|| March 22nd – 28th ||

March 22nd – Fun Day!!

I woke up before 10 am and just lazed around for a bit. I drank my tea, chopped up the veggies, played Kim K’s game and chilled on Tumblr. I did a bit of hand washing as well. When I ate lunch, Sky High was finishing up on TNT so I got to watch a bit of that. I love Sky High and Zoom. Anyways I struggled to keep up with a LifeTime movie. When it was time, my mother and I got ready and left to go to a gym’s fun day/sports day. It started late I guess but I did get to participate. Seeing, as I am over 14, I had to choose a house to go into. I pulled Yellow. I was actually wearing a yellow and white striped shirt with green shorts. The one race I got hurt in was the three-legged race. The first time my partner and I’s string tying our feet together went loose and came off. The 2nd time the people for red house’s string became undone. My partner and I won that time. We had to do it once more and we still won but just above my ankle is bruised. My uncle brought my little munchkin so I can see him. 🙂 Some more events happened and then there was an obstacle race. I had to take part for yellow house against 3 other women. It was run to the mini hurdles, jump over them and you must land with both feet at a time, do the monkey bars, go down a slide, go through a tunnel, do another set of monkey bars run to a rope climb, step into the 8 tires and cross the finish line. I missed 3 knots on the rope climb so 15 secs was added onto my time. 1 min 44 secs. I won. I ran the 100 m race and came 2nd. A 12 year old beat me in the race seeing as she trains n I just mainly sit on my ass doing nothing. Yellow house came 3rd.We were at the park for about 5 hours with the fun day. We left, came home and I watched Once Upon A Time. I missed like the first 10mins.I ate, had a shower, did my homework and slept.

March 23rd – Sore Ankle

I woke up after 6 am and immediately started on my homework. I thought my class was at 9 am so I kept checking the time, when in reality class was at 10 am. I had breakfast and did a few more things before getting ready and leaving. I was at the bus stop by 8:50 am and I got to school 20mins early. In the first class I spent the majority of it rubbing my sore ankle and holding my water bottle on it. I read The Vincent boys in the 2nd class instead of paying attention. Anyways, when I got home, I watched 3 episodes of The Fall and ate lunch and popcorn. I watched Ellen, then another 3 episodes of The Fall. I did some crocheting, played Kim K’s game and slept.

March 24th –  Tv Shows

I woke up after 7 am and had my tea. After my mother left I put on my favourite radio station and was in such a good mood until my father decided to be a piece of dipshit and started an argument with me about music and put on the other radio rather loudly. I called my mother and her advice was to leave home. When I was getting ready, my father left. He made this big commotion over a goddamn radio only to leave 15 mins later. I stayed home and did my homework. I left home after 11 am and made it to school 10mins early and sat in class chatting. The teacher didn’t come until 1 pm though. We barely did work while she corrected some stuff. On the way home I read The Vincent Boys. When I got inside I watched Toddlers and Tiaras and 20 mins of Ellen because it was an old episode. I decided to watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians and The Fall. I ate popcorn and crocheted. At the usual time I watched Fresh Off The Boat and Repeat after Me. I ended up falling asleep. When I woke up I watched Toddlers and Tiaras, The Fall and Tangled while having tea and a banana.

March 25th – Staying Up Late

I stayed up watching Return To Amish and ate a cheese sandwich, then went to bed and slept around 3 am. I later woke up after 7 am and spent time on Tumblr. I ended up rushing to get ready. I had tea and eggs after 9:30 am and managed to leave just before 10 am. I got a mini bus to town. I handed in a job letter and bought a few things. I went to school and our teacher wasn’t there but we had to watch abortion videos. Eww. After a while I didn’t pay attention and my friend was messaging me saying Zayn left One Direction. I checked twitter and wished I didn’t with all the buzz that was going on. I left class a little early because we finished watching all the videos. When I got out of the mini bus and was walking home, my mother called me to complain about me not washing up the wares. Like seriously?!!? I got home, cleaned up  the sink and because she pissed me off, I didn’t go to the airport. I watched Deadly Kin and ate lunch. Then I watched a bit of Ellen and The Fall. I made this thick oatmeal and banana smoothie and drank a Vitamin C fizzy tablet from Tesco and damn that was good. I did some crochet and watched YouTube. Later on I ate a cheese sandwich and watched Modern Family and Black.ish. I fell asleep coming up to the end of Black.ish so when I woke up, I cleaned up the wares, went to bed and went back to sleep.

March 26th – One Direction Albums!

I woke up after 6 am and spent some time on Tumblr before getting ready leaving. I got to class 20 mins late along with teacher because there was traffic. While they were reading in class, I crocheted and listened. After class, I left and went to the bus stop and didn’t take the bus because I had no change. Soon after I saw a mini bus and when I stopped it another one was right behind it. They sped until there was a ton of distance between them. When I got home, I watched Jerry Springer and ate popcorn. Then I watched Clean House NY. When that was over and I was bored of TV, I listened to some One Direction albums: Up All Night, Take Me Home, Midnight Memories. I swept, crocheted and ate lunch. I decided to start a new crochet top because I was stressing with the size 4 yarn. I ate dinner and watched The Real Husbands of Hollywood, Elder Skelter and slept.

March 27th – Chilled Day

I woke up just before 7 am and crocheted. When I finally got out of bed, I watched Supernanny, ate breakfast and watched Girl Code. After that, I watched YouTube videos and played Kim K’s game. I watched Jerry Springer while cooking ramen for lunch and ate. I watched a movie , then listened to the radio but switched on Ellen because an old episode was showing with 5sos. I watched 90 Day Fiancé  and The Proposers. I watched Modern Family, drank tea and ate a cheese sandwich. Also watched Grown Ups and started to fall asleep, so I went to bed.

P.S – I swore I watched some of The Pacifier that day.

March 28th– Finally Straightened My Hair For The Year

My mother woke me up after 6 am thinking it was 7 am. I got ready, ate breakfast and hung out clothes to dry. My mother and I left home and went to someone to check car, then we went by my aunt’s house to get my hair straightened. There was a lot of chatting and I played with the kittens. Afterwards we went food shopping for ingredients for lunch. When we got home, my mother cooked and then I ate lunch, got changed and we had to go to Toastmasters. When it ended and I got home, I watched YouTube videos, had cereal and milk , drank tea and went to sleep.

Are any of you competitive when it comes to sports?

How was your week?


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