|| March 8th – 14th ||

March 8th – TV Night

I kept waking up during the night. I woke up after 4 am and tried to continue watching the movie I had started but that failed and had to play Silver Ecstasy by NeverShoutNever to help me sleep. Finally, I woke up after 8 am and played Kim K’s game and spent time on Tumblr. I had my tea, folded some clothes and did some hand washing. I decided that today was the day to catch up on the thigh challenge. I did the usual steam vegetables for lunch and did some pickle with tomatoes. I finished reading 50 Shades of Grey whilst eating lunch and I had a snowcone. I did some hand washing and made an eczema cream to try out. I only did half of the recipe just to see how it would work out. I didn’t whip it with a hand whisk thingy but just stirred it with a stick. I had a shower then watched some murder shows and a bit of Step Up and The Princess Diaries. I got to watch Once Upon A Time, drank some tea and had the TV for myself all night. While I crocheted more of my blanket, I watched Locked Up Abroad and Sex Sent Me To The ER before going to my room.

March 9th – Meeting The Surgeon

I spent some time on Tumblr and crocheted my blanket until I fell asleep after 1 am. Later I woke up after 8 am and spent time on Tumblr while eating breakfast .I got ready and left late. I did have a death stare going on the entire time. After my classes I had to get to the hospital as quickly as I can because if I was late I would have to wait really long. I rushed to the bus stop only to realize I forgot my mothers tablet so I rushed back to school, grabbed the tablet and rushed back to the bus stop. I caught the bus, got out a few stops later, and walked to hospital. While waiting I finished reading 50 Shades of Grey and started reading 50 Shades Darker. Some doctors in training asked me a lot of questions about the issue and tried to feel for the issue. My mother arrived a bit late, about 5 – 10 mins before I went in the room. After about 20 – 30 mins I met the surgeon and she tried to feel the spot as well. So I basically had 5 people touching me. She told me to come back in 2 months and we’ll see if the problem would still exist. She sent me to radiology I believe to get a date for an ultrasound but I got the ultrasound quickly the same time. We left and got a call on our way to the car park. We had to go back to the surgeon, she set the date for the surgery, and then we had to go to records, where I assume they put everything on file. The lady was very nice and she had the same operation done and she gave me and explanation of what happens and how it feels after. We finally left the hospital for good and went to town to shop a little. I got a late lunch of fast food. We made a few stops before getting home *rolls eyes*. When I got home, I played Kim K’s game and spent time on Tumblr and YouTube til it was time for The Bachelor. After the show I was scrolling through Tumblr again, then had a shower and cleaned up some wares.

March 10th – No Class

I couldn’t sleep and ended up sleeping around 3 am. I was up playing Kim K’s game and  on Tumblr. I woke up after 6 am and next thing I know my mother woke me up before 8 am, then I woke up after 8 am. I spent time on Tumblr and playing Kim K’s game.I got up and made tea and eggs. I made popcorn to take with me,  got ready and left home.I caught the bus and was late.Honestly it ended up looking like I was apparently on time  and the teacher was a no show.I left at 1:30 pm and when I got in a van there was a fishy smell. I got home watched murder shows and started my attempt at a crochet halter top. I watched Ellen and afterwards, I watched YouTube videos and did some homework. I watched Fresh Off The Boat and had popcorn while watching Repeat After Me. I did more homework and went to sleep.

March 11th- I Am Responsible…

I woke up after midnight and apparently messaged someone and went back to sleep. I woke up after 6 am and did the responsible thing and stayed in bed for about 3 hours avoiding human contact and homework. I was on Tumblr and YouTube so it’s all good. When I decided to get out of bed I had breakfast, did my hair and read 50 Shades Darker. I attempted to do more of the homework, got ready and left. I got to class with time to spare so I checked someone’s answers and realized I thought of what they wrote and finished the paper. At one point, I ran upstairs to look for a teacher and ended up talking to someone in my class saying I didn’t see the teacher for class as yet but then I heard her voice and sprinted to the other steps. When I got to the lounge, I was messaged saying I needed to do an interpreting now that no one was in there. I collected my stuff and went to the teacher explaining that I did also the reason for missing class the week before. She gave us homework and we watched a movie. I got frustrated watching the movie because people were lost and those who came late had to catch up. I still think the teacher from Monday had a problem with me when I had to tell her the surgery date so…yea .I left school, got a mini-bus and got home just in time to watch Ellen. I wanted to re-watch the movie so I did. I popped some popcorn and hooked up my laptop to the TV. After the movie, I watched some YouTube videos and crocheted some more of my blanket. Next thing you know I’m dancing along to Just Dance videos and croaking along, watching some music videos  and for some reason having quite a lot of energy at 11 pm.I cleaned up the wares I used and picked up a few things and carried them into my room.

March 12th – Feeling Empty

I played some One Direction music videos and had a shower, then just watched the videos until I slept. I woke up after 8 am feeling like something was missing. I just felt empty and didn’t know what to do. I ate breakfast after 10 am. I wasted time on Tumblr and playing Kim K’s game. Also, I had a cry fest over something I felt very stupid about. I spent a great deal of time reading 50 Shades Darker. I had lunch after 3 pm, watched Ellen, which cheered me up a bit, then I resumed my position on the couch going through Tumblr posts. Later on I showered, ate some cheese with biscuits, watched a bit of Cake Boss and The Scooby Doo movie…the second one. I had quite a bit of a chat with Dimples and I got tired and fell asleep before 11 pm.

March 13th – 50 Shades Darker

I woke up after 8 am, played Kim K’s game and read 50 Shades Darker. When I crawled out my bed, I read some more, ate breakfast, did some hand washing and some of the thigh challenge. I still have to catch up. I picked out some of my summer tops and dresses and put them in sections. I was in a summery mood. Can’t wait until exams are over. I put on some heels that were sent for me about 2 years ago which I haven’t worn as yet. I finished reading 50 Shades Darker so that’s about all I accomplished. I ate lunch after 2 pm, which was ramen. I started trying to get some games ready for a baby shower and damn did it take a while. I also missed Ellen. Time flew by and next thing I knew I was trying to watch a movie and drank tea and fell asleep at the table.

March 14th – Toastmaster’s Baby Shower

I crawled into bed after midnight and woke up after 8 am. I read 50 Shades Freed and played Kim K’s game. When I crawled out of bed some time later, I hung out some clothes and soaked down the bed sheets, then had breakfast. I went back to my room to read and play Kim K’s game. After some time I untangled the wool I’m using for my crochet blanket and swept the floor. Time flew and all I could do was try to finish the jeopardy like quiz for the baby shower, have lunch and get ready. I wasn’t really into the toastmaster’s meeting we had with a speech and table topic competitions. At least I got a certificate for participating. We had the baby shower afterwards and had fun playing the game. I got to keep some balloons. We stopped at the supermarket before coming home. I watched a lifetime movie called Wuthering High School I think, then I watched the end of HOP. James Mardsen is so cute.

How was your week?

Are there any books you read this week?

What is (are) your favourite book (s) ?


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