|| May 3rd – 9th ||

May 3rd – Avoided Studying

I woke up before 4 am feeling sick and went back to sleep a while after. I woke up again after 6 am and played Kim K’s game, read and had breakfast. I listened to Rick Dees and did the usual thing of chopping veggies to steam. I ate lunch and started my workout for the month. I watched cricket because my procrastination game is way too strong. I had to study for exams the next day and just couldn’t bring myself to do so. I was going to shower at one point in time but there was a centipede in the shower. I didn’t have my glasses on when I turned on the water but I did see something moving. I went and got my glasses and there it was. I sprayed it and went back watching cricket because there was no way in hell I was going to enter the bathroom until that thing died. The West Indies won the match beating England by 5 wickets so that was a plus. I watched the remainder of Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs seeing as it had started already. I took a shower and after I was dressed I made some popcorn and started watching Scooby-Doo The Movie (#1 I believe). When that finished, I watched Once Upon A Time whilst eating cereal and milk with sugar, then watched Secrets And Lies. I went to sleep when I finished watching the shows.

May 4th – First Set of Exams

I woke up after 5:30 am and tried to stay in bed but I forced myself out of bed and finished packing my bag. I had breakfast, packed lunch, got ready and left. My neighbor dropped me off at the bus stop and I had to wait at least half hour for a mini bus. I got to school by 8:30 am and was memorizing my presentation on abortion. I waited in the room with the other students until I was call to prepare the situation. I went to the room with 1 teacher and did the presentation, answered the questions….which were hard and did the situation (interpreting) and it was hella hard. I thought I was going to be too nervous to eat so I didn’t pack a lot of food and had to end up call my father for him to bring me money. He came and was apparently outside the gate waiting for a bit but I didn’t see him from the lounge until I saw him out of the car and talking to the security guard. By this time, it was after 12:30, so I ran and got the money, then headed to the canteen and bought macaroni pie and raced back up to the lounge. I went to my literature exam and that sucked. I suck at literature in English already. In Spanish, it’s even worse. When that was over, I left and went home. I watched Ellen, The Nanny Diaries and ate. I started feeling sick with a pain in my upper tummy right in the center. I fought through it to play Kim K’s game and watch Dancing With The Stars. I was in even more pain so I decided to curl up on the couch and sleep.

P.S – I apparently took a cushion into my parent’s room but I only remember walking out empty handed.

May 5th – Feeling Sick

I woke up after 7 am, played Kim K’s game and began reading a book called ‘Rock Star’. When I felt like the time was right to get out of bed, I got out of bed and watched Good Morning America while listening to the radio. I watched 16 & Pregnant and started feeling sick again around the same spot. I waited it out and watched Jerry Springer and YouTube videos. I ate lunch, took painkillers and actually felt better within 30mins. I watched some movies, switched to Ellen, then watched more movies. I fell asleep, got up and took a shower and resumed my position on the couch watching YouTube videos until I slept.

May 6th – Finding Carter Day

I woke up after 6 am and continued reading Rock Star, while also playing Kim K’s game. A while later I finished reading Rock Star and decided to watch TV. I watched Catfish, Maury and Jerry Springer. While watching those shows, I ate breakfast, made a baking soda and water paste for a facemask and whitened my teeth. I watched Finding Carter, cooked and ate ramen and was feeling sick again. I watched Ellen, then resumed watching Finding Carter but then I stopped it to go shower and pretty much watched it until I slept.

May 7th – Lazy Day and Not Feeling Well

I woke up after 7 am, played Kim K’s game and watched YouTube videos. I watched Finding Carter and ate breakfast. I finished watching all the episodes of Finding Carter, which meant I caught up. I ate lunch, watched Peppa Pig, YouTube videos and Ellen. When Ellen was over I watched more YouTube videos and swept the house, then treated myself to a coconut fruit bar ice cream. I showered, watched YouTube videos, chased the dog for a bit and then picked spinach seeing as I was outside. I listened to the radio, watched more YouTube videos and ate dinner. I wasn’t feeling well again and when my mother came home I had to help bring in groceries which meant walking up and down the stairs. I took tablets, laid on the couch and watch YouTube videos until I slept.

May 8th – Tour With The Infants

I woke up after 6 am and washed the wares I left in the sink overnight. I played Kim K’s game and I started panicking about having surgery seeing as I’m actually aware this time about what happen. I really didn’t want to leave home but I did. I rushed to have breakfast and get ready before leaving home. I thought going to be late because I it was almost 10 am and the tour I was going on was leaving my primary school at 9am. I got in a minibus and go to Six Roads where the tour was. I only waited a few minutes and then the infant department and teachers finally arrived. They split the groups in half and I went with the younger children ages 3-5. We waited until someone from the supermarket said it was ok for us to go ahead and start so I just kept the children in lines while the teachers showed them different products. When it was over we went outside and the other group finished their tour of the post office and went into the supermarket. A lady working at the supermarket brought each an apple, banana and juice box. I did go in again with my mother’s class because I think she wanted me to. When that was over another set of apples bananas and juice boxes were shared out to those who didn’t get any as yet. We hopped back onto the bus and went over to the slaughterhouse less than a minute away. A guy spoke to us about the animals and the procedures. They even showed us the animals that were in the freezers. I left when the children went to see the butcher, and went to a supermarket 2 streets over and bought Powerades and soup packets. When I left the supermarket and was nearing the zebra crossing the bus with the children drove right past me and then I saw the mini bus I needed to take drive around the round-a-bout. I hurried and made it to the mini bus in time. I got home, made soup and watched Celebrity Wife Swap and YouTube videos. I ate, watched Ellen and YouTube videos. I put oils into my hair about an hour or so before washing my hair. I cooked rice and a piece of meat for the dog because we ran out of dog food. I washed my hair and watched Austin Powers in between conditioning and using hair mayonnaise. I watched YouTube videos while drying my hair and then had to endure the pain of getting paper curlers in and tummy pains. I watched World’s Funniest Fails whilst my mother tried to do the paper curls. I went to sleep as soon as she was done.

May 9th – To The Doctor’s and Toastmasters Anniversary Meeting

I woke up at 3 am after hearing something drop and realized it was my laptop. I slept too close to the edge of my bed where my laptop was happily seated on a little bench thing. I was awake immediately and picked it up happy that nothing went wrong with it. I stayed up for a little while just making sure things worked and played Kim K’s game. I went back to sleep and was woken up by my mother after 6 am. I read Vladimir Tod: Eighth Grade Bites and ate breakfast sometime after. I got ready and my father took me to the doctor. We were an hour too early so my father decided to go to the gas station for gas obviously and drinks because it was already hot outside. We drove back and at least 3 or 4 other people were parked and waiting at the doctor. When she came it took at least an hour before I went in and she said it’s acid reflux and gave me a diet sheet. We left and returned home where I watched a movie and cooked potatoes. I took out the flexirod curlers and paper curlers and it was just awful so I did a lot of brushing and combing my hair to get the curls out. I put my hair in a bun, left on the baking soda mask for 15 mins and then hopped into the shower. I got dressed and we left early-ish to collect tuna and to set up. I blew up balloons and hung the banner. The session actually ended on time but I couldn’t wait for the food. I ate 2 sets of food and held someone’s baby (from our club). We packed up all the cars and headed home. I cleaned up my room a bit, read and went to sleep.

How was your week?

Do any of you have acid reflux? If, so how do you deal with it?


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