father turned up. They chatted for a few mins then we went home and watched the end of Dancing With The Stars. Riker and Alison came second. I was rooting for them to win. L I made tea and went to bed.

May 20th – Primary School Speech Competition

I watched the first episode of Hannah Montana and went to sleep. I woke up after 6 am and watch the 2nd episode.I quickly made breakfast, got ready and had to change before leaving home. My mother and I went to a speech competition to support 2 students from my old primary school. I was super bored with some of the speeches,however only 8 of 24 students from primary schools were going through to the semi finals from the 1st group. Both girls got through to the semi-finals. We left and went to the mall for food. When we were done eating, we left and my mother dropped me off to buy some stuff from a supermarket. I quickly bought the things and rushed back to the bus stop. I got a minibus and went home. I watched more Hannah Montana and tried to finish the little bit of lunch I left back and my ‘festival’. I fell asleep and later woke up but I had to force myself to stay awake to watch Ellen. I watched YouTube videos and murder shows after Ellen. I cleaned up the wares and watched a little bit of The Parent Trap. I watched Modern Family, Black.ish and went to sleep.

May 21st – Tyler Oakley on Ellen

I woke up around 7 am and put away clothes. I watched Finding Carter, hung out clothes to dry, watched Maury, ate breakfast and watched Jerry Springer. I kept hearing a puppy whine while I was warming my lunch and went outside to look for it and couldn’t see it. I ended up talking to the neighbor about the puppy. I went back inside, ate lunch, watched a movie and my  tummy started hurting a little. I did some hand washing and watched Ellen. Tyler Oakley was on Ellen!! I was waiting for the day to hear of him getting to have a chance to be on Ellen and he finally was. I watched Hoarders, YouTube videos and the Red Nose Day program America had. I dozed off, woke up, showered, played solitaire and then went to sleep.

May 22nd – TV Day

I woke up after 7 am and played solitaire for a while. I took my vitamins, hung out clothes and watched 30 mins of Good Morning America. I watched Sky High, ate breakfast and went on duolingo.com to practice languages. I watched LA Ink, Nine Months Later (which is couples having their first-born child and then seeing what they do for a couple of weeks), Celebrity Wife Swap, Ellen and Big Mommas House 2. I washed my hair and used a deep conditioner. I watched YouTube videos, braided my hair, played solitaire and went to sleep.

May 23rd – Just A Regular Day

I woke up after 7 am and tried going back to sleep but forced myself out of bed due to the rentals arguing. I removed me bed sheets, put them to wash with the others and put away some clothes while watching Hannah Montana. I ate breakfast around 10 am and let the sheets wash. When they were done, I hung them out to dry and picked up clothes that were already dried. I folded and put away most of what had been folded, then continued unfolding dog ears in my Italian text book. I ate lunch and played solitaire. I showered, fixed my hair, got ready and we headed to the toastmasters meeting. When I got restless after the break I decided to just get up and hold a toastmasters 2 month old son and he cried .-.-  We dropped off my sibling after the meeting and went to supermarket to by a few things. I also saw my first crush and his sister.  When we got home, I put cheese in the croissant that was bought for me and heated it up so the cheese would melt. We watched or started watching a lifetime movie. I watched Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. I went into my room and whilst on duolingo, I put my bed sheet on the bed and then drank tea. I dozed off, then woke up and cleaned up the wares. I watched 5 mins of She’s The Man and then went to bed.

Do you have any stories of when you were younger?

I hope you had a great week!


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