|| May 10th – 16th ||

May 10th –Family Picnic

I woke up after 6 am and read Vladimir Tod. I finally decided to get out of bed and press my dress for church, got ready, left and went to church. We went to a pharmacy for my medicine and then went home. We finished cooking for the family picnic and I had my mother stitch 4 darts into my shorts. I got dressed and we left home. We arrived at the park, set up our food with food that others brought and ate. I broke some acid reflux diet rules by eating macaroni pie, which has in milk, butter and cheese, I also had gravy on my rice and rum punch. We played games and ran around. Watching the videos was pretty hilarious. We stayed there until around 6:30 pm and we all left. When I got home, I watched YouTube videos while cleaning my room a bit, and then watched the Once Upon A Time season finale. When it was over I watched YouTube videos until I fell asleep.

May 11th – Final 2 Exams!

I woke up at 5 am and turned off my alarm. A few mins later went to start making tea and breakfast but my mother started to clean the stove the night before and didn’t finish so I went back to bed for 30mins, then got up, showered and got ready. I became fed up with and put one of the cover things( Idk what you call it) back on one section of the stove, boiled the water and eggs. I quickly ate and left forgetting my umbrella, so I called my father and he had to bring it to the bus stop. I got to school in time for my exams. Exam #1 was just not amazing. There were 3 parts to it. Part one of the was kinda hard because we had to listen for specific information then write a summary, part 2 was good but the person talked too damn fast and part 3 was just way too damn fast and I didn’t get everything. The second test was kinda hard I guess. The translations just didn’t seem right and for the essay, I barely made it to the minimum word count…I think. I just really hope I at least pass all the classes. The exam finished around 12:30 pm and I left. When I got home, I played Kim K’s game, watched YouTube videos and ate lunch. I watched Ellen Keeping Up With The Kardashians and YouTube videos. Later on, I watched Dancing With The Stars and when it was over I went to bed and slept.

May 12th –Surgery Day .-.

I woke up after 5 am to turn off my alarm and really needed to go to the bathroom but there was a dying centipede right at my door. I turned around and hopped back on the bed. I watched YouTube videos and folded clothes while waiting 2 hours hoping someone would come into my room and remove the dying creature. I kept peeking at it and decided at 7 am I couldn’t wait any longer so I slowly opened the door and hopped over the centipede and went to the bathroom. I went to the kitchen, put eggs on to boil, grabbed a broom and swept the centipede out of my room. I put away everything I had on the bed and did some hand washing. I showered, got ready, ate breakfast and by this time I was making everyone run late. We left home and stopped at the pharmacy to pick up another subscription and then we dropped off le sibling. My mother and I went to town to buy a few things before going to the hospital. It was a long wait. Yay free health care! I was at the hospital for about 3.5hrs and I left pretty ticked off. My mother and I went and ate food at Asian Palm then went home. I finally finished the movie I was watching all day and fell sleep because I felt like I had a fever. I woke up by 10 pm and watched Finding Carter. I had a 30 min nap after it was over and then woke up.

May 13th – No Electricity!!

I took a shower and was shivering under hot water so I knew was definitely coming down with an illness. I warmed up a heat pad and gathered my fluffy blanket and a flat sheet and I swore just putting the heat pad between 2 sheets would keep me warm but I ended up having to it directly on me. I couldn’t sleep so I continued watching YouTube videos until I was tired enough around 2 am. I woke up after 9 am, watched YouTube videos and had a late breakfast around 11:30 am. The electricity went off around 12pm. D: I walked around aimlessly, listened to music, tried to make a tiny book (that didn’t happen), finished reading Ninth Grade Slays and started watching movie. I ate cereal, because I didn’t want to use matches on the stove, and saved a whining puppy because it’s mother definitely wasn’t looking for it. Someone came and turned the electricity back on around 5 pm. I watched Hairspray and had a late lunch, which was practically dinner. I watched  a bit of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory and had an argument more than likely with my mother. I got into bed and watched YouTube videos until I slept.

May 14th – A Day of TV

I woke up after 3 am and played Kim K’s game then went back to sleep. How amazing XD.I later woke up after 8 am. I picked up the dried clothes that were washed and listened to the radio. I played Kim K’s game, watched Maury, Jerry Springer and finally had breakfast. I watched The Fresh Prince of Belair, ate lunch, watched Catfish, Ellen and YouTube videos. I took a shower, crocheted, spent time on Tumblr and went to sleep.

May 15th – Booking An Appointment At The Hospital and Crocheting

I woke up after 6 am and walked around the house aimlessly. I made sure my bag was packed and gathered a list of things to buy. I watched random YouTube videos and ate breakfast. I watched a lot of Vines and had to scramble eggs to eat with my lunch. I rushed, got ready, washed the wares and left. I got in a mini bus and started reading Looking For Alaska. When I got into town, I headed straight to the craft store and bought yarn in the colour ‘Sea Coral’ and a size 5mm crochet hook. I went and looked for someone but he wasn’t at work at the time so I left there and went to another store. I bought rubber bands and entirely forgot about buying a comb. I then started the walk to the hospital and got a number. I was lucky once again because a few mins later a woman removed the numbers from the machine. I crocheted while waiting and I waited for almost 2 hrs. When I got home I managed to watch 30 mins of Ellen. I watched some of the depressing American news, Step Up YouTube videos and cooked a horrible soup. I didn’t know I wasn’t to add clove. Oops! I watched The Amazing Race, the ending(ish) of The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Shark Night and started watching some of Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets until I dozed off.

May 16th – Lazy Day and Crocheting

I woke up, showered, watched YouTube videos and went to sleep. I woke up before 9 am, crocheted and watched YouTube videos. I drank my tea and had a chat with my friend about jumping for Foreday morning (I’ll explain that at the end of July). I read a bit of Looking For Alaska, watched YouTube videos, drank soup and watched a movie called Blue Lagoon on Lifetime. I had trouble figuring out how to do the bandeau top I was attempting to make. I watched a movie and unraveled it all to start a different one. I ate, showered, watched Untold Stories In The ER, ate yogurt and went to sleep.

To anyone doing exams… Good Luck!!!


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