|| April 12th – 18th ||

April 12th – Movie Night

I went to bed, put on my bed sheet and watched YouTube videos until I finally slept sometime after 1 am or 2 am. I was up before 8 am and played Kim k’s game and watched YouTube videos.MY ears itch me a lot so I decided to use a q-tip and I got the cotton bud from a q-tip stuck in my ear. My mother had to take it out a few mins later. I chopped veggies, made salad as usual and ate lunch. I was watching YouTube videos but then the snow cone man came so I went outside and got one. I returned to watching YouTube videos and played Kim K’s game. I made popcorn to eat while watching Once Upon A Time. I saw that Frozen was showing but also the MTV Movie Awards so when ads started to show on the channels I would switch back and forth between them. Another Cinderella Story was showing after Frozen and I decided to watch that but I ended up struggling to stay awake.

April 13th – Worse Day Ever

I woke up to see Frozen showing again from where I first started watching it, but instead of re-watching it, I cleaned up the wares and went to bed. I woke up before 8 am, folded clothes, fixed my hair and ate breakfast. After I got ready and was about to rush out the door, one of my aunts in New York called and we chatted for a bit. When I finally left home and was getting close to the bus stop a mini bus came and I had to run to it because it waited for me. I made it to class on time but I’m honestly beginning to dislike the teacher. I went to my second class and that’s where it all started going wrong. Right before class started my mother called and when I went back inside and stepped over the fan cord, my jeans ripped. My sister bought them for her but they didn’t fit so she gave them to me. Turns out the people that sold her rotten jeans. About 15mins before class ended and a lot of participation from me, my mother’s tablet slid out of my bag, which was flat on the table, and the screen cracked. I left and went home to watch my munchkin for a bit because my uncle had asked for me to watch him. Seeing as I was at school, my sister had to watch him until I got home. I was greeted with him yelling, “ Hi Nono hi”. I fried up my lunch whilst he made noise. I only got to see him for an hour because he then got picked up. I watched YouTube videos, Ellen and read Breathe. I ate dinner, watched Dancing With The Stars and folded and cleaned up the wares. I played Kim K’s game, listened to music and had a shower.

April 14th – No Class -.-

I stayed up until around 1 am on Tumblr and went to sleep. I woke up before 8 am, did some crochet and watched a bit of Maury, Jerry Springer, Divorce Court and The Pacifier. I had breakfast, then had to rush and get ready. I left home and got a bus as soon as I got to the bus stop because 2 other people were waiting. I had to get off the bus a few stops later because when I checked my phone the teacher couldn’t make it so class was cancelled. I called my mother to get her to pick me up and while waiting I went and saw my uncle who is a principal at that school. It took my mother an hour to come pick me up, mind you it’s a 2 min drive to where I was. I could’ve walked but there’s a place I don’t like to pass alone and it was way too hot. When she came she talked to my uncle, then my aunt who came and picked up her son, before taking me home. When I got home, I watched YouTube videos and ate lunch. I watched 35 and Ticking, then Ellen. I finished my crochet top!!HNI_0072 After watching Ellen, I watched the TLC movie, YouTube videos and vines. I also watched Fresh Off The Boat, Repeat after Me, Undateable, One Big Happy and Chicago Fire.I put on the music channel and tried keeping myself awake because my breathing felt off.

April 15th – Regret Waiting

I listened to the music channel, took a shower and went to sleep around 1 am. I woke up after 6 am watched FunForLouis’ video and did some crochet. When everyone left I pressed some shirts, put away some clothes and listened to the radio. I got ready and left around 11:35 am. I finally got a mini bus after midday and got to school at least 10 mins early. Around 1:15 pm the teacher had to go and make people come to class. Class was ok. I went to the bus stop after class and regretted not taking the bus to go home but instead I waited on my mother. She finally picked me up around 4 pm and we dropped my sister off at our old secondary school and said hello to the volleyball coach. Then, we left and tried to find the gas company but the building was shut down and the business moved. We made another stop and I ended up going by my cousin and picked up a cat and it scratched my palm. We made 2 more stops before we got home and I had to run and pick some spinach. I watched YouTube videos, played Kim K’s game and then got up and made ramen. I watched The Middle, The Goldbergs and Keeping Up With The Kardashians. I tried to do my homework but I was super lost. I ended up sleeping and had to be woken up a ton of times. I cleaned up the wares and went to bed.

April 16th – Old Children Shows

I woke up just before 6 am, watched a few YouTube videos and tried to find things to help me with my homework. I ate breakfast, got ready and went to class. We discussed an essay for the next class while I did the homework that was due. I left school and went home. I watched YouTube videos and crocheted, then watched 2 movies and more YouTube videos. I watched Ellen, YouTube videos and played Kim K’s game. I started a new crochet project and decided to wash the wares. I did that so I could peacefully sit and watch Sagwa and Cyberchase before I went to sleep.

April 17th – Manual Labour and Off To Town

My mother woke me up after 7 am and I decided to squeeze in at least an hour of playing Kim K’s game before leaving home. I ate breakfast, changed out of my pj’s and we left. We were going to my granny’s house to clean up the kitchen garden, which was just being taken over by weeds and dried leaves. I had to gather all the leaves in the backyard and throw out any fallen breadfruit. When we got home there was a slight rush because I didn’t know if I had to go to class or not. I printed my essay and the websites I used. I quickly ate lunch, got ready and we left. We stopped at a bank first before going to town. On the way to town is only when I was told we didn’t have class. We went to another bank once we got to town. My mother made me stand in one line and she went to another line to do something different. I really hate that because I start getting anxious once I’m getting closer and closer to the front and she wasn’t finished in the other line. Of course, I scolded her for doing that to me. After the bank, we got our eyebrows waxed and grabbed some food. We had a talk about the possible new phone and she shut that down by saying she’s not buying it. I got upset and she got even more mad by telling me I’m too selfish and everything isn’t about me. She really didn’t realize I was putting off medication for months so she would still have money. I couldn’t wait to leave town. We finally did ended up going to a school but she missed some voting thing. My mother had to do grocery shopping, but her membership card had expired and she had to use her friend’s number so we could get the little discounts. We went to the friend’s house and they chatted and cackled for almost 30 mins before leaving. We did more grocery shopping and then went to my uncle’s house because I wanted to see the baby. I held him and ended up playing with my munchkin when he started getting jealous. It was time to leave and I told my munchkin I had to leave, he picked up his train, asked me for lift up and told his parents bye. They decided that they would bring him over the next day so I could babysit him. We left and went home. I watched Cyberchase and slept.

April 18th –Cyberchase and Naps

I woke up before 7 am and laid in bed watching Cyberchase and eating sunflower seeds. I also read, crocheted and had breakfast around 11 am. I read Because Of Low, watched Cyberchase and had a nap. I woke up for a little bit then went right back to sleep. I woke up after 6 pm, watched Cyberchase and YouTube videos. I got out of bed around 8 pm and ate cereal and milk and also drank tea. I finished reading Because Of Low and had a catch up chat with Dimples.

How was your week?

Don’t you agree toddlers are hilarious sometimes?


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