|| April 5th – 11th ||

April 5th – Drama!

I fell asleep before 1 am while playing Kim K’s game and woke up after 7 am. I watched YouTube videos, played Kim K’s game and then ate breakfast. I did some hand washing, read more of The Vincent Boys and dusted my bookshelf. I had to do the usual thing of chopping veggies and making salad. I ate lunch, watched more YouTube videos and some hand washing. Later that night my mother and I were watching Carifta, when suddenly an alarm went on at the neighbour’s house for at 5 mins. We assumed it was the house alarm and not the car alarm. Soon after 2 cars sped by and stopped at the house trying to figure out what was going on and 20 mins later the police came. They did shut off the alarm, but it went off again after they left. After all of that, I watched Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, then went to sleep.

April 6th – Oistins’ Fish Festival!!

I woke up after 6 am, then went back to sleep for another hour. When I woke up again I played Kim K’s game, did some hand washing, ate breakfast and then fixed my hair. I pressed my outfit, quickly ate some lunch, had a shower, got ready and left. We were going to a hotel because my sister had to perform, but then I got roped into the showing an Easter hat. I felt like if I were in the comic carton Curtis because on Sunday’s he would speak about the women in church with their fancy hats. The show was ok, and, I got a dress out of it because another the woman said I could keep it. It needs to be sewn in a little because it is a medium and I usually wear small. We left the hotel and drove to Oistins for the fish festival. We walked both sides of the street and I bought popcorn seeing as nothing there actually interested me. I saw my little cousin with her parents and we just talked for a bit then went and watched the fish scaling competition and the fishcake eating competition. After those 2 competitions I bought fishcakes. We attempted to watch the greasy pole competition. That is, they grease a pole with a crap load of maybe Vaseline of something then whoever gets to the top, wins the cash. We left because that would take a while to finish and when I got home, I played Kim K’s game until I went to sleep.

April 7th – Possibility Of A New Phone

I woke up after 6 am and played Kim K’s game. After getting out of bed, I did some hand washing, had breakfast and finished reading The Vincent Boys. I got ready and left home and made it to school on time. We went over a we did the previous week, which was pretty much a waste of time seeing as she didn’t correct our mistakes. When I left school, I missed the mini bus even though I yelled wait. I had to go to the bus stop and caught a bus. I got out 5 mins before the stop for home because my mother stopped when she saw the bus I was in. I went with my mother to a super market, then a bank and the phone company we have. We discussed a new phone seeing as I can’t do much with the one I have now. All I can do is WhatsApp and make calls. We went to a farm for eggs, then made a stop at a cousin. While they chatted while I played with a random cute kitten and the rain poured. D: I had a homemade sugar cake. YUM. We finally left and went home. I watched Breaking Amish, Toddlers and Tiaras and watched some YouTube videos. I made ramen while watching Fresh Off The Boat and started my homework.

April 8th – Losing Track Of Time

I finally got it finished and emailed showered stayed up until 3 am playing Kim k’s game, scrolling through Tumblr and having a chat. I woke up after 5 am and played Kim K’s game. I ate breakfast, read Breathe and YouTube videos. However, I lost track of time from watching King Bach vines and had to rush and get ready. I made popcorn, did some hand washing, cleaned up wares, got ready, packed my bag and left. Photo0253There was a weird rainbow thing going on and the only thing I could think of was Under The Dome. I got a mini bus and made it to class 40 mins late because the mini bus had parked for a bit and then left when class was actually starting. We wrote an interpreting and did an exercise. I left class, got a mini bus and went home. I watched Ellen and YouTube videos. I ate cereal, hung out the hand washing I did that morning and then put away a few clothes. I put on radio and did some of the workouts for the month. I watched Keeping Up With The Kardashians and Catfish and struggled to stay awake. I drank the tea I made and gave up trying to stay awake so I slept.

April 9th – I Followed A Recipe!! (Sort Of)

I woke up just before 6 am and stayed in bed playing Kim K’s game. I got out of bed around 7:20 am, ate breakfast and of course rushed around getting ready. I left, got a mini bus and got to class 10 mins late. We finished the movie pretty much and when class was over, I left. At home, I ate lunch, watched YouTube videos and crocheted. I also ate cookies that my mother baked. A teacher from my primary school came over so that my mother could help her with a chart. I was hungry and decided to cook a Pinterest recipe. The teacher left and my food was done. It was actually not bad at all. I washed up the wares and went to sleep.

April 10th – Went To Town.

I woke up after 8 am and lazed around. I put away clothes, did some crocheting and swept my bedroom floor. I ate lunch, got ready and just fixed my hair. I went outside and sat in the car waiting for forever for my mother. I listened to the radio a bit and FOUR while groaning loudly to make my mother get off the phone. It was really hot too. We finally left home and made a few stops before going to town.  I bought some small, cheap containers for some body care DIYs. We finally left after 5 pm and made 2 stops before going home. When we got home, I played Kim K’s game and watched Bet On Your Baby, Deadly Women and Deadly Affairs before falling asleep.

April 11th – Babysitting The Munchkin

I woke up at 7:44 am and quickly took a shower, got dressed and gulped down my tea. I wasn’t sure if my uncle was leaving my munchkin or taking me. He finally came and he left him here. I ran around behind him and ate breakfast. I gave him my Trinidad Flag again but the thing is, when he holds it,I think he says ‘fuck’ instead of flag. I ate lunch and had to sort out WhatsApp on my mother’s phone. When my munchkin was picked up, we got ready and went to the Toastmasters’ meeting. When it was over we left and had to drop off thy sibling because she had practice. We went home and I ate dinner and played Kim K’s game. I watched Jeopardy, NCIS: LA and the Lego Movie. How could I not have watched it before! It’s hilarious.

Can any of you cook very well? I suck at cooking.

How was your week?

Anything interesting happened?


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