|| April 19th – 25th ||

April 19th – Claw of Doom

I watched more Cyberchase. While talking to Dimples I had a memory I wish I could forget, which led to me shedding tears. I had a bathroom break after 3 am and I shit you not, I swear I saw a crab claw scraping my bathroom window and funny enough we are on like a first floor level. I got scared and went back to my room and managed to sleep after 4 am. I woke up after 6 am, watched Cyberchase and read While It Lasts. I ate breakfast and when I was done, I watched Cyberchase until it was time to chop the veggies and make the salad. When I did those, I had lunch soon after and I finished reading the book. I watched YouTube videos, took a shower and then started reading Just For Now. I made my mother come and start watching The Fall. We took a break for news and then watched episode 3. I stopped watching The Fall to watch Once Upon A Time. I fell asleep and when I woke up, I kept dozing off so I forced myself to get up and go to bed. I read some more of Just For Now until I slept.

April 20th – Bank Account Attempt #1

I woke up before 7 am and finished reading the book. I watched a YouTube video, got ready and left. We didn’t have the first class so some of us sat and chatted about random things and the upcoming test next class. The test was hard in my opinion. I hate literature. I left school and went to town in hopes of sorting out one of my bank accounts. That didn’t happen because we needed a bunch of documents so I have to go back another day. I left town, got home and ate food. I watched The Pacifier, played Kim K’s game and ate cereal and milk. I watched Ellen, My Strange Addiction and The Fresh Prince of Belair. I continued watching episode 3 of The Fall and watched YouTube videos.dwts I watched Dancing With The Stars and my tweet was on the show! I watched YouTube videos and went to sleep.

April 21st – A Wasted Day #1

I woke up after 3 am and emailed my essay again after adding like 6 more words. I went back to sleep and was properly woken up after 8 am. I ate breakfast, watched YouTube videos, got ready and left home early. My cousin wanted to see how my hand had healed after being scratched by the cat and it took forever to track her down. I went to class after finally showing her and class boring. All the teacher did was talk about why we didn’t have class the previous day, which was because of one of her sons. Yes, I know she is extremely concerned for him but I went to school for assignments that weren’t collected and anything extra. I pretty much wasted my time, also there were monkeys outside the window. I left school, went home and fried up 2 sets of food. I played Kim k’s game and watched Ellen, American news, Keeping Up With The Kardashians and some YouTube videos. Later that night I watched, Fresh Off The Boat, Repeat After Me, Pearl Harbour, One Big Happy and some of Chicago Fire. I fell asleep watching Chicago Fire and then got up and went to bed.

April 22nd – A Wasted Day #2

I took a shower and went back to sleep up. I woke up after 7 am, ate breakfast and watched YouTube videos. I watched Maury, ate a second set of breakfast and also watched Jerry Springer. I did some of the workouts and actually procrastinated on leaving home. I finally left home and arrived to class about 20mins late. We watched a movie, in SPANISH without any ENGLISH subtitles. All I knew is that the movie was about a Spanish drug lord and he got murdered. I didn’t really understand it and it was a waste of time again because all I needed to get was the topics for my exam. I left class and got home early seeing as the movie finished before 3pm. I watched Made, Ellen and YouTube videos. Later that night I watched Modern Family, cooked ramen and ate it while watching Black.ish and Catfish. I didn’t feel too well, so I went to sleep.

April 23rd – Bank Account Success Yet Waste of Time

I woke up before 6am and watched YouTube videos I wasted time walking around, then had shower and dressed. I ate breakfast and left home. I got to school after 9 am and asked the teacher about some things for the project and then left. I went to town and walked around to a bank to hand in a letter but I was at the wrong branch. I walked to the other branch but they were taking for forever so I left there and went my father’s office and dropped off my bag. We went to another bank to put my account in my name. After I filled out the form and waited on my father to return after disappearing for a good 10 mins, we found out he had to write a letter to do the transfer. I asked how much was on the account and it was unbelievable. It had way more money on that account when I was younger. It was a waste of time to bother to even have the account in my name. I went back to the other bank to hand in the letter and walked up to the 4th floor. I left there and picked up my bag from my father’s office. While walking to get a minibus, I saw a green turtle. Anyways, I got the mini bus and when I got home, I watched The Fresh Prince of Belair. I watched YouTube videos, ate lunch, watched Ellen and went right back to watching YouTube videos. I ate popcorn and watched Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me and fell asleep. Sometime later I got up, went to bed and went right back to sleep.

April 24th – I Went For The Free Food

I woke up after 6 am and spent time on Tumblr. I tried to play Kim K’s game but it just wouldn’t fully load so I gave up and watched YouTube videos. I listened to the radio, ate breakfast and procrastinated on doing a project. I watched more YouTube videos. I decided to cook around 12:30 and while the food was cooking I read Girl Online and ate 2 bowls of dry cereal. I ate lunch and watched 4 episodes of The Fosters. I remember watching it when it first started. I stopped watching The Fosters to watch Ellen of course. My mother came home and had the wrong time that we had to get to her friend’s house, so she had to call her. We got ready after Ellen was over and left home. We were going to my mother’s friend’s house for a cookware demonstration. We picked up le sibling first and went ahead to the house. I just went for the food. It was kinda boring to be quite honest and the food was aight. He cooked brown rice, steam vegetables, potatoes and fish. All without water and nothing stuck to the pans so that was quite impressive. The prices made me want to crawl under a rock. Not even worth mentioning. Also he did a red velvet cake in the stove top and not in the oven. I fell asleep after hearing about the prices. Being the youngest person at these things are no fun. We finally left after 11pm and got home before midnight.

April 25th – It Finally Loaded !!

My mother wanted to be smart and turn off the internet because I couldn’t bear to wash up a few things I left dirty, so when she went to bed I turned it on. I played Kim K’s game, which had finally loaded because it didn’t load the day before, and I played it for a little while then went to sleep after 1 am. My mother woke me up yelling about the bedsheets before 8 am. I had to put them in the washing machine, then went back to my room, played Kim K’s game and watched YouTube videos while cleaning up my room a little. I had breakfast then did a bit of hand washing. I listened to music and put on a clean bedsheet. I ate lunch, which was a cheese paste sandwich. I got ready and we left home to go to the toastmasters meeting. After Toastmasters, we went to a church fair for a bit. When we got home, I watched YouTube videos, played Kim K’s game, started reading Girl Online and went to sleep.

How was your week?


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