|| March 29th – April 4th ||

March 29th –  Just Another Chilled Day

I woke up after 6 am and started watching YouTube videos. I then had breakfast returned to watching YouTube videos and around 11 am, I chopped veggies and made salad. While eating lunch, I watched She’s The Man and The House Bunny. I was hungry again and ate cereal while watching YouTube videos. I made popcorn to eat while watching Once Upon A Time and The iHeart Radio Awards. I fell asleep before midnight.

March 30th – New Baby Cousin!!!

I woke up and went to bed to sleep. At an appropriate time, I woke up around 7 am and did some homework. I thought I had to leave at 8 am, when in reality I had to at 9 am. I ate breakfast, got ready and left. I got to school early and the teacher was being very bitchy towards me for not printing something. Anyways in the 2nd class, we watched more of a movie. When I got home, I watched Deadly Women and had 2 sets of lunch. I watched Ellen and emailed the homework I didn’t print. When my mother got home she told me that I had a new baby cousin. I honestly wanted to go see him straight away. Later that day I watched One Big Happy, Keeping Up With The Kardashians and Dancing With The Stars. I moisturized my hair and later on went to sleep.

March 31st – Meeting My New Baby Cousin!!

I woke up after 7 am and watched YouTube videos. I pressed a shirt, listened to the radio, ate breakfast got ready and left home. I got to school almost 10 mins late and there was only 4 others there. We did an English to Spanish translation test. I waited at school for an hour before I left and got a mini bus to the hospital. I then waited outside the room for almost an hour. I finally went in and I met my new baby cousin. It’s a boy! He was quiet and I got to hold him and he fell asleep. So precious. I was honestly freaking out because I never held a newborn before and I was scared that I would drop him. My mother and sister came to see him as well. We stayed for about 2 hours, then we went to the supermarket before going home. I started to feel sick because I didn’t have lunch and we didn’t get home til around 8 pm. I watched Fresh Off The Boat and ate dinner. Then I watched Repeat After Me and Toddlers and Tiaras. I missed One Big Happy because I forgot the show time and day. I went to bed and fell asleep.

April 1st – Feeling Ill 😦

I woke up feeling ill and stayed up trying to do my homework, which was due the night before. I watched YouTube videos played Kim k’s game slept around 3 am was woken up around 7am to someone trying to open my door. I don’t even know how it got locked. I played Kim K’s game and watched YouTube videos until I was ready to get out of bed. Someone ‘made’ my tea. I have the smallest cup for tea, yet it was half filled with peppermint tea and the tea bag was out. Seriously, what a waste. I had to make more tea and I had scrambled eggs. I was surprised when my sibling handed me a key ring of a convertible car painted with the union jack. It’s super cute. I tried to finish the letter that was due before midnight the day before but got distracted. I even did some hand washing. Ugh. Anyways I got ready, cleaned the wares and left. I was 10 mins early and I translated some things for class. Class wasn’t too bad. Only half of the class showed up which had become a norm for that specific class. I left and as soon as I got to the bus stop a mini bus came, thank god. I read The Vincent Brothers on the way home. I watched Ellen, YouTube videos and ate lunch. I went outside talking to my mother and ended up trying to get the dog because we never see her anymore. Anyways when I came back inside, I continued watching YouTube videos and random TV shows. I started the exercises for this month, cleaned up my room a little and had a shower. I was dressed just in time to watch Modern Family. After that, I watched Black.ish and Catfish before falling asleep.

April 2nd – INSURGENT!!

I woke up after 7 am and realized I only had 35 mins to get ready. I transferred a document to my mother’s tablet, made myself some tea, brushed in my hair and showered. I got dressed, drank my tea, packed my bag and left just after 8 am. I did have to wait on a mini bus and I got to school 10 mins late, but so did the teacher. I did the literature test and I just have the feeling that I might get 50% .I hate literature. I left and waited at least 30 mins for a mini bus and went home. I made scrambled eggs and watched Jerry Springer, Real Husbands of Hollywood and The Fresh Prince of Belair. I rushed and got ready seeing as I was meeting my friend in town before heading to the cinema. I got a bus and got off about 15 mins later to go to the bank so I could get ticket money. When I was rushing back to the bus stop, I saw the minibus pull up to the round-a-bout so I had him wait for me and jogged towards it. When I got to town my friend called saying she missed her bus but will be in town in less than 30 mins. I sat down in Independence Square just looking at people and tried to read a book. She finally came and we got a mini bus and headed to the mall. We had 20 mins before the movie started so we bought our tickets and then went into 2 stores to look around. We went inside and got our food. She dumped a crap load of parmesan cheese in my popcorn. We went into two different rooms trying to find the movie. What we thought was the start of Insurgent was actually Fast and Furious 7. We finally found the room and watched it, occasionally cracking jokes and talking crap. Insurgent was awesoommee. After the movie we went to the food court so I can get my vegetable fried rice but there was none 😥 . My friend bought ice cream and we left and caught a bus to town. We split up at one of the bus terminals and I got a mini bus and went home. When I got home I made tea, finished eating my popcorn and watched YouTube videos. At one point in time I actually did sleep but I woke up and warmed up my tea, drank it and went back to sleep.

April 3rd – Holiday!

I was awake for about 10mins before I opened my eyes and checked the time. It was just after 8 am and someone was mowing the lawn. I got up and made tea, then returned to bed and started playing Kim K’s game .I did some hand washing, counted and sorted some coins and ate a fried egg. I put onion, salt, tomato and a bit of parmesan cheese in the egg. YUM!! I watched Maury and Jerry Springer .I tried making garlic flavoured popcorn but I don’t think it worked out well. I chopped up some veggies and then had a shower. I ate and watched The Fresh Prince of Belair and Joking Off, then Ellen. After that was a night of movies. I watched Tangled and Cars, then waited until the news was over to watch 21 Jump Street but the inconsiderate asshole that is my father, fucked up my plans and started arguing with me talking his usual shit. I didn’t get to watch 21 Jump Street, so I went to my room and blasted rock and indie music until I fell asleep.

April 4th – Babysitting!!

I woke up just before 7 am and played Kim K’s game. I hung out and picked up clothes, then folded my clean clothes. I attempted to tidy my room before my little cousin came over. While he was playing around I showered. When I decided to eat breakfast, he decided he wanted to eat most of my hotdogs. We played around, then I took him outside to paint, then I tried to have him colour but he was more interested in flinging around the crayons. I ate lunch and watched Big Momma’s House 2, then YouTube videos. At one point, my mother asked me if I knew where he went because he got up and walked out of my room. I found he dozing off on the couch so I picked him up and put him on my bed. Once he was really asleep, I did some hand washing and exercises. My uncle came and picked him up around 6 pm. I cleaned shower and once that was done, I heated up soup and painted nails. I watched about 2 movies and ate a cheese sandwich, however, I fell asleep multiple times during the 2nd movie.

How was your week?

Does anyone know what activities are great to do when babysitting a 2 year old?


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