Getting Myself In Order !!

I want to be a better me.

I don’t want to be overly anxious.

I don’t want to be depressed.

I just want to be better.

Lately I have been struggling with anxiety and maybe depression. I’ve been getting what my doctor calls, tension headaches and it can be brought on by certain foods like nuts. I brought up the self-diagnosis according to what I read in forums and asked about anxiety and she said it could be anxiety. She said take painkillers for the headaches and to keep a food diary just in case it might be what I’m eating that causes the tensions headaches. I also needed to stay occupied with an activity or sport or even just leaving home.

What I’m doing to help myself is:

  • Having a morning routine – At least Monday to Friday
6 am Wake Up
6:30 am Yoga & Daily workout
7 am Breakfast & Take Vitamins
7:30 am Shower
8 am Fix Bed

This is to just get into a schedule and see if I can stick with it. I don’t want to do yoga at night because I might be out and I’m the kind of person that sleeps and doesn’t know when I go to sleep. I figured doing it early in the morning would be best.Here is the link to the yoga video I will follow for the month:-

  • Planting flowers – I’m trying to give myself something to take care of and watch over. Also, when it’s time to cut the stems, I can have flowers in my room to decorate. I’ve never received flowers so it’s a gift to myself as well.
  • Making a Bored Jar – I made a bored jar so that when I start to feel restless I can find something to do. I just took an ordinary tin can, like the mix vegetable ones, and removed the label and washed and dried it. I then glued twine around the tin and voila. I put ideas on jumbo craft sticks and that’s what I would choose from. I wrote things like :-
  1. Make a bracelet
  2. Watch a movie
  3. Make a cushion
  4. Crochet
  5. Read ….

Just those simple things that you like to do or wish to do would be an excellent fit for the bored jar.

These are just my ideas for now and if I find more things then, I would probably just add to the post.

If you have any tips for getting yourself together and fighting anxiety, please leave your suggestion in the comments.

It may be able to help others with their anxiety.


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